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Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries

World's first theft-resistant bike light. Already pre-sold $84K on Kickstarter .

Last summer, our friend got hit by a car. He was riding his bike home at night after a thief stole his bike light. His story isn't unique. 1 in 3 city bikers have had their lights stolen and 80% of bikers frequently forget their lights at home. We're MIT bike geeks on a mission to make city cycling safer. Our first product is the world's first theft-resistant bike light. $84K on Kickstarter.


Meet the Founders

Slava Menn

I love building and I love biking


Why is this important?

Big companies are not creating products for city cyclists. Gotham does. We are a brand that arms city cyclists on the urban biking battlefield.

Why is our team awesome?

Slava is the customer guy who loves building companies. He's an electrical engineer-turned entrepreneur. Gotham is his 4th rodeo: his last companies were in educational technology, real estate, and night life. His first company sold "pretty rocks" to his neighbors. He made a 65 cent profit.

Brad is the product guy. He has a BS from Purdue, MS from MIT, and PhD from his dad's woodshop. Brad can build anything and makes the world's best guacamole. Legend has it he's the illegitimate love child of MacGyver and Julia Child.

What makes us unique?

We're mad-thrifty. We spent less than $2500 to make our company and prototypes and then pre-sold $84K on Kickstarter.

What is your biggest challenge?

We're trying to build our own distribution channels rather than relying on traditional, low-margin distribution channels.

How will we make money?

We have proven that we can successfully build and sell one product. With the funding we raise on Wefunder, we will make Gotham into a urban cycling brand with a full line of bike accessories.

How much are you raising? How will it be used?

We are raising $500,000 to launch our next suite of products and produce enough inventory to allow us to quickly deliver product to our customers and retailers.

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