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Envel 🚀

🏦 Building the World’s Smartest Bank Account


🧠 Autonomous Banking using AI to organize your money in real-time on Autopilot 🚀
💰 Raised $2.7M from MIT Sandbox and Angels 🏫 Founded @ Harvard
🤓 Strong team from Harvard, MIT, PayPal, JP Morgan and Barclays
🤑 Envel Bank accounts are powered by patent-pending autonomous technology
💸 74% of US employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck, Envel is on a mission to solve this problem
🚀 Exciting 12 month roll out of new features to disrupt consumer banking
💳 Unique Envel Visa® Debit Card connects to up to 99 Envel bank accounts with Envel Cardlink™

Our Team

It has been the personal mission of our founder to build an autonomous digital bank that proactively helps the majority of people who don't have the time, skills or discipline to effectively manage their finances and improve their financial health.

Envel Is Pushing The Envelope 🚀

The bank account as we all know it has remained unchanged for decades, and is a little well, manual, so we at Envel have reinvented banking from the ground up to give you many of the features you’ve always wanted and finally make it work hard for you!

We've built a one-stop Autonomous banking app with Autopilot (yes!) to organize your money automatically for you with little effort, no calculators, no spreadsheet, it just works.. powered by our patent-pending AI. All built upon an Envelope system so you can organize your money in up to 99 FDIC insured Envel bank accounts* we call Envelopes, you can create in seconds.

We believe that the consumer banking system is broken and no longer focuses on serving its customers financial health. Traditional banks profit from getting you indebted and don’t offer you the freedom or advice to help organize and manage your money in a way that helps you. 

We have engineered some incredible patent-pending features never seen before in banking to help you become financially fit and achieve your dreams. 

🧑🎓 World-Class Team From PayPal, JP Morgan and Barclays

Envel has recruited a team of experienced Data and Behavioral Scientists, Engineers and Software Developers, Bankers, including the former CEO of a large bank, Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Innovators and User Experience Experts, to deliver on its mission to reinvent banking.

Founding Team 😎  

🤯 Organize Your Money Into Envelopes 

Normal banks don't offer flexibility and generally offer only one or two core bank accounts. Envel offers you total flexibility with the ability to instantly open up to 99 FDIC insured bank accounts,* which we call Envelopes so you can squirrel funds away into multiple accounts and name them whatever you like, even with an emoji 🤑

💳 One Envel Visa® Debit Card to Many Accounts

Use Cardlink™ to swipe your Envel Visa® Debit Card between any of your Envelopes in a second just before you purchase, whether Starbucks® coffee from your Coffee Envelope or Wallgreens® groceries from Groceries Envelope or Pizza from your Take Out Envelope

🧠 Autopilot Takes The Thinking Out Of Budgeting 

Tired of running out of money before the month ends? Tired of using budgeting Apps or trying to manage your money in spreadsheets, but overspend anyway because your money is all in one bank account? We understand, we’ve all been there and that’s why we have built Envel, to automate all those things that most people don’t have the time for or desire to do.

Envel’s artificial intelligence learns to understand your needs and goals and creates a personalized budget to guide your daily, weekly or monthly spending. It splits your income into the four Autonomous Envelopes and keeps money aside for your goals. We call this Autopilot, the Envel magic!

If you enable Autopilot, we’ll provide you with a guilt-free spending limit for your Cash Envelope linked to your Envel Visa® Debit card*: this is your income minus all your monthly bills and expenditure. 

Depending on your needs you have three levels of spending. “Penny Pinching Mode” for when you’re working from home and want to save more. "Beast Mode" for moderate savings or “Party Mode” for when you want to spend more during a holiday, but still want to save.

Say goodbye to overspending. Envel real-time machine learning tracks, flags and alerts if recurring transactions are projected to be too high proportional to income.

❤️ Banking is boring, so we made it fun

Typical banks confuse you with technical products and confusing language, we really want to avoid this. Our objective is to keep our services, our user experience and all our communication fun, clear and easy to understand.

Some of us also need a little encouragement to develop good habits, because for most people managing money is not fun. Therefore, you can choose how you want to be encouraged or prompted by selecting one of our unique humor or savings settings.

🔒 We Have Protected Our Unique IP

From our inception we have been working closely with MIT and leading patent experts to ensure we protect our unique IP, the 'Envel Magic’ that makes our autonomous banking possible. We've filed patent-pending covering 153 countries under invention "System and Method for Autonomous, Intelligent, and Tunable Compartmentalization of Monetary Transactions"We will continue to disrupt and innovate traditional banking and payments to make banking better and we will continue to protect and patent our unique IP!

💰 This Is a $1 Trillion Market Opportunity

People need help managing their finances and by using Artificial intelligence, Behavioral Science and patented technologies, we believe Envel can play a very positive role in helping tens of millions of people to improve their financial fitness and achieve their dreams. Envel is committed to a journey of ongoing disruption in an industry that desperately needs change and simplification.

👊 Envel Product Development Roadmap

We don’t want to give all our secrets away just yet, but we can confirm that have an exciting roadmap of new products and innovative features, some of which are already designed and built, which we will test with users and the Envel community and which we plan to roll out over the next year.

Unless you’re wealthy, most banks have failed to give you what you need to help you manage and grow your money in a way that makes it easy and stress free. We decided to look at all the traditional bank processes and areas of friction and break the bank to rebuild it so that it will be much better.

🙏 Become An Envel Owner And Help Us Revolutionize Banking!

Invest today and join our movement to reinvent banking and receive a limited edition Envel “Owner” debit card*

Invest a minimum of $250 in Envel and once you've downloaded the Envel app and upon opening an Envel account, you'll be issued our standard Envel teal blue debit card*. Once the funding round has closed, we'll ship your unique "Owner" card to you, free of charge.

(You can apply if you’re a US citizen over 18 years old and have a valid US SSN)

* Envel is a financial technology company. Banking Services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. The Envel Visa® Debit Card is issued by nbkc bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.