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Started in Arizona in 2015, and created a completely new approach to developing technology and launching starts that we call Vertical.
Our profitable business model is based on a combination of equity, consulting fees, and margin on continuing engineering services.
In our first cohort of six tech startups, we were able to help catalyze two successful exits (OneGreek and Audivity).
We are on Wefunder to fund the first wave of our nationwide expansion to three new markets: Silicon Valley, Austin, and Washington DC.

Our Team

Go For Vertical levels the playing field for tech startups everywhere so you don't have to be in a Silicon Valley or Austin to launch one. There is tremendous untapped potential in other cities, and we feel passionate about turning that potential into reality.

The Go For Vertical Story

In 2015, something remarkable happened in Tucson, Arizona: a tech startup launched. In many other cities, it would be no big deal, maybe even an everyday occurrence. But in Tucson, it was a crazy, unexpected and amazing event, because startups hardly ever used to launch here. Tucson, like the literal desert around it, is a bit of a figurative startup and entrepreneurial desert too. So there was something very remarkable that had happened, and what would become Go For Vertical had made it all possible.

This startup, OneGreek, had used Vertical, our proprietary framework for developing new technology, to launch their platform for around $8000 in engineering costs. They eventually on-boarded over 330k users on to their mobile app, a private social network for fraternities and sororities, and within 18 months had been acquired in a successful exit. If we could have this Cinderella story happen right off the bat in Tucson of all places, why not again?


So we did do it again in 2016 with Vidi-VR (now Look), who we helped create both hardware and software for their platform that allows users to create and share virtual reality clips. They used Vertical to prototype their entire tech stack, eventually relocated to Silicon Valley, and now have their platform listed for sale on Amazon.

In 2017, we helped launch one more Tucson-based startup, Inara. We knew there was something special here, so we decided to build on these previous successes and scale them up. In early 2018, we officially launched Go For Vertical, the region's first tech accelerator for startups.

Fast forward to 2019. We've helped over a dozen Tucson-based startups develop their technology, build teams, and go to market.  We've also created a successful accelerator program called CLIMB for early-stage startups, and have launched another called SUMMIT for more advanced startups to help them develop their technology and go to market. We've since brought both these programs to Phoenix, the city Inc Magazine calls the next tech hub, where we have a new office. So we now have a state-wide footprint, and are continuing to grow.

We're incredibly excited about what the future holds for what we do: helping startups develop technology and launch startups throughout the country, not just in Arizona.

And so that’s brought us to 2020. We know we can help many more startups by going big with what we do, and launching in three new cities: San Jose/Silicon Valley, Austin, and Washington DC. So we’re raising funds to make that happen, starting now, and beginning with your help on Wefunder.