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A mobile health solution to provide peer support at scale and improve mental wellness.

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

David interviewed HearMe on October 6, 2021. Play Video
David Ma
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Business Consultant
says, "Mental health is a growing and major category, and a low friction engagement model to addressing it with one conversation sounds like a great way to make it easy to engage on demand."
says, "Focusing on GTM differentiation will be key. HR tech is quite saturated today and this category is also getting crowded, so how will your company break through!"

What Investors Say

Invested $25,000 this round
Adam and the HearMe team have a unique approach to solving mental health issues through an app delivered peer support platform. It is a perfect solution, low cost to grow and it creates great data. HearMe is built in a way that not only allows human interaction, but also collects anonymized datasets that provide insights through AI - that is the perfect hybrid of connection and insight. I have talked to data scientist from Stanford and Penn State who are excited about the quality and diversity of this real world data and the variety of possible applications. Sadly, the scale of the problem for universities and enterprises is huge but we know that makes for an equally large business opportunity and an opportunity to have real impact. As a 2 x venture backed co-founder/first employee and an angel investor over 30 times I am very excited about this team and the opportunity for growth.

In the News

41 Mental Health Apps That Will Make Life a Little Easier
May 8, 2021
Confession: I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to mental health apps. I download them indiscriminately and often, secretly hoping with each download that this one will be the one to fix my life and my brain.
Lending a ear to those who seek it
May 8, 2021
NEW DELHI: With the ongoing pandemic and nationwide lockdown forcing people to stay indoors, many are looking for activities to keep themselves engaged. People struggling with fear and isolation are using technology to bridge the gap caused by social distancing and the prolonged lockdown.
New Social Media App HearMe Combats Loneliness On Demand
April 30, 2021
As the Coronavirus drives a series of cancellations and closings around the world, communities will unavoidably become more segmented and their citizens more isolated. With public health experts urging both the healthy and the infected to self-quarantine to stop the virus
TTYL'S Top Resources For Staying Connected During COVID-19
April 30, 2021
I started TTYL in 2018 as a tech-free community dedicated to human connection. Now, in a time of disconnection, we've had to shift our gears a bit as many businesses have been forced to do. Still, we knew that there was a strong desire for human connection -one that was building far before the pandemic (but is even more prevalent now).
Working from home getting dull? Here are some ways to beat the stress and boredom
April 30, 2021
Home is where the office is for many these days. Even as we venture outside, most may be inclined to stay close to home. But all work and no play can make for a dull life. If you need a change of pace, there are more new ways than ever to fill the void, beyond video calls or multiplayer games.
Listening Services Lend an Ear When We Need It Most
March 11, 2021
As the saying goes, "a problem shared is a problem halved," and with of Americans feeling stressed out, and a similar amount experiencing loneliness, there's plenty of reasons for us to be talking. But sometimes it's easier said than done - we can't always find someone to talk to.
The pandemic made the world realise the importance of human contact
February 20, 2021
I T HAS BEEN 11 months since anyone hugged Larry. The 62-year-old accountant lives alone in Chicago, which went into lockdown last March in response to covid-19. He has heart problems so he has stayed at home since then. The only people to touch him have been latex-sheathed nurses taking his blood pressure.
This depression and anxiety app makes getting help easier | The Citizen
June 29, 2020
Kaunda Selisho According to app founder Adam Lippin, more and more people are turning to technology to bridge this gap caused by social distancing in order to reach out to others as a way to feel less alone. The almost-sudden introduction of Covid-19 and lockdowns all over the world have left us all either stressed, anxious, worried or lonely.
App That Offers Support To People Experiencing Coronavirus-Related Anxiety
June 10, 2020
The Covid-19 lockdown in many parts of the world have led to people being forced to stay indoors and look for activities to keep them engaged. This has led to many struggling with fear and isolation during this period, who are now turning to technology and are using innovative apps.
Lonely? Need to talk? Chat confidentially with these apps for free
April 29, 2020
The premise is intriguing. We all need to talk sometimes, but you might not always be comfortable opening up to a friend or loved one about certain topics. And professional therapy might not be an option right now. So why not chat with a stranger, who can lend a sympathetic ear and help you talk things through?
The digital ways to combat loneliness during Covid-19 isolation
April 8, 2020
he real pandemic might be viral, but another epidemic is close on its heels. Scientists say loneliness could be almost as deadly as Covid-19 in this new world of social distancing. But just because pubs are closed and hugs are banned, connection doesn't have to stop.
These 7 Essential Apps Will Keep You Entertained During Self-Quarantine
March 25, 2020
Self-isolation or quarantine can get really overwhelming when practiced for long periods. Companionship of any kind is key during these times, and this is where the HearMe App comes in. If you want someone to talk to, the app will anonymously connect you with empathetic HearMe Listeners from anywhere in the world, in under a minute for free.
HearMe: The peer support app that's providing listeners for the lonely
March 22, 2020
Adam Lippin is the founder of a peer emotional support app called HearMe. (He's also the founder of Atomic Wings, a very tasty chicken wing chain.) Lippin was inspired to create this app because of his own experience dealing with addiction and loneliness.
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