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exClone launching VOCTOR, Virtual AI Doctor, 24/7 available & reliable guide.



reserved of a $100,000 goal
 $8M  $5.5M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $25K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $5.5M valuation cap and 15% discount
$1K, $10K
I am investing in & exClone because they are helping solve the need for broad access to high-quality, low-cost, health care simply through the use of an innovative, novel app. They are starting their telemedicine app focused on the greatest need - women's healthcare. The founder and CEO, Riza Berkan, a nuclear physicist and serial entrepreneur, has developed the proprietary truly innovative ai technology specializing in conversational systems, similar to Amazon’s Alexa.  With full ownership of their own IP, it's based on an ontological model, which is highly efficient and completely different from traditional ai, which is based on mathematical models. The company has tested its proof-of-concept with several customers in other categories successfully and they are now launching this disruptive medical app to help patients 24/7 effectively and anonymously access a “cloned” medical doctor, VOCTOR, for a virtual consultation and health advisory services in several areas such as infertility, coronavirus, birth control, pregnancy, and breast cancer.  As a result of a five-year R&D, their proprietary technology with no third-party IP allows for thousands of users to chat with a virtual expert, simultaneously, about their health concerns and questions.
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Virtual doctor, 100K+ traction to a test version, unprecedented benefits for patients & doctors.
Latest AI technology, founders with 50 years of combined experience, game-changer in health tech.
Women's health VOCTOR is a second opinion guide, teacher, and podcaster for reliable information.
Ability for doctors to define educational materials, avoiding the dangers of misinformation.
Anonymous conversation allows women to comfortably & safely discuss intimate details of their case.
VOCTOR is accessible 24/7 to consult and learn at a fraction of the cost of seeing a real doctor.
Option to connect to the real doctor who provided the educational material through his/her VOCTOR.

Our Team

The founders have spent the last 20 years of their careers (5 years with the company) working on conversational AI. A focus on Women's Health was an obvious path to maximize the value offered by this health tech.