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Using AI To Upgrade Our 5,000 Films and Produce New Films

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We control the digital rights to over 5,000 Hollywood movies and license these rights to others
We license our AI technology to other filmmakers and use AI to produce our own original films
We use AI technology that we call "Pseudo 4K" to enhance the quality of our films and other's films
Our AI technology can be used in film production to enhance films that are already produced

Our Team

AI Will Change The Movie Industry For The Better

All of us at FilmAI believe that the tremendous changes that you are seeing as a result of AI will also change the way that movies are written, produced, edited, distributed, marketed, and appreciated by audiences all over the world.

No one really knows yet the full extent of how AI can change the industry, but we do know that the coming changes will be massive, and we expect FilmAI to be at the center of these changes. We expect filmmakers everywhere will be incorporating all of our AI tools into their new productions.

At FilmAI, we own a license to the digital rights to over 5,000 Hollywood movies and streaming these films will be one of our main sources of revenue.

We are already implementing AI technology to enhance our films and we plan to use our AI technology to also enhance other's films.

We plan to help filmmakers, not replace them, because we need filmmakers to accept us to buy our services. In everything that we do, this will be our mission.

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Some of the services we offer are:

AI-Powered Movie Production

In this business model we use AI to optimize all aspects of the production of a movie and combine all the tools we are using to help filmmakers save time and money. We plan to be the go-to company for any film production seeking consulting on their productions. We will advise and consult on using AI tools to make productions more cost-effective and appealing to audiences. Record keeping, budgeting, scheduling, locations, cast and crew payrolls, equipment rentals, transportation, are just a few of the elements that can be made more efficient with the use of AI.

Digital Restoration, Colorization And Re-mastering 

We specialize in the digital restoration and re-mastering of our Hollywood Films and other's films. Our AI algorithms improve image quality, remove imperfections, and enhance audio tracks with this service. We will upgrade our films and others films to "Pseudo 4K," or bringing standard definition films up to higher definition exhibition. There are at least 250,000 SD films and they do not look well on new smart TV's. Upgrading these films will create a whole new market for them.

We aim to breathe new life into beloved movies, and re-introduce them to modern audiences and also target distributors, streaming platforms, and film archives. By restoring films to their highest possible quality, we can renew interest in black and white films and classic films, and help to preserve film history and cultural heritage.

Using AI for New Original Productions

FilmAI will be announcing our original productions made with AI at the Cannes Film Festival. We have plans to create new films and documentaries using AI tools.

Copyrighting Upgraded Films

We plan to upgrade films that are out of copyright, and upgrade them so that we can file new copyrights on them. This could prove to be a huge revenue source of classic movies that can be newly licensed worldwide.

Scanning Films For Legal Ingestion Into LLM

LLM is the language of ChatGPT and all other artificial intelligence programs. Licensing films for this type of scanning is essential for AI programs that want to be legal and will be a huge revenue source for FilmAI.

AI-Powered Audience Analysis

We use artificial intelligence to analyze audience preferences and behavior, helping filmmakers make data-driven decisions. Our AI algorithms can identify target demographics, predict box office success, and optimize marketing strategies with this service. We aim to assist in creating films that resonate with the intended audiences.

AI-Powered Screenplay Analysis

In this model, FilmAI uses artificial intelligence to analyze movie scripts and provide valuable insights to screenwriters and directors. We employ AI algorithms to evaluate storyline structure, character development, and audience engagement potential. Our AI software can identify potential plot holes, analyze character development, and offer suggestions for improvement to be accepted by the writer. We will need to balance any objective analysis with the writer's subjective creativity and vision, so that we can provide valuable feedback to the screenwriter and gain their trust.

AI-Powered Film Genre Prediction

In this model, FilmAI focuses on predicting successive films by analyzing various factors, and using artificial intelligence algorithms. By projecting a potential genres success, we can guide filmmakers in making informed decisions regarding their projects and in doing this help them to minimize risk.

AI-Powered Casting

Our AI algorithms can analyze casting requirements and recommend the most suitable actors for specific roles. This can simplify the casting process for the casting director

Virtual Set Design

Using virtual reality and AI, we can create immersive virtual sets for all types of film productions. We will work with companies that are already well-known in the movie business to create cost-effective and flexible alternatives to traditional set construction.

Visual Effects and CGI

Advancements in Visual Effects (VFX) and computer-gnerated imagery (CGI) have already revolutionized the film industry, enabling filmmakers to create stunning and realistic visuals. AI can further enhance and improve VFX and CGI by automating complex tasks and speeding up the production process.

AI-Enhanced Film Editing

Our AI-Powered film editing software helps the editing process by analyzing and categorizing raw footage to expedite the process. It can also suggest certain styles and effects based on the genre. With this service filmmakers can save time and money.

AI Generated Film Scores

Our AI algorithms can assist in composing film scores based on specific moods, genres and scenes. This offering provides filmmakers with customized and royalty-free music options for their projects.

Extracting the M & E Tracks For Translating and Dubbing From and Into 60 Foreign Languages

AI enables us to separate and actually extract the M & E channels individually. This process enables us to strip the M & E channels quickly and be able to change the music and dialogue without destroying the elements that we desire to keep or translate into foreign languages.

Our algorithms can considerably reduce the time and expense of translating, dubbing, and recording films from English into and from 60 foreign languages. We can create foreign versions of our films and other's films for merely a fraction of the current costs.

The FilmAI Streaming Distribution Platform

FilmAI offers a comprehensive online film streaming distribution platform that enables filmmakers to showcase and monetize their films. Our platform provides a global reach and direct access to the target audience. Our success in streaming distribution for many years speaks for itself.

AI-Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

We use AI algorithms to analyze audience preferences and optimize the marketing campaigns. This offering not only ensures targeted and effective promotion to maximize audience engagement but also economizes on the dollar spend for advertising.


 These are the five-year financial projections for that have been prepared by Smuel Kleinman the CEO:

This is a link to download the complete financial projections that show the Annual P & L, revenues by category, expenses, use of investment proceeds, and a complete list of assumptions by category.

This is a signed certification from our CEO, Smuel Kleinman on the financials:

Here is a bio of Smuel Kleinman, a true futuris that believes in the future of AI:

Our Strengths:

Extensive experience in the movie distribution business

Pioneers in using artificial intelligence in film production giving us a competitive edge with "first-mover advantage."

Unique ability to enhance and revive existing movies

We are researching actually creating movies entirely by AI

Strong network of industry contacts and partners enables us to collaborate with renowned filmmakers and studios

High demand for movie product and our AI-powered services

Investment Opportunity

We are a pre-IPO company and management expects to exit in a public offering

We have a solid library of over 5,000 Hollywood films for distribution

We expect that the combination of our film library and our unique AI services offerings will produce substantial revenues.

Our CEO is a recognized businessman in the movie streaming business.

We are very early in a field with massive interest and potential.

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