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An easier way for Small/Medium business to Build Web Applications



reserved of a $75,000 goal
 $7M  $5M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $75K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $5M valuation cap and 20% discount
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K


The No/Low-Code segment for business is a $20B market in 2022, growing 35% annually, $95B in 2029
2,625 web applications built to-date on GW Apps in US and Latin America
Rated 5.0 on G2, Capterra and Google Workspace marketplace. High Customer satisfaction, 3% churn
GW Apps architected for SMBs to build workflow applications & modernize their back-office operations
25% of clients upgrade their subscription within 6 months as they increase usage.
Getting very high acceptance in Latin America with our powerful yet affordable solution.

Our Team

Ideal Digital Transformation Solution for SMBs in Developing Countries

More than 50% of small and medium businesses in Latin America have not started any meaningful business digitization efforts:

Keeping them at a disadvantage against their better digitized competitors:

These businesses need powerful yet easy to use solutions to automate common business processes, such as tracking assets and inventories, efficiently processing customer and employee requests, and enabling their sales reps to respond quickly to sales opportunities. Limited digital experience, shortage of suitable resources, and budget constraints are their typical barriers.

No-Code has many advantages for business application development, especially for SMBs. It is quick and affordable to implement, easier to use than alternative methods, and simpler and cheaper to maintain and update.

We built GW Apps as a No-Code application development platform to address the needs of small and medium size businesses. This segment has been neglected by the established vendors, who prefer to focus on larger enterprises.

Since we launched GW Apps we have been listening to our customers, SMBs in the US and around the world, and have refined our product to offer the features they most need to build their digital solutions. The result is a self contained solution that delivers all the functionality that a business needs to successfully digitize.

  • Piloted in the US in 2020/21, with many successful deployments in key business and government  accounts. 97% of paid accounts renewed their annual subscriptions. 
  • We tested marketing & sales in LATAM with highly encouraging results. We're getting 250% higher response rates in LATAM than in the US, for similar marketing activities. Also, a 500% higher organic signup rate. 
  • SMBs in LATAM are eager for affordable solutions for digitization, yet we’re often the first No-Code vendor to contact them.
  • Decided to make LATAM our primary focus based on these results and successes. In LATAM we have a good product-market fit, lower customer acquisition costs, and the opportunity to establish the GW Apps brand as the leading No-Code platform in LATAM.
  • We have four team members located in LATAM.

Below are listed some sample account wins in LATAM and the US:

The No-Code/Low-Code market is hot, currently estimated at $20B annually. Gartner and Forrester analysts estimate annual growth in excess of 35%. The LATAM market is currently at $2B and is expected to grow to $8B by 2028. There are tremendous opportunities for vendors with the right product fit for their market segment.

These are forward looking projections, once we achieve product market fit. It is common for startups to achieve 150% year-on-year sales growth once product market fit is reached.

We’re seeking $1.2m in a pre-seed round in March to strengthen our sales and marketing team and dramatically expand our LATAM advertising & marketing budget. To support this effort, we are starting with a $125K crowdfunding campaign offering a discounted valuation to our friends and early investors.

These pre-seed funds will enable us to hire a VP of Marketing, and strengthen our LATAM sales team, and invest in an aggressive Google Ad spend in LATAM in 2023. We will also focus on building a partner channel, following the model of our successful Italian partner. With this, we believe we will be on track  to reach $1M ARR this year and $2.9m ARR in 2024.

Aside from LATAM, we will continue our current level of sales efforts in the US and abroad. We will also build out our partner program to add further sources of new customers. We will target IT consultants and service providers in all regions. We recently on-boarded our first official partner, in Italy, who has already closed 3 sales in 4 months.

The chart below outlines out 15 month roadmap to expand our customer base and recurring revenues:

We welcome your support to enable us to achieve these goals, and offer you the potential for a high return on your investment.