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AI-Driven, Content Conversion platform to boost eCommerce sales

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 186 investors
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Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, Lowes, Alibaba, McKesson, CDW make up a few of our 200 customers.
US eCommerce sales will be up 32.4% in 2020 reaching $794.50 billion, out of a total of $4.13 trillion globally.
$20M+ in revenue since incorporating.
Employees bring 100+ years of experience in building eCommerce marketing and technology products.

Our Team

After working for the top 10 eCommerce players like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and Staples, we learned that generating content is a big and complex problem. We have the experience to solve the challenge.

eZdia is revolutionizing how retailers and brands optimize their content to increase online revenue

eZdia has delivered content to over 20+ million pages. With decades of experience in optimizing and creating eCommerce content, eZdia works with some of the most sophisticated eCommerce companies including Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, Lowes, Alibaba, and 150 others. eZdia fuels millions of content page experiences for over 150+ brands and retailers across the globe.

Easiest and most effective platform that will enable businesses to use content as an online growth strategy

eZdia ’s Content Conversion Platform (CCP) will be an effective solution for optimizing content that can drive increases in online conversion rates.

eCommerce companies will be able to convert more shoppers into buyers by enhancing content on product pages through the content conversion platform.

Retailers and Brands are dramatically underutilizing site content to grow their business

eCommerce content optimization is underutilized as a growth strategy because it is often perceived as difficult to create optimized content for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pages, while trying to measure whether it delivered results.

eZdia is the only solution that makes it easy and fast for retailers and brands to optimize their content for conversion

A web-based eCommerce content conversion platform that identifies, prioritizes, and optimizes product pages, through professional content creators, while monitoring and improving content.

eZdia continues to power category and product page content for many eCommerce companies by helping increase acquisition, user engagement, and conversions.

eZdia leverages its huge crowd to help deliver optimized content on time and on budget

In the past 10 years, eZdia has witnessed the emergence and rapid growth of the gig economy. eZdia is capitalizing on the new market paradigm in which customers, employees, and even a growing number of investors care about purpose beyond simple economic gain.

By providing work to freelancers through the content conversion platform, eZdia has helped drive social and community initiatives by providing access to untapped opportunities that were not accessible before.

eCommerce Market is Booming

The ecosystem of eCommerce is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift from offline to online sales. Increasingly companies are increasing their eCommerce investments. eMarketer reported that US eCommerce sales grew 32.4% in 2020 reaching $794.50 billion, out of a total of $4.13 trillion globally.

* Final 2020 optimized pages are projected and are based on current total numbers delivered at the end of Q3 and projected for Q4.

The birth of the Content Conversion Platform

Today eZdia operates around the world in 12 different languages with in-country content teams that have touched millions and millions of pages. Our platform is used by both eZdia freelancers and customers to deliver consistent, scalable, and impactful product and merchandising content.

eZdia has already developed a good portion of the platform including a content creation workflow management system and analytics software.

eZdia has a team with over 100 years of combined eCommerce experience

eZdia was founded by industry veterans who recognized that traditional, one-size-fits-all content, originally designed for web 1.0, are under-serving today’s sophisticated online shoppers. Bringing their marketing and technology experience from companies, such as Walmart, Oracle, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and Brightedge, eZdia has been on a mission to build the best content conversion platform in the market.

Headquartered in Fremont, California, eZdia ’s Innovation and Development Centers are located in New Delhi, India.

Quote from lead investor

“I invested in eZdia because of its mission to help eCommerce companies profitably scale content for driving growth in online sales. Across the world, people are shifting buying habits. COVID enforced lockdowns have accelerated the eCommerce industry’s growth and more businesses are joining the eCommerce business revolution than ever before.

The founder, Deepak is a strong leader with domain expertise and previous operating experience. His passion will help drive the company forward as it rides the eCommerce boom.

I was most impressed by their organic growth so far and the high engagement rates. I believe this could take off to new heights as eZdia is uniquely positioned to serve the ever-growing demand for discoverable organic content to attract, engage and convert online buyers.” - Lead Angel Investor