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Social Network for Entrepreneurs and the Future of Work.

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Investor Panel

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What Investors Say

Founder at Transformative Business Coaching
Invested $10,000 this round + $100,000 previously
Entre is a company that supports entrepreneurship by creating community among people who want to control their own destiny throughout the World.  Entrepreneurship is a path to self-determination, and opens the doors to personal expression and creativity.  Entre brings people together to share ideas, and match self-starters with their particular needs.  There are thousands of people with solutions for people to help run their businesses, as well as investors to help advise and fund people at the onset of their business journeys.  Michael Marra is the charasmatic leader of this organization, and my belief in him has led me to invest heavily in this company.

What Friends Say

Whenever I met Michael in the Spring of 2017 he was working on Millennial Entrepreneur Group. Through iteration, triumphs, and trials what was once ME Group has transformed into Entre, an app that I use everyday. Most would never consider working on the same company for 3+ years building it from scratch and earning every piece of what the company is today. I sat across the table from his as he threw the first of hundreds of events for Entrepreneurs in a conference room in Pittsburgh, PA. I spent several nights with him late into the evening helping entrepreneurs all around the world build their visions. Michael is not only a man of grit and self sacrifice, but one that is driven to helping entrepreneurs all around the World reach their goals. Because of this vision Entre was born and he is doing just that. I utilize Entre to connect with others and bring awareness to the space I am in (No Code). Through Entre I have made connections that I text everyday, found partnerships, and have been inspired by those fighting tooth and nail to build their company. With that being said I strongly encourage you to choose Entre as a company that will bring entrepreneurs the value we deserve.
Michael is an ideal founder of a company because the subject he has chosen with Entre is his total passion and personal mission. That being to create a social network for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to start their own business, whatever that industry may be. He researched and determined that those wanting to start their own business or gig face a whole range of issues and obstacles in setting up the entity, networking with others to form your team, getting exposure to mentors & subject matter experts for issues you are not well versed with, meet investors, etc. I'm confident that based on his determination and grit, Michael will be highly successful with Entre and build upon a growing base of users he has secured over the past year+. I'm completely confirmable giving him a solid and strong reference for Entre.
Michael is hard-working, charismatic, smart and definitely one of the best founders I have worked with. I personally learnt a lot about hosting events from him and he helped me to understand important aspects of running a business. He is determined to change the Entrepreneurship landscape worldwide and will not stop until he achieves it.
Michael demonstrates grit and vision coupled with the charisma to pull it off. I’ve stood beside him on past projects and would continue to do so on future ventures.
I have never personally known anyone who matches Michael's ability to do what he says he will. When I first learned of Entre, I thought the platform and business model was woefully optimistic. However, as I got to see behind the scenes of the platform and the incredible growth that Michael has accomplished in such a short period of time, my confidence and optimism has grown exponentially. Michael has accomplished much more on an intentionally lean business model to prove his concept. With additional funding, I have no doubt that his business will once again, exceed even the highest if expectations. Entre appears to be one of the few businesses that grew from COVID-19, now more than ever, individuals are looking for new entrepreneurial pursuits and equality online community to make growing their business more efficient. Coupled with the in-person events that have been incredibly successful and will be again once appropriate, There's no telling how big this can become grow. I am not a financially invested advisor, however I chose this role because Michael and I have worked on many projects together, including Entre, And often trade input connections and advice for our businesses in a much more professional context than just our friendship.
Mike has built a phenomenal entrepreneurship group that is incredibly engaging with his community. He also has have formed valuable partnerships with Microsoft and many respected venture capital funds.

In the news

Entre launches a new app to connect entrepreneurs online
October 2, 2020
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On a mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone, , a social network built for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and investors has launched an app to make entrepreneurship attainable by creating the most supportive and inclusive social media platform for creators.
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Pittsburgh social network company Entre launches app to connect entrepreneurs - Pittsburgh Business Times
October 1, 2020
Pittsburgh-based Entre, a social networking company that aims to connect entrepreneurs, announced the official launch of the company's app to better aid the platform's users in connecting with one another. "We started growing our community through events across the U.S.
City biz events try to quickly move online
March 20, 2020
For New York's busy calendar of networking and business events, there are limited options: go digital, delay or cancel. An event Thursday night presented by Entre, a company with offices in New York and Pittsburgh, was among the earliest in the city to go the online route. Here's...
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