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$2M+ Total Revenue, 10K+ Customers, 4.2M+ Gallons of Water Saved Since 2020
Raising $1.2M To Grow Our Proven Outdoor Products & Launch Our At-Home Product Globally
Patented Technology with Many Applications: Military, RVs, Boating, & Disaster Relief Teams
100% Assembled in the USA by an Award-Winning Team

Our Team

Where's The Pain?

Fact #1: Water Bills In Western US Are High

What's worse: the cost of water is going up 9-15%. Why? Water demand continues to exceed supply as 40 million people are living in drought conditions. Lake Mead and Powell remain historically low. Our government leaves little promise for real solutions.

Fact #2: Low Flow Shower Heads Suck!

People want to reduce their water consumption, but not at the expense of their shower ritual. These water-conserving showerheads that mist or dribble water only diminish the shower experience.

People want the opposite: they want to enhance their shower ritual, not diminish it.

More people are improving their self-care routine with aromatic products. This trend is supported by strong growth. Shower steamer searches have grown 19.6% YOY. Baths, however, are an investment of time and effort that cannot fit in the daily busy schedule (hence the sudden -22.8% YOY drop of bath bombs). Simply put...people want a better shower experience.

Moen and Koehler recognized this by creating aromatherapy showerheads that accept fragrant pods (similar to Keurig). Both companies, however, launched products that are clumsy and expensive with limited success.

Fact #3: The Booming RV & Vanlife Segments Hate Running Out Of Water

People are leaving high rent, dense cities, and empty nests by choosing to live on wheels. The number of "full-time vehicle residents" is staggering: 3.1 million live in vans and 1 million live in RV's. These segments are booming by 63% since 2020.

Both segments face the same problems:

The bigger picture is getting bigger: people are tired of packed RV parks and want to stay away from the crowds. There's now 6.5 million people actively expressed interest in "overlanding" - a style of vehicle camping that requires off-road capability. Imagine a Toyota Tacoma with a rooftop tent, pullout kitchen, and all the camping gadgets imaginable. Water resilience is critical for this booming segment.

Simply put... people living off-grid need a way to make the most of every drop of water.

Our Business Solves This Massive Problem:

Why Geyser Systems?

We're Hyper-Focused On Two Markets

What's Our Origin Story?

We started with our passion for the great outdoors. Everyone loves being outside, but staying dirty sucks. What's worse is that there's never enough water to clean everyone and everything. So we came up with a solution.

Wait! Shower Two People with 0.8 Gallons of Water?!

Are you a little skeptical? We get it. To leave no doubt, we put the Geyser System through the ultimate test: 5 gallons of mud, 5 gallons of sunscreen, and 4 bags of powder cleaned off with 0.8 gallons of water.

Our Unfair Advantage Part #1 - Our Products

Making the most of every drop of water requires two key ingredients: perfect pressure and direct dispersion. Both make up a technology that's patented in China, Australia, South Africa, and Israel (still pending US, Canada, and Mexico).

How Do We Compare To The Competitive Landscape?

Water is inherently inconvenient: it's heavy, requires tons of space, and takes hours to heat. Think about your 10 minute shower. That's a whopping 20 gallons or 160 lbs of water! As one can imagine, 10X less water consumption leads to other important benefits that our customers love. Our hyper-efficient water technology makes the Geyser System is the lightest and smallest camp shower in the market. Best of all, it takes only 5-40 minutes to heat.

What Happened?

In 2020, REI Co-op launched us as an exclusive in all stores. We continue experiencing growing sell-through at retailers. Customers claim us as the best way to enjoy the outdoors: Just read these reviews and 4.6 stars on REI's website.

What's Next?

In 2024, we're expanding into our country's largest retailer for hunters and anglers. These projections do not include revenue generated through our military design, international sales, shower trailer services, nor accessories sold (such as essential oils). Our end-goal is to exceed $5M in revenue per year and position our company for acquisition. BTW...many companies have expressed interest.

Sold at Stores Everywhere

Our sales channel strategy comes with thoughtful and controlled business growth. We take extra time and effort to ensure our retailers get excited about our products with in-person clinics, pro-deals, and experiential training. We are now established at REI with 3 years of consistent performance. Our Amazon presence is managed by Campman, the industry's leader for their pricing integrity. Internationally, we have a steady presence in Australia and Canada.

Our Product Was Picked Up By The News...

...and won many awards.

Check Out These Real Testimonials From Real People...

In 2023, We Launched A New Product For Homes.

It's The Best Of Your Showerhead, Loofah, & Aromatics...Put Into One Convenient Device.

Priced For Velocity & Fast Installation

Surprising Reasons Why People Love It!

There more reasons to get excited about it's potential: Women can now avoid getting their hair wet, kids are happier without getting sprayed in the face, washing their dog is easier, etc.

80% of our customers are conserving water in their RV's and start saving the high costs at RV hook-ups.

We Make Sustainable Living Affordable For Anyone

Environmentally-conscious living and net-zero housing market is growing at 14.8% CAGR. However, many people cannot afford the high price tag that comes with solar panels, EV vehicles, sealed insulation, etc. The Geyser EcoShower is an affordable way to join the green movement and reduce one's carbon footprint.

What's Our Long Term Goal?

We're transforming how the world relates to water. Not only do we believe in generating a healthy return for our investors, but also create a great workplace and positive impact on the planet. Our future is clear:

What Problems Are We Solving Together?

Our goals are lofty: we're solving the looming water crisis abroad. Our first step is Mexico City that's currently facing a major shortage. We took the Geyser EcoShower to Mexico City and explored it's potential. There's clearly a market trying to deal with aging infrastructure, water trucks, and earthquakes. The Geyser EcoShower empowers people to be more water resilient in the face of any circumstance. Just check out the headlines below.

Our Unfair Advantage #2: Our Brand

Over the last 3 years, we built our brand by carefully listening and making a difference for each customer. When things go wrong, our customer service team is empowered to resolve the issue. People talk about we stand behind our product.

Our Experiential Marketing - Shower Trailers

We attend large camping festivals and provide showers through our premium VIP service. Normal shower trailers are dirty, deliver cold water, rely on a noisy generator, and are hooked up to the water grid. Our shower trailers are cleaned between each use, deliver hot water, are battery operated, and are deployed off-the-grid.

Best of all, our team provides a VIP experience that guides people through their first moments with the Geyser System and our brand. People walk in skeptical, take a shower, and walk out amazed. Each interaction is special and humanizes the relationships built with each customer. Our shower trailers delivers winning experiential marketing with great ROI. For every 4 people that shower, 1 ends up purchasing a Geyser System.

Our Unfair Advantage #3: Our People

Your investment is in great hands. Our crew is made up of talented, obsessed, and powerful game-changers. They work for the mission and values of Geyser Systems. You'll never meet a more committed group of people who want to ensure this company succeeds. Why? Because our leadership invests extra time and effort in each individual with cutting-edge personal and leadership development tools that push them beyond their comfort zones and achieve results that they didn't imagine possible. This creates a fun workplace that's full of trust, respect, and compassion for each other (even when things go wrong). Learn more about our values and communication tools through this speech.

Use Of Proceeds

The chart below breaks down how we plan to use the $1.2M raised. We'll add more marketing fuel on our proven "outdoor gear" business model and grow our new "at-home" division. We'll also need more raw material, working capital, and staff to support production and demand.