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Invest in Gilgal General, Inc.

Building the next great American electronic trading exchange marketplace-NASDAQ

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Invest in the first global annuity contracts electronic trading exchange - NASDAQ for annuities.
$225B annual annuity sales per year. Market that is ripe for technological innovation & disruption.
8 US insurance companies have already agreed to be part of the electronic trading exchange platform
4 year contract agreement/partnership with ICE - InterContinental Exchange for market data share.
Buy & sell exchange-traded annuity contracts: NO commissions, NO surrender charges.
Founder brings 21 years of deep Wall Street trading background at Deutsche Bank, UBS, BofA, RBC.
Founding team worked together in bond trading at RBC Capital Markets for 5.5 years.
Big market: $2.13T US annuity contracts outstanding. PLUS $20B in annual US pension annuity sales.

Our Team

10k people retire each day. They have their retirement assets in market-exposed 401k plans. They need a vehicle to convert portions of their retirement savings to guaranteed retirement income. Annuities can solve this. But annuities cost anywhere between 5-10% in commissions/principal. We are creating an exchange traded annuities. Commission-free.


Gilgal General is building the world first annuity contracts trading exchange marketplace - an electronic trading exchange (like NASDAQ). A first to market. A trading exchange platform that will unite buyers & sellers of annuity contracts (insurance companies & retirees) in 1 central trading marketplace. We are working to make annuity contracts market-traded contracts & eliminate commission fees for retirees.

Annuity contracts are sold manually by brokers & investment advisers to retirees on behalf of insurance companies. Retirees buy annuities and pay large commission fees (5-10% commissions) to the brokers & investment advisers, who are hired by insurance companies. 

We are building an electronic trading exchange/marketplace that will give retirees & investors the ability to purchase annuity contracts directly from a trading exchange without paying commission fees to brokers & investment advisers. 

Exchange traded annuity contracts will trade the same way as current ETFs on on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) such as BlackRock iShares ETFs or State Street Spiders ETFs where retirees & investors can purchase commission-free annuity contracts from an electronic trading exchange/marketplace commission-free.

We have been building the exchange trading platform in concert with insurer partners to bring annuities directly to a market trading exchange, bypassing brokers and investment advisers without retirees paying commission fees.  

We are building an electronic trading exchange/marketplace that will help retirees and investors transfer portions of retirement savings (401k, IRAs) to insurance companies in exchange for guaranteed retirement income. This will save retirees money, provide retirees secured income & a peace of mind during their retirement years. 

Gilgal General is making it simple.
Select the annuity contract type straight from your brokerage account or workplace retirement platform, 2) analyze current market quotes, 3) submit order, 4) contract order executed in seconds (not weeks like now). 

With this traction of member-insurer firms to launch the exchange, we are projecting ARR (annual recurring revenue) of $79.5M by 2024-2025 fiscal year (Disclaimer: Projections are not guaranteed).

Massive opportunity set. Nearly $2.13T current annuity contracts outstanding. $225B annual sales (despite decade long low interest rates environment). Get the technology execution right, provide the right incentive mechanisms to our insurer partners & retirement platform providers and we are off to the races.

We are very passionate about solving the pending US retirement income gap/problem. 10k people retire each day alone in America. People are living longer due to advancements in medicines. We are problem solvers. Our team previously worked together for over 5.5 years at RBC Capital Markets fixed income trading floor. We are a group of independent thinkers who share a commitment to excellence. We strive to unlock answers to the most complex questions. We are driven by a tireless pursuit to understand how world markets work. We are building cutting-edge technologies to validate and execute problems. We are committed to building a great company that will truly make a difference in retirees  lives during their retirement years.

We look forward to having you on Team Gilgal General!