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Invest in Good Stock

We're building the soup brand of the future. Out of the can, into your freezer.


Our two channels - DTC and wholesale grocery - are growing. Currently distributed in 10+ states!
Carried in Whole Foods stores across New York.
We've built a passionate and loyal customer base over the past seven years: 2000+ repeat customers.
42% reorder rate!
We have operations in place to scale, from distribution to production to fulfillment.
87% of customers would recommend to a friend.

Our Team

We started Good Stock because we love food, and soup is our favorite dish. After being unable to find soup that was both delicious AND convenient, we decided to cook it ourselves. We love to eat, and we want everyone else who loves to eat to have delicious soup.

Who is Good Stock?

Good Stock is a company on a mission to spread good feelings through good soup. We love soup, and think it's the world's greatest dish. Because we're such soup people, we figured out how to make soup convenient and delicious. No cans allowed.

Why We’re Raising a Community Round

Community has always been paramount at Good Stock. So many friends and family have helped us build the business from Day 1. And then our customers soon joined the fray, and the Soup Troop was born. From our first day at Smorgasburg, to our home delivery business, to the West Elm pop-up, then to our shops and now our e-commerce business, our customers have been with us every step of the way. Our customers are why we do what we do. Now, we're thrilled to offer the Soup Troop a chance to own a piece of our future.

Our Deck

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