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Gamestacy (Google Alumni)

The Google-accelerated gaming metaverse with over 200,000 highly engaged users

Last Funded February 2023


raised from 183 investors
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🤑 The gaming industry is expected to grow from USD 201 billion in 2021 to USD 435 billion by 2028.
🗣️ The majority of the growth in games is focused on social experiences, not pure gameplay.
🏤 Our 'Influenzer' graduated from the Google Accelerator in 2021, among the 35 selected from 1000s
🤼 Since 2021, Influenzer has had 72,000 well-engaged users with 150% greater engagement than before
💵 An initial seed investment of USD 125k from Sanjay Kumar, Ex-CEO of Elior India & Altran India
🏆 Awarded "Best Of" by the India Game Developer Conference, Indie Clash, and Financial Express
🧑🏿‍💻 Renowned mentors from Zynga, TouchTen, and Beamable.

Our Founder

We care about this idea because we want to create a better gaming experience for everyone. We believe that by offering a variety of games and allowing players to trade digital goods, we can create a more inclusive and fun gaming experience for all.

Gamestacy is a gaming company founded by Danish Sinha, who has built more than 7 commercialized games and had past successful exits. Gamestacy has created Influenzer, an award-winning gaming metaverse

Influenzer is a new and exciting lifestyle gaming platform that is even more social and futuristic than Roblox—and which is leading the way in taking gaming into the metaverse and riding the multi-billion-dollar wave of social games.

Influenzer: The Place Where Over 72,000 Are Already Engaged

Ever since we launched Influenzer, the platform has been a success. We’ve accumulated a user base of over 72,000 players who provide extremely exciting feedback—and show impressive engagement rates.

Gamestacy’s Influenzer has consistently seen a long-term engagement rate that is 2.4x stronger than our competitors.

In an age where people are constantly seeking to virtually socialize with each other, and where the aspiration of being an influencer has become practically universal, Influenzer is the metaverse gaming platform that’s got it all to attract and retain millions of users:

  • It’s a gaming platform where users can play in-platform fashion games
  • It’s a social network where users can hang out and digitally socialize with each other in the metaverse
  • It’s a social interaction platform where users can create their own designs, post their style and get community feedback
  • It’s a user-generated marketplace where users can design new dresses that other users can purchase

It is also a carefully designed user-friendly platform built around the tastes, preferences, and aspirations of our target user.

Engagement Matters: 2.4X More Engaging Than Our Competitor

A game is only as great as the engagement it secures from its users—which is why we’re proud to state that Influenzer has long term engagement rates that are more than double those seen in our competitors.

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 2019 had a 30-day retention of 9.8%. A 2019 Game Analytics report shared that even the best performing games at the time had a 28-day retention rate of around 4%. This shows the quality of game design that Gamestacy features.

A Top Google Alumnus Accelerated in 2021

In 2021, we received exciting news from Google: we were selected from thousands of applications and joined the top 35 companies that Google selected for acceleration in the year.

We should also say that we have been selected to be part of the 2022 class for Google
for Startups Accelerator at @GoogleStartups, a program for promising growth-stage companies.

That makes us feel even more confident about inviting you and other investors to invest in Gamestacy - because you’ll likely feel even more interested after you know that Google believes in our capacity and potential.

We're Riding the Exponential Growth Waves of the Gaming Industry

In 2022 alone, we've seen Influenzer's website traffic grow by over 50% every month since the year began. We've gone from 49k views in January to nearly 1M views in April - and that is from the United States alone.

We've accomplished this astounding growth rate without a massive marketing campaign - which means that a structured approach to make our user base grow could result in extremely large user acquisition returns.

The Business Model: Gamestacy’s Revenue Model

Currently, Gamestacy’s revenue model is based on Influenzer’s ability to generate sales through three channels:

1. Marketplace Fees

We make money when our creators successfully sell their digital items on our platform. We charge them a percentage of what they make according to a revenue-sharing model between the creator and Gamestacy.

2. In-App Purchases

Paying users can trade fiat currency for in-game digital currency and season passes. These users can leverage in-game currency in exchange for a variety of exclusive content as well as digital content from other third-party creators showcasing creatives through the platform marketplace.

