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50 BILLION+ robocalls in 2022, many of which were from illegal telemarketers and scammers.
$Billions lost by consumers annually to robocall scams, much of which is lost by the elderly.
Decades-old telemarketing legislation is outdated, and legislative "fixes" haven't worked.
The FCC lacks the manpower or resources to effectively combat illegal telemarketers OR scammers.
Telecommunications carriers benefit from the calls, so they've got no incentive to offer a solution.
ENDspam experts have created a unique tech solution to a 30+ year old tech problem!

Our Team

There exists no greater everyday nuisance to the American consumer than annoying spam and scam calls. We are dedicated to eliminating them, as an act of consumer advocacy.

A plan to reclaim our phones...

A problem three decades in the making...

Today, there are an estimated 381 million cell phones active in the United States. And while they may all have different carriers, be used for different purposes, and be made by a number of global companies, they all share at least one thing in common… Each of those 381 million phones probably got at least a few robocalls last month.

Telemarketing and scam calls have become so much a part of our everyday lives that people all over the country have essentially given up answering their phones at all. In fact, most people are sending more calls to voicemail than they’re answering. Why? Because there were over 50 billion robocalls made to U.S. consumers last year!

Legislative efforts have fallen short…
The federal government passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or “TCPA”, as it’s commonly known, back in 1991 to help combat unsolicited calls and faxes from telemarketers. While there’ve been a number of other laws passed to help bolster it, existing legislation remains largely ineffective against the scourge of robocalls that so many of us have become so accustomed to receiving. Some states have enacted similarly styled laws as well, but the problem not only continues - it’s growing.

The FCC, which is charged with the task of enforcement of the TCPA lacks the manpower and resources to combat the robocalls problem, largely because of the sheer magnitude of the task. In a seemingly unending game of whack-a-mole, robocall operations both here and abroad intentionally mask their identities and locations, making tracking them down a virtual impossibility. Combine that with the fact that advancements in technology have consistently outpaced efforts at stopping the calls, and you arrive at our current situation… Millions of American consumers who’ve been relegated to simply letting a significant number of their calls go straight to voicemail.

A tech problem that requires a tech solution…

Unbeknownst to most people, major telecommunications carriers are actually making money off of the robocall traffic, so they’re hardly incentivized to offer any real solution. In fact, before the government put a stop to it, telecoms tried to profit even further, by charging their customers a monthly fee for various anti-robocall services. Now, many of them offer them for free, but leave a lot to be desired in the way of results. Most of the third-party apps that promised to help have also fallen flat, with consumers reporting that they often block the wrong calls, and let the unwanted robocalls through.

While the recent passing and partial implementation of STIR-SHAKEN offered hope, it failed to deliver much n the way of results. Unfortunately, the law took a long time to craft, an even longer time to be signed into law, and a painfully long time to implement even partially. In fact, STIR-SHAKEN still isn’t even fully implemented, and the FCC just announced its latest deadline extension to June 2023. During the years it’s taken to get to even this point, robocallers and carriers have been devising any number of workarounds that have and will continue to render STIR-SHAKEN little more than a tremendous waste of lawmakers' time and energy.

So what now?
It would be easy for each of us to just throw our hands up, give up, and resign ourselves to the notion that nothing can be done about robocalls. Maybe we will just continue letting everything go to voicemail. After all, thirty years of legislation, additional legislation, third-party apps, and more legislation haven’t worked, so nothing will, right? Wrong.

ENDspam has created a unique solution that will eliminate a problem 30 years in the making; an intelligent call filtering system will make unwanted telemarketing and scam calls a thing of the past! By using the data embedded in the calls themselves, we’ll be able to identify and redirect unwanted calls into our machine learning/artificial intelligence systems for analysis, instead of to your phone. The end result? Virtually no more spam calls making it to your phone!

We already have a huge audience that's already waiting for ENDspam!
Because our CEO, Doc Compton, has already appeared in so many television, radio, online and print media stories, generally centered around his fight against robocalls, he has amassed a huge audience on multiple social media platforms. With hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and regularly scheduled livestreams, Doc has been steadily preparing that audience for the release of this fundraising effort, and the app itself, for about two years now. Excitement and anticipation are at an all-time high!

Doc's largest social media platform presence is on TikTok, with 345,000 followers. His TikToks regularly get tens or hundreds of thousands of views, and his account generally garners millions of views per month. Best of all, those views all come at zero cost, which is one of the biggest advantages ENDspam has over most startup companies. Whereas other companies have to expect a significant amount of their initial budget to go towards advertising, and getting the word out, ENDspam has a built-in network of people from all over the country, already waiting on its release! Not to mention the fact that Doc's extensive list of media contacts are all awaiting an opportunity to speak with Doc about ENDspam, and how we believe it's going to help Americans reclaim their phones from robocallers. 

Investing for Growth

We're raising money to allow us to gain the tools and additional talent we need to bring our model to scale, and to turn our vision into a reality

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed. Only $1.235M of the $3M will be solicited in this Wefunder round.

Future of EndSpam

In addition to our customer solution, we are already working on enterprise solutions for businesses as well. These solutions will be game-changing for businesses of all sizes, allowing management to eliminate- once and for all - the inefficiency caused by telemarketing and scam calls to their business lines, and do so just as effectively as the personal solution will.

Additionally, because the volume of data we will be able to aggregate as our subscriber base increases, the more effective our analytics on that collected call data will become, making ENDspam even more effective at identifying and ultimately eliminating unwanted calls almost altogether! For example, in a scenario where ENDSpam has a million subscribers, and we see 1000 of those subscribers identify the same robocall in the same day, we will be able to use the data collected by our proprietary system to further protect all of our subscribers, across personal and business accounts. 

We'd love to have you join us on our mission to ENDSpam!

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