Revolutionizing the Health & Fitness Industry with AI Engagement & Live Video

Last Funded November 2020


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📈$740k Annual Recurring Rev. 100% growth in last 6 months
Engaging 3M+ members for clients such as Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym, F45 & more
Strong team. Founder is a software veteran and had a successful exit in his previous startup.
AI enabled netflix style live streaming and video on demand platform with mobile, OTT apps and more.

Our Team

Health & fitness is a $100B industry & is changing rapidly with shift in consumer behavior. This industry will be booming in the coming decade touching billions of lives across the globe. Businesses still use old-school legacy tools to connect to their customers & are scrambling to adapt to changing times. We are disrupting this with smarter tech.

Revolutionizing the health & fitness industry to deliver a more personalized & connected experience across multiple channels using AI.

Problems in the Health & Fitness Industry

1. Competition from In-Home / Digital Fitness - Rise in in-home equipment & fitness apps are moving people away from gyms & clubs. Additionally, with health & safety concerns more people are working out from home than before. The Digital Fitness industry is expected to be at $23B by 2022.

2. Customer Attrition aka “Achilles heels” of the fitness industry - Clubs loose on average 50% of their members every year.

3. Fragmented Marketing Infrastructure - An average club uses 4 or more softwares to manage their sales & marketing. Customer data is in silos and are not being leveraged to deliver personalized experience. 

    Our Solution 

    A single integrated platform that leverages customer data intelligence to acquire, engage & retain customers and deliver content virtually.

    Gleantap provides a complete business toolkit to enable sales, marketing & support functions for businesses in the health & fitness domain. It also enables businesses to host virtual on-demand & live content through a branded portal.

    In addition to the B2B offering, Gleantap is planning to launch a Netflix-style OTT wellness marketplace connecting trainers & experts from across the globe to fitness & well-being enthusiasts.

    Replacing legacy with AI-enabled applications

    The health & fitness software industry is fragmented with legacy tools and outdated me-too applications for single function. The average fitness club uses at-least 4 softwares for their business.

    Gleantap replaces these tools to streamline your fitness business, unlocking the power of data & AI. It uses artificial intelligence to learn customer behavior, preferences and the path to customer delight. Gleantap leverages this intelligence to run powerful marketing campaigns, improve sales processes and provide automated & personalized customer support.

            A $10.2B Market & Growing

            For our B2C on-demand marketplace we see a total available market of 1 Billion subscribers worldwide and with a $10/mo price point we are looking at potential of $120B. The immediate serviceable market of 71.5 million (reported fitness members from IHRSA) is valued at $8.5 Billion.

            Where we are today...

            In 2 years, we have acquired over 324 client locations, engaging over 2 million members for some of the biggest brands in the industry.

            Note: Projections are not guaranteed.

            Our Executive Team

            Our Story

            Our founder, Sagar Babber ran a custom software services company since 2008 and worked with numerous small & medium businesses helping them solve business problems with custom software solutions. In 2017, he was brought on by a big box gym to help find a solution to their customer attrition problem. Sagar created a minimal viable product (MVP) to run a pilot with them and the results were incredible. The gym saw about 10% drop in their churn that year and with that the word spread and we had other gyms reaching out.

            Gleantap was launched in 2018.

            Sagar officially launched Gleantap in 2018 and sold his software services startup later that year. We had our product market validation even before our launch and over $12,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) from Day 1.

            Gleantap was initially an intelligent marketing platform that unified data from multiple sources such as POS, CRM, Check-Ins etc and created a single view of the customer and used adaptive segmentation to automate journey based campaigns across multiple channels.

            As we built on top of our initial MVP, we continued to navigate the Health & Fitness market to gauge market challenges, competition and other dynamics.

            In 2020, a critical pivot & accelerated growth..

            As we continued to grow and penetrate the market further, COVID19 hit us. With social distancing measures in place fitness clubs began shutting down temporarily and we had 30% of our clients freeze their billing.

            With clubs shutdown, people started working out at home, investing on in-home equipments such as pelotons and online classes. We took this time to identify another big gap in the market - Competition from In-Home & Digital Fitness.

            We quickly used this opportunity to pivot. We created and added to our product offering - a digital content platform that helps fitness clubs go virtual with their classes - host on-demand videos, stream live classes, sell memberships & products and provide guidance and value beyond their physical locations.

            Our sales went 4X, and we doubled our Monthly Recurring Revenue in just a few months.

            Why Invest?

            The $100B Fitness industry is going to disrupt in this next decade touching billions of lives globally. You'll be part of it one way or the other so why not lead the change today. Join us!