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Interview with Everipedia's Tedde Forselius
June 30, 2016
Interview with my Everipedia Co-founder Theodor Forselius (AKA "Tedde") by Mahbod Moghadam One of the main reasons I got involved with Everipedia is that I really like the ethnicities of my cofounders. Sam is a Persian Prince - and you know I am deeply proud of our shared Iran roots - and Theodor is Swedish.
THUG Wikipedia! How the new startup Everipedia prepared for growth
June 30, 2016
About 6 months ago I read an article called 4 Thugged Out Internet Tactics I Used to Get Noticed on the Internet written by the co-founder of Rap Genius; Mahbod Moghadam. I think this was just after he 'resigned' from the business for annotating a killer's manifesto.
Interview with the Founders of Everipedia AKA the "Thug Wikipedia"
June 9, 2016
Wikipedia has a fast growing competitor now, and it's called Everipedia . The website, as the founders call it is a "thugged-out Wikipedia" which is a crowdsourced encyclopedia and knowledge aggregator. Here's 's interview with two of the co-founders of Everipedia. We spoke with Sam Kazemian and Mahbod Moghadam, the two Iranian-American co-founders of Everipedia.
I sucked at interviewing the founder of Everipedia - with Mahbod Moghadam - Mixergy
June 1, 2016
I wanted to have Mahbod Moghadam on Mixergy because, as one of the founders of Genius, he kept stirring things up and getting a lot of attention for a site that could otherwise be considered a boring annotation company. I wanted to understand how he got so much attention for that startup.
Why I LOVE Everipedia - Influencive
May 2, 2016
George Beall I was recruited to the founding team of Everipedia in January 2016, after I had known the guys for a few months and parted ways with my previous startup. Everipedia is pretty much a Wikipedia alternative with a better user interface that is easier to edit, has laxer rules with what sources you can cite, and anyone or anything can have a page.
Exiled Rap Genius Founder Plans to Overtake Wikipedia, Wants to Suck Mark Zuckerberg's Dick
April 13, 2016
Officially, Mahbod Moghadam is a co-founder of Genius (formerly Rap Genius), a fast-growing annotation startup that raised $40 million at a valuation of under $1 billion in 2014. Most recently, he's the co-founder of startup Everipedia. Unofficially, he's a guy who will say and do whatever is needed to get your attention, including telling Mark Zuckerberg to ...
Everipedia: The Wikipedia Competitor for the People - Breitbart
February 9, 2016
Breitbart News sat down for an exclusive interview with Everipedia co-founders Sam Kazemian, known by his friends as "the Persian Zuck," and Mahbod Moghadam, previously of Genius, to discuss their startup and how it's single-handedly seeking to revolutionize the concept of "knowledge aggregation," one individual page at a time.
Everipedia quiere ser la gran alternativa a la Wikipedia
December 26, 2015
Los usuarios de Internet no dudamos en acudir a la Wikipedia a la hora de querer resolver nuestras dudas acerca de una serie de temas, pero la Wikipedia, perteneciente a Wikimedia Commons, dista de ser perfecta.
Q&A: Mahbod Moghadam -- Cofounder, Everipedia
November 12, 2015
Mahbod Moghadam was founder of Genius (aka "Rap Genius") the definitive online lyrics/everything annotation platform. He is now cofounder of Everipedia, known as the "Thug Wikipedia". Internet Grand Wizard Marc Andreessen has called Mahbod "The greatest community manager since Caterina Fake of Flickr" - that's real. What is Everipedia and why'd you start it?
Interview with Everipedia Co-Founder Theodor Forselius
September 9, 2015
I decided to interview Everipedia founder Tedde Forselius. He is a Swedish baller, so I thought he would have a lot of wisdom to impart unto us Americans. I first met Tedde three months ago, after I gave a talk at UCLA. We shared a bottle of very expensive Cabernet and he told me about ...
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