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Coffee roaster and cafe + lifestyle brand

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Investor Panel

Daniel interviewed El Condor on March 15, 2021. Play Video
Daniel Edwards
Daniel is a startup CEO, angel investor, advisor and board member spanning from London to Silicon Valley.
says, "The team has a strong background of knowledge in the coffee and restaurant industry. I think they understand the trends in the space and what is here to stay and what is simply a fad. This is key when building a new coffee business where perception is arguable second to the taste of the coffee."
says, "I would advise against opening multiple locations before proving out the concept successful with one location. I get that real estate is cheap right now, but fine tuning a concept before scaling is the smart thing to do. If you prove out 1 location you'll have no problem scaling nor raising money for expansion. Also, I love the idea of building around a life style brand (like Dutch Bros), but if you are going to do that would be good to get an idea of what you mean by seeing art concepts, branding, website, etc. The page right now is missing that and these could be your biggest make or break item, leaving the taste of the coffee aside."

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Invested $5,000 this round
I invested in El Condor because of their potential of growth, the market industry is clearly there, especially during this period, we notice that the coffee industry remain persistent. The Founders Nicolas and Mucgio are strong with domain expertise and previous operating experience with the well know French chef Alain Ducasse (Michelin stars) and Four Seasons.  I am most impressed by their sense of humanity and the taste of their products. Compare to different tech startups, El Condor is a daily return business and profitable since day one.

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