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The World’s First Marketplace for All Forms of Intellectual and Creative Property

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📈 Eruditely is fully developed, live, and attracting new members every day!
🏆 Groundbreaking combination of publishing, social media, and a creative content marketplace.
💰 Meets the demand of intellectual and creative property owners who need to earn money from their works.
🔃 A unique digital marketplace and direct sales model for articles, photos, videos, audio, and more!

Our Team

Eruditely originated out of our deep belief that the most meaningful things in life are learning, teaching, appreciating the world around us, and adding to it through creative acts of generosity. We created Eruditely to facilitate the enrichment of people’s lives, through the sharing of knowledge and the supporting of publishers and artists alike.

Invest in the Greatest Untapped Natural Resource

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Eruditely is the world's first publishing and social media platform that makes it possible to share your creative and intellectual property while simultaneously earning a living. It has been designed from the ground up to help anyone to publish anything, and then put that into the hands of the person most interested!

As you explore Eruditely it intelligently presents you with new topics, people, and media in an infinite tree of knowledge. This far exceeds the capabilities of any existing publishing or social media platform in existence.

Eruditely is a platform with a purpose; it teaches, it inspires, and it helps to support the content creators of the world!

An overview of the entire platform:

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On a personal note...

We started this project because we were looking for a more hopeful and constructive form of social media. With all the narcissism that seems to permeate many existing platforms, we wanted to build something better. A place where anyone could share their knowledge, passions, and creative works. A place where people could go to better themselves, learn from, and support each other.

What started as an idealistic vision has now been turned into a reality, through the dedication and determination of our team.

We've brought it this far, and now we need YOUR SUPPORT and YOUR INVESTMENT to bring it to the NEXT LEVEL!

So, if you've made it this far and feel the passion of these words, then please follow your instincts!

You are welcome here at Eruditely!


Michael Samson

Founder and CEO