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Raised $250K or more from a venture firm

🦄We aim to be the 1st nature tech unicorn, creating billions in ecosystem services (not guaranteed)
🥇Team with highly published PhDs and tech superstar with R&D experience across 200+ tech startups
🪴Winner of Microsoft Green Tech Challenge 2021 & Tech in Asia Startup 2023
⚡️Launched Handprint V2 in Dec 2023 and presold $23K MRR in one month with 230 corporate clients

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You have the unique opportunity to become a Handprint investor before our Series A round.

We filed the paperwork for our equity crowdfunding round in January 2024 before these deals were closed:

  1. Presold $275K of annual recurring revenue (with 230 corporate clients)
  2. Regenerative banking deal closed with Idemia worth $1M (servicing 41% of all global bank cards)

We are forecasting $1M AAR by Q4 2024 with our closed clients and are currently the only company of our competitors who can work with banks.

These deals are now finalized and will be priced into our Series A round (2024/2025), increasing our valuation and the value of your shares! If you want to be a part of those unrealized gains, make sure you invest before we close our round on Wefunder. 

This space will have a clear winner most likely with a unicorn valuation. If Handprint reaches unicorn status, it would be at minimum a 53x return. 

We deliver the best dollar-to-impact ratio on the market: Our impact is up to 3 times cheaper and every pledged dollar goes where it’s supposed to.

Real-time reporting: We are 1 of only 2 companies who have achieved this. We couple this with a verification layer for higher trust.

Our clients consider our software as a growth tool to increase their revenues and improve their customer and employee engagement. 

Our "secret sauce" comes from the breakthrough scientific findings in the Ant Forest experiment. This experiment resulted in the most successful corporate reforestation project in the world. Our founders Dr. Schillebeeckx and Dr. Merrill wrote the "Best Sustainability Paper of The Year 2022" about this study, awarded by The Financial Times.

We are generating unprecedented revenue and ecosystem restoration services, where businesses and nature finally thrive together. Having presold $250k of annual recurring revenue to 230 corporate clients of globally recognised brands in industries like payments, hospitality, events and consumer goods, we are forecasting $1M AAR by Q4 2024.

Commissioned by DBS (largest bank in Southeast Asia), the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance, and The United Nations, our founders Dr. Schillebeeckx and Dr. Merrill wrote a report titled “Sustainable Digital Finance in Asia” that was discussed at Davos 2019. 

Handprint is now 'Banking Industry' ready. We provide clear traceable units of impact and verification procedures to fit the requirements of highly regulated players like Financial Institutions. We launched our Banking industry vertical in January 2024 with Idemia, creating a difficult entry barrier for competitors that would like to enter this industry vertical. We are the first in the world to close a regenerative banking deal, servicing 41% of all global bank cards*. The deal is worth $1M+ and will be priced into our series A in 2024.

*Singapore entity

Upon the close of our Series A round, we will swap the shares, and move all our revenues, expenses and operations from our current SG entity to the US. This will make the US corporation the holding company of all Handprint assets, IP, and shares.

Our clients consider our solutions to be a growth tool, as we've proven it increases revenue and stakeholder engagement. Handprint is redefining sustainability: From advanced verification to satellite imagery, our technology takes the lead in impact science, automation, quantification, and verification. Unlike other alternatives on the market, Handprint is the only platform that gives access to impressive data, visualizations and images directly from the ground. 

Our growth is actively increasing in velocity. As of today we have restored and digitally monitored 27M square feet of ecosystems equivalent to 5,745 basketball courts - the most in the world. 

  1. Nature Tech
  2. Regeneration First
  3. Sustainable Digital Finance in Asia
  4. Digital Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
  5. Blue Carbon Assessment to Enable Scalable Financing Solutions for Coastal Mangrove Forests in Southeast Asia