Givsum, Inc.

Software helping nonprofits raise more money and operate more productively

Last Funded December 2022


raised from 36 investors


💰 200% growth in volume from the previous year. 127% growth in total revenue.
🌱 Revenue from organizations that pay for SaaS and transaction fees • 900+ campaigns in 2021.
💥 15% week-over-week growth in new subscriptions.
📈Huge market: $471 billion donated to U.S. charities in 2020.

Our Team

We recognized that far too many nonprofit organizations struggle financially because they're using bad tech. We know that the sector will gladly pay for better software tools that will help them raise more money, reach more people, and deliver their services more effectively. So, we set out to build a platform that would do just that.

Our tech streamlines operations for charitable organizations 💫

Givsum helps charitable organizations free up valuable time and resources to pursue their worthwhile missions.

We do this by providing a simple online platform that organizations can use to create fundraising pages, sell event tickets, accept donations, run auctions, manage their volunteers and members, track donor behavior, and more – all in one place.

Givsum's software helped supporters of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Camarillo's golf tournament raise $53,932 for kidSTREAM. 


My Co-Founders and I have been involved in the charitable space in some form or fashion for most of our adult lives, be it volunteering, supporting organizations financially, or serving in some leadership capacity. What we’ve learned is that no matter the size or sophistication of the organization, they’re all hindered by bad tech: some are antiquated, others are ineffective, almost none of them work together or leverage peer-to-peer opportunities, and most are priced beyond the value they provide. Charitable organizations need a better solution.

  • It takes too much time to manage multiple online tools and most don’t work together.
  • Without a networked marketplace, Peer-to-peer opportunities are missed.
  • Generated data is siloed, its usefulness is never realized.
  • Not only is their bad tech ineffective, it’s overly expensive.

That’s where the Givsum platform comes in. We’ve built the tech that charitable organizations want and it works in the ways that they need. While the tools that we’ve built can certainly be used independently, they increase efficiencies and effectiveness when they are used together. Organizations can run all of their operations from a single dashboard, leverage peer-to-peer support, take advantage of previously unknown data, and all at a reasonable cost.

  • Everything works in concert from a single dashboard: fundraisers, community events, analytics, donor management, membership management, point of sale, and more.
  • Every engagement on the platform is designed to be shared peer-to-peer.
  • In a networked marketplace, all data is captured and is available to be mined and analyzed.
  • Givsum saves lots of time and is affordable.

Subscriptions launched in May 2021 with service clubs as our initial beachhead:

  • 15% week-over-week growth in new subscriptions
  • 200% growth in volume from previous year
  • 127% growth in total revenue and MRR
  • 0.04% churn
  • 10% growth in referrals
  • 4,880 new supporters

The reason why we built our platform to function as an ecosystem is based on our hypothesis that once an organization began enjoying the use of our tools and all of their data started living on our platform that they would find it easier to invest further into the use of Givsum than to switch or return to one of our competitors. What we’ve found is that all it takes is for an organization to process anything over $3,000 for them to start making use of various other aspects of the platform.

Our customers have one of three ways to use the Givsum platform. If all they need is an organization page, with a donate button, and the ability to invoice membership dues, then the Givsum Starter is our Freemium offering.

For those that want full use of the platform, there are two subscription options: month-to-month or annual. Because we don’t charge sign-up or cancellation fees, a subscriber is free to turn their subscription on or off whenever they like, and at just $50 per month, the barrier to entry is minimal. Once subscribed and with repeated use, customers are encouraged to save themselves $100 by prepaying for an annual subscription.

For organizations that can guarantee large transaction volume, we can negotiate a reduction of either subscription fees or transaction fees.

Important to note, we do still charge transaction fees. We charge a flat 5% + $0.30 on every transaction, 2% of which is collected by Givsum and the rest goes to our payment processor; transaction fees are always paid by supporters, not by an organization.

There are 7,500 individual Rotary Clubs across the United States and each partners with 3-6 local charities, on average. Those clubs can serve as a beachhead. Givsum will onboard a combination of clubs and charities, to reach a total of 13,000 organizations within 5 years, resulting in 24% of SAM.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

So how does this all break down? The average service club has about 50 people who support that organization. Based solely on our current verticals, the average club is processing $60,000 during the course of a year, which puts $1,800 in our pockets. As we add new features, like online auctions, we expect to capture a significant increase in what they process. Our goal is to grow the number of service clubs that we have using the platform and to encourage their participation in our referral program. Each club is affiliated, on average, with 3-6 local charities. By leveraging happy customers, they become a distribution network that will expedite our entry into new market locations.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Here’s how you can get involved. We’re raising a $2M Seed Round on a convertible note, at 5% interest, a $10M cap, and a 20% discount on the next priced round. SteelBridge Labs is leading the round with $500,000, so we have $1.5M available. The bulk of the funds raised will be used to grow our customer base and to release new features that will add new revenue streams from our customers.

Givsum Founder, Shawn Wehan, serving as the master of ceremonies at the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation's Reach for the Cure in 2014.