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GlobeChat is a patented app instantly translating languages in 200 countries!

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Fred Wilson Leading venture capitalist and early investor in Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr
“The social media phase of the Internet ended…Entrepreneurs and developers still build social applications. We still use them. But there isn’t much innovation here anymore…messaging is the new social media…families use WhatsApp groups instead of Facebook. Kids use Snapchat instead of Instagram. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp was the transaction that defined this trend.”
Mark Schaefer Harvard Business Review
“The movement of consumers from public social media to private messaging has been so rapid that Business Insider reported that the combined usage of the top four messaging apps now exceeds the combined usage of the top four social media apps…”
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder
“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.”
Ted Livingston Kik Founder
“Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new Internet.”
Joseph Webb Global Director of Connected Life Report
“Apps such as Snapchat, WeChat, LINE, and WhatsApp are sweeping up new users every day, particularly younger consumers who want to share experiences with smaller, specific groups, rather than using public mainstream platforms such as Facebook orTwitter…”
Mark Hardy Viber CMO
“Traditional social networks center on the idea of users ‘broadcasting themselves’ to anyone who will listen. The recent growth in messaging app use reflects mobile users’ interest in real conversations with closed networks of friends and family…With mobile now the primary screen, chat apps will continue to develop as leaders in the app space, expanding their services and functionality to act as a hub platform aggregating multiple mobile experiences...”
Mark Schaefer Harvard Business Review
“The rise of social media changed marketing. Now, before some marketers have even fully adapted to that world, the social web is transforming again. The rise of private social networks and messaging apps will challenge the strategies that marketers developed for public social networks.”
Paul R. La Monica CNN Money
"Snapchat is worth more than Delta, Target and CBS..."

In the news

Kevin Strom, '92, Takes Communications to Another Level
August 24, 2020
Kevin Strom, '92, is a jack of all trades, and a master of only the most interesting technologies. A sometime-Hollywood actor, who has had small roles in film and reality TV, started his career as a police officer in Elgin, Illinois, before moving to Orange County, California, and spending 15 years at AT&T as a government, education, and medical sales director for its Southern California and Hawaii territories.
Google, Netflix, Costco ranked among top companies for diversity by workers
December 12, 2018
As the United States continues to become increasingly racially and ethnically diverse, some companies have prioritized diversifying their workplaces as well. Google, Costco and Netflix are among the best large companies for diversity, according to compensation, culture and career monitoring website Comparably.
Best CEOs in Los Angeles 2018
July 20, 2018
In Los Angeles, some of the brightest stars are nowhere near the red carpet - they're CEOs. In today's highly complex 24/7 business environment, the job of a CEO is more challenging than ever. No matter the industry, top executives are being asked to navigate through increasing competition, get ahead of rapidly advancing technology, and create a culture that delivers results.
Here are the top places to work by region
November 30, 2017
Here are the best companies in 2017 by region, in alphabetical order, according to, which is a compensation, culture and career monitoring website: 1. Boston Scientific Corporation, Marlborough, Mass. 2. Cybereason, Boston 3. Fasten, Boston 4. Help Scout, Boston 5. HubSpot, Cambridge, Mass. 6. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston 7.
App by O.C. company makes a foreign language instantly understandable
April 1, 2016
A world unified by one common language may be the stuff of science fiction, but entrepreneur Kevin Strom is working to create the next best thing. Strom founded GlobeChat, a San Juan Capistrano-based company, to eliminate the divide of language through a text messaging service that instantly translates written messages into a recipient's native tongue.
App Beats Pitch Competitors to Take Home $20,000
March 21, 2016
Tech Coast Angels of Orange Country held its inaugural Celebration of Entrepreneurship on March 10, when San Juan Capistano-based GlobeChat took the overall prize in the Fast Pitch competition.
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