Gryphon Online Safety, Inc.

Family first internet protection service powered by machine learning

Last Funded November 2023


raised from 422 investors


$11.2M+ raised from noted angel groups including ATI and Frontier Angels
Over $9M in total sales and over 60k Gryphons shipped
9 patents awarded and 15 pending covering advanced network protection
Founders behind disruptive tech such as MiFi mobile hotspot & Apple iPod
Featured in Forbes, Tom's Guide, PC Mag, Wall Street Journal
Recognized as one of the fastest-growing startups in Southern California
Founders played key leadership roles in startups (NVTL and PortalPlayer) from startup mode to IPO

Our Team

As a parent, I know firsthand how difficult it is to keep our kids safe online. I was frustrated with the solutions in the market and how difficult it is to use. In many cases, products are designed to keep you and your family online more without considering your digital health and safety.

Explosion of connected devices and excessive internet usage is creating the need for Gryphon.

Gryphon is a machine learning powered network protection service with a powerful mesh WiFi system and a simple to use app to keep families safe online.

The biggest threats to families are coming from the Internet

Digital parenting is more challenging than ever

  • Kids spend more than 7 hours per day in front of screens
  • According to NIH, excessive screen time is associated with poor sleep, high blood pressure, obesity, and other health issues
  • Screentime management is one of the toughest challenges faced by parents

Home networks are increasingly prone to cybercrime

  • 70% of connected devices in the home are vulnerable to hacking
  • 600% increase in cybercrimes during COVID-19
  • Every new connected device such as a printer or a webcam increases your exposure to identity theft, invasion of privacy, or worst

Existing solutions are inadequate and complicated 

  • Most families lack a basic understanding of networking and cybersecurity
  • Current solutions focus on tech specs but not on their impact on families
  • Big tech's business models are not aligned with the digital health and well-being of families
  • Although there are competitors in the home networking space, Gryphon is the only company entirely focused on family-friendly network protection with a solution that is built from the ground up with privacy and family in mind.
  • Gryphon continues to lead the field in home network protection with software innovations no other product in our space is offering.

$540 Billion Cybersecurity Market

(Future projections are not guaranteed)


KingsCrowd, the leading Equity Crowdfunding Analysts, has given Gryphon a fantastic 4.4 star rating.

Gryphon Online Safety's current investment opportunity has a rating of 4.4.This places Gryphon Online Safety above the median rating of 3 for all comparison growth stage deals.
Gryphon Online Safety is targeting the U.S. Cyber Security Market market. This market is currently growing at the high annual rate of 10.10%.Its addressable market size is relatively large at $63,240,000,000 when compared to the average market size for all active growth stage deals.
This deal's risk-adjusted rating of 4.6 is higher than its overall rating of 4.4 because its risk rating of 2 is low when compared to other active deals.

All-In-One Simple Platform

Gryphon is a cloud-managed network protection platform with machine learning that puts the family first.  The platform combines an elegant high-performance mesh WiFi system, a simple to use App, and cloud-based machine learning that makes it simple to protect the family.

Your Router is the Front Door to Your Home Internet

Every connected device in your home goes through your WiFi router - making it the perfect place to control and protect the home Internet. 

An intelligent network layer firewall is a must for any enterprise, so why don't we have it for our homes?  Gryphon delivers that enterprise-class protection without the need for an IT management team.

Every connected device is protected without a complicated setup on each device.

Family Friendly App

Machine Learning Makes It Simple

With 9 patents issued and 15 pending, Gryphon has one of the most advanced protection platforms on the market.  Machine learning continuously improves and adapts to keep your network safe from all online threats.

Protection That Goes with You

With the patented Homebound™ app, Gryphon provides on-the-go mobile protection when your family is away from your home network.  It's the only solution that intelligently routes traffic back to Gryphon from any network.   So even if you are on public WiFi, 5G, or your friend's WiFi,  you have the full Gryphon protection.

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