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Our Team

I started Grape ID out of personal frustration. In 2018, I was a victim of 5 data breaches & identity theft which taught me that businesses are in control of our data. They make money off our data AND put us at risk - I'm determined to change that.

Let's Disrupt the $1 Trillion Ad Industry

The Founder's Struggle

Hi, I'm Rob Andersen. In 2018, I realized my data is valuable to cybercriminals AND advertisers. They violated my data privacy, which is a $13 trillion per year global crisis according to Google.


The digital advertising model is broken. Millions of websites & apps track our digital footprint and send it to data collectors. From there a network of data aggregators, brokers, and other tech companies scrape, steal, and sell our data. Google reports over 12,000 data-trading companies touch our data.

Companies like Oracle build detailed consumer profiles so advertisers can target us with ads without our permission...Oracle probably has a profile on you!

Oracle: 2 billion profiles, each with 30,000 data points

As consumer data spreads across the internet it leads to issues like spam, identity theft, data breaches, and phishing. Additionally, advertisers are frustrated because of the high cost of ads.

In the end, both advertisers and consumers lose in their battle over consumer data.

To solve the advertising data privacy - both sides must transact DIRECTLY in a marketplace setting. The benefit won't be instant, but based on our research a marketplace environment will allow advertisers to target prospects with up to 90% more relevancy and at up to 70% lower prices while also giving consumers 100x more privacy since their data will no longer need to be traded by 12,000+ data trading companies.


That's why we built the Grape ID™ Ad Marketplace: a privacy-first ad platform. It's a Facebook Ads alternative that offers advertisers laser-precise targeting, lower pricing, and the ability to personalize ads, while also allowing consumers to earn cash, protect their privacy, and eliminate spam.

Advertisers can target consumers using any imaginable criteria as long as the prospect agrees, and the prospect's privacy is guaranteed because advertisers never see their data. Instead, the data remains secure in the user's Grape ID™ Data Vault and the two parties are connected anonymously via email.

Our email-based Ad Marketplace utilizes six major products such as our proprietary identity authentication, email filtering, and guaranteed email delivery. Without these products, the Ad Marketplace would fail.

HOW IT WORKS: Advertisers

Businesses search for a prospect and offer them $2 to view their ad. If accepted, a prospect receives $2 for engaging with the email (e.g. opening, clicking, watching video, etc).

1-minute video

HOW IT WORKS: Consumers

Consumers use Grape ID™ to 1) earn cash for engaging with emails, 2) protect their email with verified identity badges right in their inbox, and 3) permanently eliminate unwanted email spam.

90-second video


  1. DIRECT TRANSACTIONS: Businesses transact directly with prospects via the marketplace instead of indirectly through a more costly network of 12,000+ middlemen companies.
  2. 90% MORE RELEVANT ADS: Ads are up to 90% more relevant since users consent to be anonymously targeted using data in their Data Vault.
  3. GUARANTEED ROI: Engagement with prospects is guaranteed. Advertisers get either 1) engagement such as a click on a link, or 2) feedback about why the prospect didn't click the call-to-action (CTA) which helps the business understand how to improve their offer.
  4. 100x MORE PRIVACY: User privacy is guaranteed because user data never leaves the Grape ID™ Data Vault and anyone attempting to access user data must pass our proprietary Grape Score™ authentication system.
  5. 10x MORE SECURE: The Grape Score™ is our proprietary authentication system that works alongside other internal systems to ensure our marketplace is a leader in platform trust.


Revenue in 2024 will come from two primary sources:

  1. A 30% Marketplace Fees: Ad pricing is based on demand using a bidding system. Businesses pay a 15% fee to purchase the ads, and prospects pay 15%. For example, a business purchasing an ad for $1 would pay $1.15 ($1 + 15%), and the prospects would be able to withdraw $0.85 ($1 - 15%).
  2. Subscription FeeWe charge a monthly fee to guarantee emails are delivered to recipients' primary inboxes. The rate is $0.01 per email per month. For example, a business with 10,000 email contacts would be charged 10,000 x $0.01 = $100/month. We only charge for contacts who decide to use Grape ID™.



We conducted extensive market validation by interviewing over 3,000 consumers and businesses. We used research, mockups, 4 versions of our mobile app, survey interviews, recorded video interviews, and in-person interviews to refine the Grape ID™ value proposition. 

The results show overwhelming demand:

  • 92% of businesses and 76% of consumers opted to beta-test our products after seeing demos.
  • We received over $1,500 in cash from revenue, pre-sales, and deposits. Proving we can monetize even before announcing our launch date is a major indicator of demand.
  • <30 days until revenue after our first product release
  • 76% of consumers ranked our all-in-one privacy protection, paid email, and spam elimination as their most anticipated features.
  • 80% of enterprises expressed interest, but only after we've proven scale and compliance.


Our go-to-market plan is straightforward because we are delivering on the promises made to waitlisted customers during our validation stage. We will prove our product works with the existing waitlisted users as soon as our product is available. Then we'll expand to email and marketing companies followed by enterprises.


Grape ID™ leverages advanced technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and omni-factor authentication to securely match advertisers with prospects while protecting users' privacy and digital rights.

More detail is available in the FAQ, on our website or social media, or directly from the founder since this page is not suitable for in-depth technical discussion.


We’ll launch six software products by Q3 2024, our Ad Marketplace in Q4 2024, and our marketing flywheel to reach 1M users by Q1 2025.

The majority of funds raised will support the ongoing development and scalability of our six core Grape ID products and tools that form the foundation of our Ad Marketplace platform. Roughly 71% of funds will go to development, 18% to sales & marketing, and 11% to general overhead.

OUR MISSION: Digital Rights for Everyone

Privacy isn't the only digital right for which we're fighting. Here are our digital rights: 

  1. Right to OWN Your Data
  2. Right to PROTECT Your Data
  3. Right to MONETIZE Your Time & Data
  4. Right to SPAM-FREE Communication
  5. To view all 24 rights, CLICK HERE.

And advertising isn't the only industry where data privacy is a problem. Our Ad Marketplace is the first product built on our broader Digital Rights Platform. After the Ad Marketplace, we'll secure people's digital rights in other industries such as social media, healthcare, and eventually every industry we can.

We are committed to expanding Grape ID™ until it secures digital rights for every interested internet user.

5 Reasons to Crowdfund

Rather than seeking large investments from a few venture capital firms, we have chosen to raise capital on WeFunder from thousands of smaller investors.

Here's why we prefer everyday investors:

  • Control: Retaining control of our mission and vision is critical as we challenge big tech's data practices. Control of the Grape ID™ network must remain with the founders and community.
  • Show Demand to Big-Tech: Participation from thousands of investors demonstrates the demand for our digital rights (a.k.a. the "Digital Rights Movement").
  • Built-In Marketing Army: WeFunder investors become partners in spreading awareness and using Grape ID™ in their personal lives and businesses to accelerate adoption.
  • Better Products: Direct feedback from financially invested users helps us build better products.
  • Share Profits to Retail Investors: Our goal is to raise as little venture capital as possible because we want everyday investors to profit from our growth.