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Tours in Israel and Palestine that promote democratic values and human rights

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New tourism: learning about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
November 4, 2019
Enjoying a Sabbath meal at a West Bank settlement, meeting Palestinian artists in Ramallah, popping over to Israel's border to see the Gaza Strip from there - a growing number of tourists is interested in seeing more than just the regular tourist sites and attractions of the Holy Land.
Palestine-Israel Journal : Green Olive Tours: How to offer tourists an alternative vision By Amelie Phillipson
August 7, 2019
"Green Olive Tours constitutes a unique enterprise in Israel that offers the opportunity to take away a bit of the culture of the people met on the ground. This is as important for the locals as it is for the visitors, as the opportunity of learning from one another goes both ways. Local people learn a lot from visitors, . . . ."
The West Bank on a shoestring: A day along the hottest new tourist trail
August 7, 2019
Our day begins with a stroll through the Aida refugee camp, a few kilometers north of Bethlehem, where we get our first close-up view of the separation fence and a short lecture from our Palestinian guide, Tamer, on the history of the occupation.
HongKongTV - Apple Daily
June 1, 2019
Green Olive partners Yamen Elabed and Fred Schlomka were followed for a couple of days in Jerusalem and Bethlehem by Hong Kong TV.
Crossing Barriers in Israel with Green Olive Tours
August 22, 2017
Fred Schlomka, founder of Green Olive Collective, prepares for a long distance ride through the U.S. Fred Schlomka is idiosyncratic enough that I shouldn't have been surprised when our interview by email, between the U.S. and Israel, morphed into a personal meeting in
New Zealand Herald
May 11, 2017
A trip with Green Olive Tours gives me a good overview of the region: I travel to Balata Refugee Camp, Jacob's Well, Sebastia (featuring spectacular ruins from the Romans and Crusader times), Burqin Church (where Jesus cures the lepers in the Bible), as well as the Freedom Theatre in Jenin (made famous by the movie Arna's Children).
June 30, 2015
We traveled from West to East Jerusalem with Yahav Zohar from Green Olive Tours. To a Martian, it may appear like teleporting from a first to a third world country. But both West and East are governed by the Jerusalem Municipality. Jerusalemites on both sides pay the same taxes to the municipality, though Israelis and Palestinians are governed by a different rule of law.
Al Jezeera features Green Olive Tours.
November 13, 2014
Uploaded by Green Olive Tours on 2014-11-13.
New York Jewish Week
February 12, 2014
. . . offered by Green Olive Tours, an independent business launched seven years ago that calls itself a “Social Enterprise … specializing in alternative tours,” skipped the Jewish side; it ended up in Silwan, the Palestinian neighborhood of some 30,000 residents on the eastern side of the Kidron Valley, where only several dozen Jews live today. Zohar, unlike Adler, included the Palestinian perspective.
The Oklahoman
September 24, 2013
Another highlight was an excursion to Hebron and Bethlehem, both within the Palestinian West Bank, that was operated by Green Olive Tours. Every day they take vanloads from the front of Jerusalem's YMCA through the border checkpoints. Then, with the addition of a Palestine-based guide, we headed to Hebron to begin our visit.
Politische Reisetour in Israel: Ein Land, zwei Welten - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Reise
April 20, 2012
Endloser Himmel über leuchtenden Hügeln. Steinböcke, die von Felsspitzen spähen. Bilder wie diese haben Israel-Reisende vor Augen, wenn sie sich eine Tour durch die Negev-Wüste ausmalen. Doch rund hundert Kilometer südlich von Jerusalem löst sich das Postkartenidyll aus den Hochglanzbroschüren in Luft auf, wie eine Fata Morgana, der man näher kommt.
Intrepid Guide Takes You to Territories
December 16, 2011
Fred Schlomka is quite an extraordinary man, and his travel company, Green Olive Tours, is built to match. Working from his small home in Kfar Saba, a suburb of Tel Aviv, he operates a network of a dozen Israeli and Palestinian guides who take tourists deep into the Occupied Territories, from Nablus and Jenin in the north to Bethlehem, Hebron and the Dead Sea in the south.
My travels: Mark Thomas on walking Israel's West Bank barrier
April 22, 2011
"There are a few travel guides – such as Green Olive Tours – who can organise walks with ex-Israeli soldiers and ex-Palestinian fighters who offer real insight into the conflict and the barrier, and you get to walk through breathtaking scenery. It sounds obvious, but listen to the advice on offer from people in the area."
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