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Invest in El Condor

Coffee roaster and cafe + lifestyle brand

What Investors Say

Invested $5,000 this round
I invested in El Condor because of their potential of growth, the market industry is clearly there, especially during this period, we notice that the coffee industry remain persistent. The Founders Nicolas and Mucgio are strong with domain expertise and previous operating experience with the well know French chef Alain Ducasse (Michelin stars) and Four Seasons.  I am most impressed by their sense of humanity and the taste of their products. Compare to different tech startups, El Condor is a daily return business and profitable since day one.

What Friends Say

Strong leadership baséd on value-creating vision, care for quality, absolute integrity and commitment to success. Great people skills, will bring people to perform at their best level. Knows what he is doing. Consummate professional.
Nicolas has an extensive experience in the hospitality business, a great network and is hardworking
I have known Nicolas for over a decade. He and I work closely for the Alain Ducasse US Corporate Group and supervise the opening of various restaurants. I was extremely impressed to see how organized, focused and goal-oriented it is. Nicolas is a true businessman who understands the business needs of the various stakeholders; who is passionate about service and the overall F&B experience he is creating. He takes great pride in his work and does it very well. Nicolas is a driven individual, in a global environment, and that delivers results. Over the years, I have come to appreciate Nicolas’s relaxed but straightforward approach to doing business.I find him, trusting, reasonable, honest, collaborative and one who appreciates and respects the value of a relationship. Nicolas also has the insight and ability to work respectfully with multiple requests and requirements and works with all to achieve what is best for the project. Nicolas does all of this with what seems as effortless. Nicolas represents all the values that I appreciate. Attention for detail, politeness, and perseverance and above everything else, Nicolas knows how to delivers results.
Nicolas and I worked together foe several years while we worked at Alain Ducasse Enterprises. Nicolas is one of the most balanced individuals I know. His leadership skills both exemplify the drive to motivate his staff to execute key tasks and his compassion for the individual and their well being. His technical skills are fine tuned, he has many talents, but when there is an area that he needs to understand he attacks it until his comprehension is at a high level. Nicolas' guest service skills are impeccable and his interpersonal communication skills are exemplary. His understanding of the business world and how to react and anticipate issues is instinctual. I would work with/for Nicolas with zero hesitation.
One of the most organized, and hard working person in the industry.
What People Say