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Scalable AI to combat the spread of fake news online

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Investor Panel

Claudius interviewed Factmata on April 28, 2021. Play Video
Claudius Mbemba
CTO @ Alum: Techstars, Microsoft, OSU. Speaker & Tech Entrepreneur advising early-stage founders.
says, "Factmata is solving the misinformation problem using AI. The rise of fake news propagated over the internet is a trending and prominent problem. The internet has no robust nor reliable quality filter leading to a torrent of low-quality content online. Factmata's founders have backgrounds in automated fact-checking research. Their API-driven business model allows for the preservation of IP (AI model) while empowering enterprises and consumer tools. As opposed to competitors using government contracts to fund and build their solutions, Factmata primarily relies on consumer-provided data, leading to a more open and less biased solution."
says, "There are notable direct competitors working on this space such as Newsgard, but additionally, the major social media and other social network players who are facing this problem first hand are also working on solutions. Consumers will find it hard to trust a solution from existing and biased incumbents like Facebook, etc. Thus Factmata has the opportunity to position itself as the open and trustworthy automated fact-checking source. A focus on marketing and positioning itself in this space will be paramount. "

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Invested $10,000 this round + $200,000 previously
The power everyone has around the world to create blog posts, articles, comments, videos, and social media posts has emerged only in the last twenty years. The web is such an amazing environment and it's now bumping into a centuries old, critically important part of democracy—news. Along with all the fantastic aspects of the web come new problems like bias, misinformation, and offensive content to name a few. It can be confusing and difficult to cut through to the trusted, truthful information. That is why Factmata is such an important part of the future of our web.

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