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App that uses AI to keep employees safe

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20 customers (incl. Fortune 50 company, and top 20 construction companies). Over $1M generated.
Proven to work through 2 independent studies saving hundreds of dollars per employee per year.
Strong pipeline of over $10M of ARR.
Strong team with multiple exits and experience building software for large companies and government.
$7.8B addressable market.
Safety is paper driven and inefficient--we can save hours per day in manual paper processing.
Aiming to raise $1M to lead to Series A.
You are literally saving lives and reducing accidents--what better reason than that?

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Previously COO at School Improvement Network. Helped grow the company from $2.5M to $46M+ before exiting to a strategic buyer. 25 years in software with 9 years at Microsoft. MBA from Columbia Business School.
Front line workers in construction, mining, energy, utilities, and manufacturing are some of the lowest paid employees--yet they perform the most dangerous tasks every day. There are over 300 million front line workers throughout the world, all of whom deserve to return safe to their families every day. To help them is why we chose this idea!
Chief Technology Officer
25 years of enterprise software development, including multiple projects for Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Dept of Energy, and Fortune 500 companies. Experience with Artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
Chief Financial Officer
Shahid has worked across multiple companies and countries and has been involved in nearly every financial transaction possible. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Edify.

4,414 people die, and 4.5 Million people are injured from their workplace every year. We want to prevent this.

These deaths and injuries are devastating and can ruin the lives of not only the worker getting hurt, but their families as well— but worse, these incidents are preventable.

Originally built as a result of two devastating accidents, came out of a need to radically and quickly change safety culture in a large construction company. 

It works!

Educating employees on safety is hard.  Everything is paper-based, passive, and ineffective. So, we revolutionized this model. After the two, devastating accidents, the large construction company implemented an early version of Edify technology and saw a significant decrease in claims that lasted for 5 years!

We help every employee be safe, productive, and happy. is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to replace a tedious paper process, and help every employee establish a safety mindset and help the entire organization drive a strong culture of safety: saving lives, reducing injuries, and improving productivity and profitability.​

We have the team to do this.

We've generated over $1M in revenue from 20 customers

Our current pipeline is strong, with over $10 Million in potential annual revenue, and growing!

The chart shows our forecasts for just seven strategic partnerships that that can grow significantly in the coming years. These are large enterprises and distribution partners that can drive a lot of sales, and we have agreements executed with all of them.  Funding from WeFunder will mostly be used to grow these opportunities and support these customers to maximize their potential.

The industrial safety market is big – $7.8 billion.

We charge $10-$20/month/employee. The industrial safety market is $2.0B in the US, and $7.8B globally (based on $10/month/employee).

Invest today!