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World's first travel bags & accessories made of recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™. Celebrity Backed!



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GOT BAG spans three continents, achieving over $20 million in global net revenue for 2023.
Established in North America in 2021 with a $3m revenue run rate and a +100% annual growth rate.
Over 100,000 products sold online and to elite retailers like REI, Saks, Free People and many more!
Over 250% growth in valuation, doubling our current investors' unrealized returns in just 10 months.

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Our Team

Beyond Bags, Backpacks, and Accessories - Empowering Fashion through Eco-Revolution

GOT BAG redefines fashion with a unique blend of style, sustainability, and social purpose with products crafted from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™.

Based in the eco-friendly hub of Oregon, we found our home amid the stunning landscapes and green ethos of the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by the region's commitment to sustainability, our headquarters embody the spirit of environmental consciousness.

We're excited to extend an invitation to our community to join the Global Ocean Transformation. Invest in GOT BAG North America Inc. and be part of our operations spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The Problem.

What if we could align our approach to fashion with the demands of today's customers?

The Opportunity.

Seizing the Sustainable Wave: A Green Opportunity

In a thriving North American Luggage & Bag industry, the time is ripe for a fashion brand committed to true authenticity and transparency. Targeting trendsetting Gen Z consumers, we position ourselves as the trusted choice, uniquely poised to make a significant impact in the evolving landscape of eco-conscious travel fashion.

In an industry where authenticity matters, we stand out as the trusted choice for eco-conscious consumers, making a real impact where it counts.

The Solution.

After years of research and development, we introduced the world's first travel bags crafted from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™, a pioneering achievement in sustainable design. We are a committed brand transforming plastic trash into contemporary, functional accessories, showcasing how fashion can be a catalyst for meaningful change.

With our groundbreaking cleanup operations in Indonesia, we've established a vertical supply chain, enabling us to make a tangible positive impact on the environment. Join us in empowering the fashion world with eco-revolution fabrics.

Fashion Making an Impact - By the Numbers

Embarking on a global adventure, we've reached many notable milestones. Since our establishment in North America in 2021, our journey has been defined by substantial growth.

Although we've achieved significant success, we know we're only scratching the surface of our potential. The North American market presents diverse distribution channels, and our exceptional performance, surpassing Q1 2024 forecasts by about 200%, positions us confidently for a promising year ahead.

Product Portfolio

Our products seamlessly integrate into your everyday adventures, combining style and purpose. Join us in making every moment count, as we redefine sustainable living with each step you take.

Embark on a journey of style and sustainability with GOT BAG's stunning collection. Our bags aren't just eco-conscious, they're the epitome of fashion-forward adventure. Crafted to complement your daily explorations and travel escapades, each piece is a statement of elegance with a purpose – a perfect blend of conscious living and impeccable style. Elevate your fashion game while making a positive impact, because saving the planet has never looked this good.

Transforming Lives, One Bag at a Time: Our Impactful Clean-Up Operations in Indonesia

Our innovative clean-up operations in Indonesia are not just about removing plastic, but empowering communities, fostering education, and building a sustainable future.

Empowering communities and fishermen, we orchestrate daily clean-up operations, extracting thousands of pounds of plastic waste from the environment. In the past, this discarded plastic would end up either dumped or burned, with no purpose.

At GOT BAG, we believe in giving plastic a second chance. By compensating local communities for their cleanup endeavors, we transform trash into treasure. Our meticulous process involves cleaning the plastic, pelletizing it, converting it into yarn, and crafting it into fabric or components for our exquisite bags, backpacks, accessories, and luggage. Every purchase is a step towards protecting our oceans, as we contribute to their preservation one beautifully crafted bag at a time.

Unveiling the Heartbeat of GOT BAG: Empowering Eco-Revolution

Dive into the heart of GOT BAG! Experience our innovative process of turning ocean plastic into stylish accessories, driving change and sustainability. Discover the essence of our eco-revolution!

Social Media Impact: Empowering a Movement

Celebrated by Leading Retailers!

