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GoBe Kids strives to help parents and children thrive by establishing healthy habits that stay for a lifetime.

The feeding struggle

Most parents can relate to the rule of three: for every 3 meals, your child will eat one, play with one, and ignore the other. In fact, feeding young children is a daily struggle for millions of parents. Challenges include accidental spills and messes, rapidly changing tastes, and frequent (and exhausting!) power struggles. We knew there had to be a solution to provide parents with tools to create more positive feeding experiences for both the parent and the child.

The solution: the parent provides, the child decides

The Division of Responsibility in Feeding encourages parents to provide the what, when, and where of feeding and let the child determine how much and whether to eat what the parent provides. The Original Snack Spinner is based on this concept; it encourages intuitive eating and helps make healthy eating fun. It is the only snack container with a push button that provides a FUN, safe, and mess-free way to enjoy a variety of foods! The Snack Spinner fosters a positive, parent-child relationship. Good bye, power struggles. Hello, happy smiles for mama and child! 

A solution kids love, backed by science

Decades of extensive research shows that choice and autonomy are key to children forming a positive relationship with food. This also helps guard against future eating disorders and obesity.

We’ve heard from thousands of parents that the GoBe Original Snack Spinner has helped their child become a more competent eater. We've used this same design philosophy to expand beyond snack time, launching several new products, with more to come!

So much more than a fun Snack Spinner

Product innovation is at our core. We design every GoBe product to be fun, fascinating, simple, and colorful. Using them feels like playing, and there is intrinsic reward to every choice the child makes. We have big plans to launch at least 6 more products within the next year.

And in case you were curious, every GoBe product is patent protected. 


GoBe is growing! In our first year we had revenue of $300,000, which more than doubled in 2020. Over the last four years sales have continued to trend up. We did more than $4.5M in revenue in the year 2023 alone, and we anticipate $10M in 2024.

We have the best customers ever!

GoBe customers are essential to our journey. Our community has grown to more than 350,000 happy customers, and we reach more than 30M people through social media and influencer marketing. Over 80% of customers recommend GoBe to their friends.

Our customers are parents who love and want the best for their kids. They value GoBe's toddler-proof products, and tell us they eliminate the mess and stress of feeding their children. They are comfortable spending money on products like GoBe's that solve their parenting challenges.

GoBe's Original Snack Spinner has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok and been called a ‘must have’ by thousands of moms and dads. It has thousands of reviews and an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon. We have hundreds of rave reviews that show how the GoBe develops fine motor skills, eliminates snack-time negotiations, and encourages picky eaters to try something new.

Business model: 6,000 stores in 3 years

In addition to consistent online growth, our partnership with Legacy Retail has facilitated exciting affiliations with all four retail giants: Sam's Club, Walmart, Costco, and Target. This, along with sales in hundreds of individual children's boutiques nationwide is expected to result in exponential growth.

A disruptive solution in a $250B market

With approximately 60% year over year growth, we are on track to becoming a key player in the food container market, valued at $250B+. 

Now more than ever before, parents are investing in high quality products that ease parenting stress and benefit their child's development. GoBe checks all the boxes.

Competition: the superior snack container

In a market of stagnant solutions, GoBe has developed a unique product that both parents and children love to use. 

The Snack Spinner can handle a variety of snacks, is durable, and promotes play, choice, and healthy habits.

We’ve seen incredible traction against competitors such as Munchkin and industry giants like Tupperware and Ziploc.

Vision and strategy: $400M exit target with a 25x return

Invest in GoBe today and become a financial stakeholder in the company. While nothing is certain, GoBe's strategic business plan is to sell for $400M or more by 2029 by focusing on DTC, Amazon, retail, and international growth. Investing today could yield a potential 25x return when GoBe is acquired or goes public.

Today's investment will provide the capital we need for our next key period of growth. It will also make you a part of changing the face of the snack container industry. We would be honored to have you join us on this exciting journey to bring healthier and happier meal times to millions of parents.

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