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Grazr makes buying locally raised meat easy and affordable

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 102 investors
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Marketplace platform built for live-on-the-hoof, direct-to-customer meat sales.
835 small processors nationwide
Covid-19 has driven consumers outside of the traditional supply chain towards secure local sourcing
We are lowering the environmental impact of the meat we consume through hyperlocal food sourcing.
As much as 50% of farmers costs tied up in cost to bring an animal from farm to market
US Beef market worth 91 billion annually.

Our Team

As two first generation small farmers, Anthony and I knew first hand that there had to be a better way to complete the local food chain and empower customers and farmers all while supporting our local economies.

Grazr provides an end to end farm to table platform.

The Problem

Did you know that over 40% of the United States is grazing land?  There are cows munching on grass from Texas to Tennessee, from Florida to New York and from California to Montana. Theres probably not a state in the nation without beef cattle grazing somewhere, yes even Hawaii. Maybe you even drive by cattle in your daily driving. Would it surprise you if we told you that the cows you drive by in California might go as far as Colorado to be processed? Or that the cattle grazing the hills of Tennessee might be destined for Kansas City? The centralized and globalized system of procuring beef and other meats for American families is a cumbersome network of supply chains and transportations systems reaching as far away as Australia. Largely for the benefit of the conglomerates and not a system designed to serve the end customer, the farmer or the rancher who produced the product. This also comes at a great cost to the environment when you consider the impact of transporting livestock through commercial transportation across the country only to then transport the processed beef back across the country to grocery stores. Thousands of cattle are even brought to the United States on ships from across oceans! And yet here we are, driving by cows that will travel possibly over a thousand miles before ending up on your plate... There must be a better way.

The Solution

We founded Grazr because we knew there had to be a better way to connect the local food chain.  After extensively researching the factors in play between farmers, consumers, and processors, Grazr was built to serve all three parties seamlessly.  We exist to establish meat acquisitions as a simple and local online experience. With Grazr, a farmer sells his or her livestock in shares, which are handled by a local processor and picked up or delivered straight to the customer. Simple, sustainable, direct from farm to you.

The current Environmental impact

Current status of how meat is being transported.

The United States imported 4.35 billion pounds of beef in 2020, up 11.5% from 2019. The United States had the largest amount of imported beef in 2020 from Canada, followed by Mexico and Australia. From January-August 2020 imports of live cattle totaled 1.4 million head, that's 3.8% larger than the same period a year ago.

According to the USDA's Economic Research Service, the US beef retail market was valued at $111.2 billion dollars in 2019 and trending upward. While beef will be the backbone of the Grazr model, our platform also supports pork, lamb and goat. Beef is a stand alone market within itself, with the value of pork, lamb and goat not to be overlooked either. For example, the US processed over 100 million hogs with a domestic consumption rate of over 95%.

What We do!

Grazr solves this problem by creating a hyperlocal supply chain                                 



How We make Money

Our Story

Grazr was founded by Tom Cunningham and Anthony Laney, two friends who are deeply passionate about building stronger and better communities through decentralized systems that empower the stakeholders. There's little that brings together and binds a community like the food we eat and share. Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our food systems but have long been undervalued and disconnected as centralized supply chains have removed the farmer from their local community as a producer of nourishment and local culture. Tom and Anthony set out to remedy this divide by building a platform that seamlessly ties together the farmer, consumer and processor to provide an incredible value with an incomparable selection. More than this, Grazr creates an unprecedented accountability between farm and family where we can now know exactly what farm, exactly what animal and exactly how that animal was cared for and raised before choosing it. With Grazr, you now have a say in where your beef comes from, how it is processed and you no longer have to accept it from an unknown origin. You will have full control over the selection and quality of beef purchased.  Gone is the massive environmental impact of transporting livestock from across the globe. There is now a better and more accessible option right in your backyard. 

We are Grazr. 

How we plan to grow Grazr after Wefunder

The main goal of this round is to launch the platform and start generating revenue. To start, we will onboard custom meat processors and farmers, which will initially be a face to face sale.  On site at the processing facilities, we will conduct product demos featuring options tailored to their operations. As we continue to grow, farmers will become engrained in the process and will have the ability to join the Grazr platform directly through creating a profile. Our goal is to have onboarded 100 processors and 1000 farmers by Q1 2022. Grazr profits a 7.5% transaction fee for each livestock sale and a flat fee of $7 per head per buyer of livestock processed. We will also have an annual subscription fee of $300/farm, with that fee waived for the first six months.

While generating revenue is priority number one we also have identified a number of feature enhancements for the platform that will greatly improve the user experience for all three stakeholders (farmers, consumers and processors). There are a number of integral ways we will be capturing and incorporating analytics that will allow us to revolutionize the way America buys meat. This is a high priority from a developmental standpoint. There are also some development features that are currently confidential but have immeasurable potential for boosting Grazr's sales and licensing to third parties.