"GOT Bag stands out with a unique business model, combining premium outdoor gear with a commitment to ocean preservation. In an era where eco-consciousness is foundationally important to any business, their focus on environmental responsibility sets them apart in our industry. We're proud to carry their products which reflect our shared values of sustainability." 

Andrew Arredondo - BackCountry Buyer

“Our team at Free People Movement is always so excited to connect and collaborate with GOT Bag; in a market that is saturated with brands and products who are telling stories of sustainability- GOT Bag sets themselves apart and exemplifies authenticity and credibility in this space. Our ongoing partnership is an element of pride within FP Movement’s social impact efforts.”

Julia DeBrabander - Associate Manager Brand Partnerships Free People + FP Movement

Celebrating Global Partnerships

Our impact resonates on a grand scale, proudly extending our reach to renowned premium retailers worldwide. This remarkable global presence is more than a testament; it's our legacy, encapsulated in the very essence of our name – the Global Ocean Transformation.

Powerful Partnerships, Bright Futures

Dive into our impactful collaborations! 

GOT BAG x Sloane Stephens

In a groundbreaking partnership, GOT BAG and tennis sensation Sloane Stephens join forces. Rooted in shared values of empowerment, sustainability, and community impact, this partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a story of purpose-driven synergy.

GOT BAG x Outerknown

We've partnered with Outerknown, founded by surf legend Kelly Slater, to lead change in sustainable style, transforming the industry and making it inclusive for everyone.

Guess what? We've got a sea-cret to share! We're teaming up with Aquaman for a wave of sustainable adventures.

Stay tuned for the splash! A game-changing partnership with Hollywood icon and Ocean Conservation Advocate Jason Momoa!

Proudly Certified, Committed to Impactful Change

Sometimes, awards and certificates say more than words ever could. 

Our Market.

Who are our customers and how do they think/act? 

  • Our customer base spans two segments. The primary target includes Gen Z trendsetters and eco-conscious urban professionals in North America, tech-savvy and socially engaged, valuing sustainable and stylish accessories. Our secondary target comprises eco-conscious families and outdoor enthusiasts prioritizing safety, durability, and eco-friendly choices. 

How big is the opportunity?

  • The global luggage and bag industry, valued at $57.11 billion in 2023, is projected to grow by 1.99% annually. The sustainable fashion industry, at $6.5 billion, is expected to reach $15 billion by 2030. Our focus on North America, with its $40 billion market, aligns with industry growth. Our strategic positioning and innovative approach aim to capture a significant share of this market by appealing to diverse consumer preferences, and enhancing our market penetration and growth prospects.

Our Competitive Advantage.

At GOT BAG, we navigate the world of sustainable fashion with a unique compass, setting us apart from the sea of competitors. While others talk the talk, we walk the walk by not only offering eco-conscious products but also creating a positive impact with each purchase. Our bags aren't just stylish companions for your adventures; they're an ode to sustainability, meticulously crafted from recycled ocean plastic.

So, why choose us? We're not just in the business of making bags; we're on a mission to turn the tide on plastic pollution, and we invite you to be part of the journey.

Financial Symphony: Harmonizing Growth, Profitability, and Sustainability

Explore our financial milestones, showcasing our strong foundation and proven success. Positioned for even greater achievements, discover the strategic vision propelling GOT BAG into an unlimited future.

Through the implementation of a strategic growth plan and proactive initiatives, we are positioned to seamlessly align with market trends and surpass customer expectations. Our impactful partnerships with industry leaders will play a pivotal role in this endeavor. Additional investment funds are instrumental in accelerating our growth trajectory. The following slide contains forward projections that cannot be guaranteed.

What's the blueprint for our growth and path to success?

To chart our path to success, we prioritize strategic partnerships, both in retail and across industries, to expand our reach and enhance brand credibility. Our growth strategy includes exploring online platforms like Amazon, introducing new products, and fostering customer engagement for increased loyalty and referrals.

