GC Plus

Next Generation Home Services Platform Powered by AI

Last Funded April 2023


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Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

Homeowners embrace unprecedented automation, unveiling a $657B home services market.
Highly experienced team that founded local home service company and grew it to $5M in revenue.
Supported and backed by Bay Area VC funds and Daniel Curran (Forbes #7 Angel Investor,15+ Unicorns).
Solid traction boasting over 7,000 homeowners and a network of more than 1,000 skilled technicians.

Our Team

We started a Chicago Plumbing company, which we grew to $5M in revenue. We realized that our tech can be applied not just to hiring plumbers but to all home service providers. Our goal is to build a unicorn company in the home service industry.

A One-Click, AI-Enabled, On-Demand Marketplace For All Home Services

Introducing GC Plus – a disruptive home services platform aimed to transform how homeowners find skilled technicians, while empowering service professionals to potentially triple their earnings.

GC Plus has transformed the on-demand home services arena with its intuitive 1-click platform, harnessing the power of AI and comprehensive automation technology. Homeowners can now simply relax and witness their home improvement aspirations come to life.

We've attracted over than 1,000 registered experts in the last 12 months alone, ready to unleash their skills and capitalize on the booming home services market. With GC Plus, it's no longer about hunting for jobs; technicians have access to hundreds lucrative opportunities right within their city, elevating their opportunities to new heights.

To date, we've built a thriving community of over 7,000 registered homeowners who trust GC Plus to match them with the best professionals for their projects. It's a win-win situation that has seen our platform flourish.


The Home Services Market Needs Innovation

GC Plus is revolutionizing how homeowners secure reliable household labor on demand. In a world where millions face the challenge of finding trustworthy services, we believe we've developed the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to spam calls, unresponsive technicians, and exorbitant fees.

With GC Plus, you can access a home services platform with a single click and effortlessly connect with expert technicians for all your home projects.

Home on-demand technicians, such as plumbers and handymen, confront persistent challenges. Securing steady work and clients is made even tougher by fierce competition, often leading to fluctuating incomes. Moreover, effectively marketing their skills becomes a daunting task, especially when many technicians lack the resources for proficient self-promotion.

To address this, an innovative solution has been developed to transform the industry – GC Plus. This platform offers technicians consistent job opportunities, ensures fair compensation, and eases administrative tasks.

The Solution: Unlocking Convenience for Homeowners & Empowering Prosperity for Technicians

GC Plus provides homeowners with transparent upfront pricing and immediate access to experienced local home service professionals. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our rigorously vetted and approved technicians deliver top-notch service. We've streamlined our entire process, from recruiting technicians to completing jobs, all seamlessly managed within the app.

Homeowner Testimonial

For professional contractors, we believe GC Plus is a game-changer, offering the potential to earn up to 3x the average pay in the industry while embracing the freedom of entrepreneurship and flexible work hours. As a technician, you will be in charge of your own schedule, creating a balance that suits your unique professional aspirations.

Technician Testimonial


The Home Services Market is Massive, and Only Getting Bigger!

We're on a mission to transform the on-demand home service sector. As a rapidly expanding and dynamic industry, its total addressable market was valued at over $600 billion in 2022, presenting a tremendous growth opportunity for GC Plus. The remarkable annual growth of the home services market, coupled with our solid traction of over 7,000 homeowners and more than 1,000 technicians, marks just the start of our journey. 

Our sights are set on forging alliances with home insurance platforms and local community collaborators, underpinning our quest for market dominance. Backed by high-profile investors and VC funds, we're confident that GC Plus is poised to revolutionize the home services industry.

GC Plus boasts a top-tier C-Suite team that has experience growing a business. Rafael Zeitunian, our Co-Founder & CEO, in tandem with Maxym Sereda, our Co-Founder & CMO, were the driving forces behind Grand Comfort's bootstrapped growth to an impressive $5 million in gross merchandise value (GMV).

Alisher Mutaliyev, our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), boasts an impressive 18+ years in software engineering.

Keith Cagle, our Home Services Advisor, possesses invaluable expertise as a third-generation technician with over three decades of experience in the industry.

Daniel Curran, an investor and advisor for GC Plus, holds the prestigious rank of Forbes' #7 Silicon Valley SuperAngel/VC Investor. Having achieved over $170 million in exits and played pivotal roles in more than 176 startups – including notable named like CABIFY and Dollar Shave Club – Daniel's strategic prowess propels GC Plus to unparalleled heights.

Investor Testimonial - Daniel Curran


Invest in the Future of the Home Services Market

Led by founders with extensive industry expertise, we are confident that our platform can dominate the home services market. With solid traction of over 1,000 registered technicians and 7,000+ homeowners already part of our community, we believe GC Plus is well-prepared to disrupt the industry. Supported by high-profile investors and VC funds, our impact is being recognized across top-tier media outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Techbullion. 

Invest in GC Plus and together, let's transform the way people discover reliable experts and create remarkable living spaces – reshaping the future of the home services industry!


Invest $500+: Receive 5% bonus shares, 5 FREE home services, and $1,000 in-app credits to access premium features.

Invest $1000+: Receive 10% bonus shares, 10 FREE home services, $2,500 in-app credits to access premium features, and Bronze membership.

Invest $2,500+: Receive 15% bonus shares, 15 FREE home services, $5,000 in-app credits to access premium features, and Silver membership.

Invest $5,000+: Receive 25% bonus shares, 25 FREE home services, $10,000 in-app credits to access premium features, and Gold membership.

Invest $10,000+: Receive 30% bonus shares, 30 FREE home services, free of life access to premium features, and Platinum membership.