3.  Advertisements

We allow brands to create awareness by showcasing their products as long as these brands cater to our target audience. These brand partnerships are used to generate revenue from all users alike through conventional modes of online advertising

We’ve Raised Seed Capital From Top Business Leaders

    Gamestacy has received initial seed capital of $125k from Sanjay Kumar, Ex-CEO of Elior India & Altran India.

    Further investments received from Eric Fung, Co-Founder of Basilica, and Rahul Pandit, CEO of Horizon Industrial Parks.

    We Have High-Profile Industry Mentors

    Gamestacy has the privilege of relying on the mentorship of top industry names such as Trapper Markelz, Co-Founder & COO of Beamable, Roki Soeharyo, CEO of TouchTen Games, Ali El Rhermoul, Co-Founder & CTO of Beamable, Angelo Lobo, Ex-Director at Zynga, and Jon Radoff, CEO of Beamable.

    A Multi Award Winning Game

    Influenzer has won various awards from multiple global gaming exhibitions.

    Led by a Successful Gaming Entrepreneur

    Gamestacy’s founder is an experienced and successful gaming entrepreneur. Danish has development experience from Michigan State and CalArts. He successfully developed, launched, and commercialized 7 popular games, all with great investment exit stories.

    Among other projects, Danish co-founded PakkaProfile, which received investment capital from Entrepreneur First, Java Capital, LetsVenture, and the founder of Notion.

    The Gender-Inclusive Game That is Seeing Powerful Momentum

    Influenzer is designed to be a fun, safe, and gender-inclusive game. We take pride in creating an inclusive digital landscape that strays away from typical conflict-related gaming scenarios and using toxic stereotypes.

    The way we have been reshaping the gaming world has been featured in Business Standard, Bloomberg, YourStory, and The Week.

    In just two years, Gamestacy is setting an industry benchmark for designing gender-inclusive games, leading to a safer and more inclusive digital landscape.

    What other people have to say about us!

    Trapper Markelz, COO, Beamable

    Sanjay Kumar, Ex Ceo, Altran & Elior India

    Roki Soeharyo, CEO, Touchten Games

    Eric Fung, Co Founder, Basilica

    Pitch Deck

    Join us on our journey into the Metaverse! This is only the beginning.

    Use case and expectations of game worlds have changed among younger gamers and we are here to cater to their needs.

    Introducing the Influenzer Social Games Platform!

    We are fundamentally creating an inclusive gaming platform with an Instagram like social network, a variety of games, the capability to support an in-game blockchain network, user-created virtual events and fully customizable characters, among other features.

    Initial benchmark tests have shown promising results vis-a-vis our target audience as well as long-term target retention.

    Lifestyle gamers alone account for a market worth $19.42 billion.

    Influenzer is a culmination of the best features from various similar platforms mixed in just the right way for an optimal social gaming experience.

    We have integrated an immersive storyline with engaging core gameplay mechanics so the experience closely resembles the user's journey on a real-life social network.

    We are moving from a more classical form of monetization like in-app purchases and ads, to a more scalable, platform level of monetization to enable a creator economy.

    Having tested Influenzer on over 72,000 users, we are ready for our next phase of global and local publishing opportunities.

    With a team of diverse yet focused mentors and end to end capabilities in game development, data science, live-ops, quality assurance and community building, we are the right team.

    *These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

    Complete Financial Model Link

    *These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed. 

    Complete Projection 2023

    Use of Funds

    $50,000 | 62.5% towards product development, 10% towards user acquisition, 20% percent towards legal, accounts, and admin, 4% towards WeFunder fees, and 3.5% miscellaneous.

    $250,000 | 40% towards product development, 40% towards user acquisition, 12.5% percent towards legal, accounts, and admin, 4% towards WeFunder fees, and 3.5% miscellaneous.

    $1,000,000 | 35% towards product development, 50% towards user acquisition, 7.5% percent towards legal, accounts, and admin, 4% towards WeFunder fees, and 3.5% miscellaneous.

    In a fluxional landscape of multi-billion dollar acquisitions, we want to be at the helm with the big players.

    We want to create a fun, inclusive, and universally respectful gaming universe.