Sustainability is integral to our mission, and we transparently share our initiatives on social media to build trust. Internally, operational efficiency, talent acquisition, and data-driven decision-making are paramount. By optimizing processes, attracting top talent, and leveraging analytics, we position ourselves for sustained growth.

Investing in e-commerce, we aim to enhance the user experience with AI-driven recommendations, streamlined checkouts, and personalized promotions. This comprehensive approach ensures our brand's long-term success and impact. The following slide contains forward projections that cannot be guaranteed.

How do we cut costs and increase margins?

To enhance cost efficiency and increase margins, we strategically optimize our supply chains and leverage synergies with GOT BAG Europe. By relocating production outside of China, we immediately reduce duties and eliminate penalty tariffs, significantly boosting our profit margins. Efficient full container shipments to our Las Vegas warehouse further reduce COGS, enhancing overall profitability. Accelerating direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, investing in new e-commerce initiatives, and collaborating on research and development with GOT BAG Europe all contribute to maximizing our margins. Joint procurement and shared manufacturing spaces provide bulk purchasing advantages and streamline production, cutting overhead and operational costs. Leveraging GOT BAG Europe's logistics network and collaborating on marketing efforts amplify our reach while minimizing expenses.

As we grow together, economies of scale lead to lower average costs, reducing unit costs across operations. Additionally, centralized administrative functions with GOT BAG Europe optimize overhead expenses, ensuring cost-effectiveness in shared administration.

What’s preventing us from growing even faster?

Our growth potential faces challenges such as limited funding, hindering crucial investments and impeding expansion plans. Establishing our brand in new markets requires consistent efforts for brand recognition and consumer trust-building. Economic fluctuations and shifting consumer spending patterns present challenges in demand predictions and necessitate adaptive marketing strategies. Fierce competition in established markets demands innovative strategies to carve a unique space and attract consumers. Global events and logistics challenges disrupt the supply chain, affecting inventory levels and product availability. Recruiting and retaining skilled professionals is essential for operational efficiency, posing challenges within limited budget constraints. Additionally, trade tensions and geopolitical events impact consumer confidence, influencing market stability and purchasing behavior. Addressing these challenges strategically is crucial for unlocking our full growth potential.

How will raising money solve this problem?

Securing funding is instrumental in overcoming challenges and driving strategic growth, providing the means to innovate, expand, and stay agile in a dynamic market landscape. Increased investment empowers impactful online and in-store marketing campaigns, expanding brand visibility and attracting a wider customer base. Adequate capital facilitates strategic entries into diverse markets such as college bookstores, corporate branding, and active lifestyle segments, creating fresh revenue streams and reducing dependency risks. Furthermore, it enables the attraction of top talent, fostering innovation, superior customer service, and overall business growth. Resources derived from funding support mutually beneficial collaborations with brands and organizations, amplifying reach and enhancing consumer bases through strategic partnerships. Allocating funds to participate in key trade shows provides networking opportunities and product showcases, boosting brand visibility and market penetration. Financial flexibility ensures swift adaptation to emerging market trends, positioning the company as an industry leader.

What else?

  1. Revolutionizing Textiles: Our fabric isn't just woven threads; it's a sustainable legacy. We're evolving from an accessory brand to a premium fabric supplier, forging new paths of revenue alongside our thriving product business, and revolutionizing how industries approach textiles.
  2. Premium Partnerships: Premium partners seek sustainable solutions, and our fabric is their answer. By providing them with eco-conscious choices, we're not just meeting their needs – we're setting industry standards.
  3. Endless Market Demand: Our fabric caters to diverse markets, creating multiple revenue streams in high-end fashion and interior décor sectors.
  4. Unmatched Impact: By offering our fabric to influential partners, we're reducing plastic waste and fostering a sustainable future. Echoing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Vision for the Future: Envision a world where our fabric isn't just a choice; it's the standard. We're not just expanding revenue avenues; we're pioneering a sustainable legacy. We want to weave a future where eco-conscious solutions redefine industries and set new benchmarks.