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Firebrand Artisan Breads

Oakland's only wood-fired bakery 🪵 🔥


🍞 People First, Purpose Driven: A mission-driven bakery creating quality jobs through the craft of artisan baking.
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Our Founder



Firebrand was born out of my determination to make the best damn bread possible while building a business that helps people. 

{Image of you baking as a kid if you have it}
Matt Kreutz, Founder 

From my first job in a bakery at the age of 14, I was hooked on working in the food business and have never had a job outside of it since 1995. The people in the food industry have always been special to me and we’ve always wanted to create a workplace that truly values their hard work and skill. 

We want to change how people are treated in the industry and truly honor the service profession. Growing up in the punk scene also fostered that DIY ethics, a sense of ownership, and unity. Growing up, I was really into Minor Threat and all about bands that were all about independence and building a sense of community.

{Image of early days at the bakery}

In 2008, when we opened the bakery, I had been living in the Bay Area for a decade and had seen many of my punk rock friends fleeing to Oakland. I’d always loved the area, loved the community spirit and strong sense of place that Oakland has.  When we started Firebrand, we knew what we wanted to do but had no idea that so many incredible people would rally around us to make it happen.

From Alan Scott’s oven design, Colleen Orlando’s dedication, and chefs like Michael Mina—the people at Firebrand make it special and I’m fortunate to work with some of the best people I’ve known. It was always about the people.

Our Mission To change the way Community is built

Firebrand is an inclusive, equitable workplace, providing good jobs for those with barriers to employment through the craft of artisanal baking.

Through integrated programs for employee personal development and growth, Firebrand supports our employees’ growth to live up to their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision
Our purpose prioritizes people; our bottom line serves the community. Baking is a conduit through which we offer marginalized people an equitable workplace.

Everyone is capable of greatness and deserves the opportunity to step into their full potential. We believe a great company can shape extraordinary lives.

Our products

The simplicity of the ingredients—flour, water, and salt—transcends into something unique and flavorful when given enough time, the right conditions, and a gentle hand. Each loaf has Firebrand’s signature score pattern and is unique in the appearance of its wood-fired crust, which never comes out of the oven the same way twice.


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