Unlock the power of 1st-party data for the next generation of DTC eCommerce

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 50 investors


Leveraged by 1,700 eCommerce brands - in 78 countries.
Tracking 120M monthly customer events. (On track for a projected billion monthly events by EOY.)*
Tracking over $75M in monthly purchase events.
Doubled our monthly recurring revenue in May 2023.

Our Team


The Problem

Privacy is good. Respecting online shoppers' privacy preferences builds trust.

At the same time, direct-to-consumer brands need to be able to identify and communicate with customers.

And as Apple and Facebook war to see which mega-advertiser gets to own your shopping data, wonderful eCommerce brands are wasting billions of dollars each year on campaigns that target the wrong customers.

That's where we come in...

The Solution

Fueled is a Composable First-Party Data Platform designed specifically for eCommerce.

Yeah, it's a mouthful. But this diagram might help:

Fueled helps eCommerce merchants capture online engagement with their customers. We send this engagement data wherever they need. We help them analyze this data. And, we help them activate this data for marketing campaigns.

How We Are Different

Question: But can't I do all this with existing tools?

Answer: Yes...If you have half a million dollars and 6-12 months for implementation.

Existing Solutions Are:

  • Incredibly expensive.
  • Require outside expertise and months to set up.
  • Don't have a point of view on eCommerce.
  • Don't play nice with the tools most eCommerce brands use.

Fueled Is:

  • Configurable in 1 business day.
  • Priced for emerging & mid-market companies.
  • Purpose-built & strongly opinionated — so our customers see value immediately.
  • Inter-operable with other tools and products.
  • Open source where it matters: We allow our customers to own their own data and adjust our attribution models and dashboards.

"Time to Value" represents the development cost and licensing fees to start benefiting from these technologies. Often, our competitors can cost upward of $100,000/year in licensing fees and months of custom development and consulting to go live. In contrast, Fueled can be live in a week.

Why Are We Doing This WeFunder?

Fueled is democratizing eCommerce data and analytics. We're making enterprise-worthy tools accessible to everyday brands.

We opened this community round because we wanted to give back to our supporters, partners, and customers.

Community rounds like this democratize investment opportunities, which are often only available to the wealthiest individuals and investment firms.

Why Should You Invest In Fueled?

We Have Lived the Problem

We Know This Space.

The product journey started in our agency practice. We got paid a good deal of money to implement existing solutions and enterprise tools as consultants. With this knowledge and first-hand experience, we realized we could solve this problem differently — and support more great brands.

We Have Incredible Traction

We went live with our free offering in October 2022. In just 8 months we've achieved:

And this is just the beginning.

We partner with many of the top digital agencies on the planet. We integrate with the leading eCommerce technology platforms on the market.

How We Will Use Your Investment

This is a breakout moment for Fueled.

We aren't an overly-funded, heavily venture-backed startup spending too much money to hit vanity metrics.

We are driving with laser focus to hit profitability by the end of Q3 2023.

We believe that this community round will allow us to achieve this goal and set us up for steady, profitable growth going into 2024. We seek investors that appreciate strong business practices and ambitious, yet achievable returns.

* Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Be Part of Our Growth. Let's Do This!

If you know our founder, Sean Larkin, you know that our team is smart, incredibly tenacious, and committed to solving real problems affecting eCommerce brands and businesses that deserve to thrive.

We're not some unicorn moonshot startup. We're not looking to be the next Microsoft or Apple. We want to build towards $10M-$20M in annual revenue and a $100M-$200M exit over the next 5-10 years. We have the total addressable market, product fit, technology, and leadership to build an incredible company and offer a significant return on your investment.

* Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.