A patented app that allows users to meet and chat instantly in over 70 languages

Last Funded May 2018


raised from 207 investors


US Patent # 9985922: A message sent in one language translated to multiple recipients simultaneously
US Trademark # 4994376: "GlobeChat" is a registered Trademark
$1M+ raised outside of Wefunder
Champion - 2016 Tech Coast Angeles Startup Competition (#1 of 120 companies)

Our Team

Our vision is to provide a global network allowing people to easily connect with others anywhere in the world. Our passion is to unite people worldwide by commonalities and shared interests.

GlobeChat 2022 Vision

The Problem

Translation remains the limiting factor of global connection

Existing language translation solutions are limited to one-to-one communications, and are either expensive or highly inconvenient. Solutions like, human translators, online cut-and-paste translation, and voice translation software are the current state of the art. Language creates natural barriers between people and cultures; preventing meaningful social and business connections. We live in world that in theory is global, and yet the multitudes of interesting cultures rarely interact, leaving us with only brief and random glimpses of far away people and places.  Ultimately we live our lives, have our daily routines, and are never exposed to all the beauty and opportunity the world has to offer.  

The Solution

World's first multilingual simultaneous translation platform

We have developed a fun and simple app called "GlobeChat" which allows even the most non-technical users to easily chat and share content worldwide.  Our app is available in 200 countries, 70 languages, and the focus is on global experience, connection, and engagement.  

GlobeChat is the world's first and only multi-lingual software which translates languages instantly and automatically to all members of a group, even if everyone speaks a different language.  We have been awarded a patent for our innovative language translation technology, which dramatically simplifies global communication, while completely eliminating geographic and cultural boundaries.

We connect people based on advanced filter searches that include, age, gender, occupation, hobbies, interests, political views, and more.  Searches are global and can be very broad or very specific, based on the preference of the individual user.  GlobeChat is intended to bring people together from all corners of the world based on shared interests and commonalities.  

Founders Story

Travel is my passion.  I love meeting new people, learning about foreign cultures, visiting historical sites and seeing the world through the eyes of other people.  When traveling, it was extremely frustrating to not have the ability to meet locals and communicate.  And, for those I did meet while traveling, keeping in contact when returning home to the United States was challenging.  I would stay in touch by cutting and pasting from Google translate, then sending emails, however over time and the busy nature of our lives, these beautiful new friendships began to fade and the connections eventually and inevitably disappeared.  I set out to create a platform that provided the ability to easily communicate with anyone in the world.  A solution that was simple, automated and allowed for real-time communications.  

Instant Translation in 70 Languages

The GlobeChat platform translates languages real-time in more than 70 languages providing for seamless global interaction.  Each person receives messages automatically in their own native language regardless of the language of the sender.

Chat Privately or Broadcast Publicly

Families, friends and business owners can chat easily and privately across the world with instantly translated messages.  Travelers, influencers, actors, athletes, musicians and politicians have the ability to broadcast videos and share photos with a global audience.  Whether you are a private person, public person, or both, the GlobeChat platform is right place for you!

Find Common Interests Worldwide

Users can easily filter others globally based on age, gender, religion, political affiliation, education, career, interests, commonalities and more with the search results immediately displayed.  GlobeChat is dedicated to connecting people based on shared interests, regardless of where they live or the language they speak!  If a person loves video games, they can now connect and converse with gamers in 200 countries!  If a person loves cooking, they can now share recipes with foodies in 200 countries!  If a person is a doctor or nurse, they can now connect with peers in 200 countries!  With 1000s of selectable filters on GlobeChat, the possibilities and search combinations are infinite!  

Revenue Model

This current round of funding is dedicated exclusively to company growth and revenue generation. GlobeChat utilizes a standard freemium model.  Users will have access to a wide range of basic free features on the application.  However to have content featured, 4X larger sized posts on the global wall, providing direct links to the user's other social media accounts, and a customized bio section, the user must subscribe to a premium membership. 

The premium membership is a reasonable $4.99 per month. We calculate that ~4% of downloads will ultimately result in a premium membership. Therefore, 100,000 downloads will result in ~4,000 premium memberships. $4.99 X 4,000 premium users = $19,800 per month of revenue.  $19,800 gross revenue minus the 30% App Store fee of $5,940 results in a net pre-tax revenue of $13,860.  So for every 1M downloads on GlobeChat, the company will net pre-tax ~$138,600 of monthly revenue and ~$1,663,200 of annual revenue.  

Longer term, additional revenue will be generated through language, location and interest based advertising specific to each individual user's filter selections, as well as through non-intrusive advertising placement on our global wall.

Competitors vs. GlobeChat

GlobeChat is truly global: Chat with multiple people in 70 different languages in real-time

We have created a unique and innovative niche within one of the hottest technology growth markets in the world.  GlobeChat allows individuals and groups in nearly every country to discover and interact with people globally right from their mobile device.  Our app translates multiple languages concurrently, which means a message sent in English to 70 people in 70 countries would be instantly translated and received in 70 different languages!  

We are a company in the right place at the right time, with a solid technology protected by a patent and a name protected by a trademark.  The social and chat market is wide open and growing for all, both big and small, and a rising tide lifts all boats.  What we've successfully accomplished is to combine the best elements of existing social networks, then add a patented multilingual simultaneous translation engine with search filter capability.  We provide the ability to search people anywhere on the planet based on thousands of specific filters.  Our users have the ability to request for example, "I want to search every female in the world between 28 and 44, who speaks Italian, likes to travel, enjoys wine, classical music, romantic comedies, cars, and yoga.” GlobeChat then filter searches everyone on the planet that fits within that description and displays the results.  Finally a global application that is truly and uniquely global!