Short-term, high-yield real estate debt investments for everyone

Last Funded November 2022


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First and only company qualified by the SEC to issue payment-dependent real estate notes
Our platform makes investing safe, easy, and predictable – with no fees, ever
Short-term, high-yield investments that average a 10% annual return
Nearly 200,000 users and growing quickly

Our Team

Groundfloor is an award-winning wealth-tech platform offering high-yield, short-term, real estate debt investments directly to the general public.

We are mission driven to provide financial access for all walks of life and help communities in the process.

Investing shouldn’t come with annual management fees, hidden spreads, or lock-ups that put control in the hands of a fund manager. Our platform enables everyone to build diversified portfolios that deliver continuous cash flow with high yields secured by real assets.

Groundfloor is the only platform where you can safely earn up to 10% returns with investments that are secured and backed by real assets. Now you don’t have to sacrifice returns when minimizing risk.

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Build your own portfolio of short term, high yield, real estate debt investments based on your own personal risk/reward profile. Or let our investment wizard guide you.

Manage & Earn

Debt products inherently carry less risk, which is why we’ve been able to generate consistent 10%+ returns for our investors over the past eight years.

Groundfloor investments are secured by real assets in a first lien position. You can choose individual renovation projects to invest in, or use our automatic investing tools to continuously invest in projects that meet your criteria. Investments repay every 9-12 months on average, so if you make investments each month, after 9 months, you’ll always have investments repaying each month. That’s pretty good liquidity for a secured investment backed by real assets! Groundfloor is a safe way to earn great results.

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Link to your bank account through our secure encryption partner to transfer funds to begin earning interest.

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Safe and Stable
Our investments are backed by real estate debt, which carries lower risk than common or preferred equity investments.

Consistent Returns
Over the last eight years, Groundfloor investments have consistently generated an average of 10% returns for our investors.

Short-term Liquidity
With recurring investments and our short-term loans, your portfolio can generate cash flow in as little as nine months.

As a provider of debt, we can preserve investor capital through market turbulence, while profiting from capital scarcity and new opportunities to supply equity capital to fill the gap created by lower available leverage while allowing our investors to “buy low.”

As an intermediary, Groundfloor creates value by matching demand for capital with supply through market cycles. Our unique value proposition for investors is a competitive advantage, especially when traditional capital markets are challenged by economic conditions.

Utilizing our Series B-3 financing, growth is accelerating again after 2021. Our model projects earnings of $6.1m on $80.5m revenue and $1.6b invested in 2025.

Thank you for your interest in Groundfloor. If you would like a .pdf copy of our pitch deck, please click below.