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Party games and teambuilding for any virtual hangout platform

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Peter interviewed GameApart on November 2, 2021. Play Video
Peter Harris
Founding Partner at University Growth Fund
says, "We played a lot of Jackbox games as a company during the pandemic, but ran into the issue that it really isn't built for a virtual environment. I think as more companies move to hybrid environments, there is a strong B2B sales opportunity in this space."
says, "The games will make or break this company, so having fun, engaging, and hopefully even viral game content will be important to garnering the audience this company needs to succeed."

What Investors Say

Former VP of Revenue for Zynga and CEO of Betable
Invested $7,500 this round
I've seen first hand what can happen in the gaming space when you hit a new niche with a "right product, right time" combo. The GameApart team is hitting on some once-in-a-lifetime trends with the explosion of virtual hangouts, remote work, and birth of Zoom, Teams, and other collaboration platforms as new social ecosystems. On top of that I know James (the founder) and some of his team, and have total confidence in their ability to execute on this!

In the News

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Ironic as this may seem, but this pandemic has brought some good out of people. Left and right, we see people coming up with new creations and people innovating to transform the physical world into a digital one.
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Si estás demasiado tiempo en casa y quieres jugar a algo con los amigos y familiares, es mejor que comencéis a navegar por las diferentes plataformas de juegos online para soluciones de videoconferencia. Generalmente siempre tienen el mismo funcionamiento: el juego se muestra en una pantalla compartida mientras los participantes van seleccionando opciones y participando...
GameApart Interview | Innovative New Technology Platform | Board Game Halv
July 14, 2020
We got a chance to speak with the team behind an upcoming innovative new technology platform. This is our GameApart Interview. With their launch rapidly approaching we are excited for this new evolution in board gaming. Sure there are many online board game platforms out there, but this is not those, and promises to be so much more.
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