Luxury Electric Car Rideshare— Plant a Tree with Every Ride

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 88 investors


We will plant a tree for EVERY dollar we raise!
16,000 + members, 98% member retention in 12 months.
Currently working with Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon.
Proprietary software for EV rideshare infrastructure (iOS, Android and Web)
Nominated for 2021 Innovation in Transportation.
Mobility As A Service (MAAS) is the fastest growing market.
Declined a $1,000,000 offer to buy our IP.
Potential deal to manage 800 vehicles Q3 of 2021 worth over $100M

Our Team

We all have a responsibility to reduce pollution! Clean disruption is going to happen and we want to be part of the emerging innovations. We believe consumers want a better, safer and cleaner way to travel. 

Please watch this video on clean disruption! (eCarra thesis)

WHY? US Mobility services are increasing by billions.

WHY?  Car sharing is now part of our culture. 

WHY? Ride hailing is projected to increase to $350B in five years.

WHY? The cost of clean energy is decreasing as more invested into electrification 

WHY? Burning one gallon of gas creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, and the average car emits about six tons of carbon dioxide every year.

WHY? Current ride share companies are contributing to poor air quality.

WHY? EV Production is rising by the quarter


From economics to environment, all electric passenger car services will dominate the next decade! 

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

eCarra began as RideBrand in 2016 by co-founders Roscoe “Rock” Robinson and Kevin Shea, auto-industry and start-up vets, who recognized a quality-control gap in ride-hailing that inspired a marketing opportunity with local car dealerships. Soon thereafter, combining their mutual affinity for automobiles, tech, and the environment, the company focused on all-electric vehicles and quickly morphed into eCarra: electric Car ride awareness.

In 2018, eCarra partnered with local Tesla resaler, Dink Davis, the largest Tesla resaler in the United States. This partnership allowed eCarra to test concepts and 'fail forward and landed business-travel heavy RealPage, locally headquartered real-estate software company with 2000 people and broad national and international presence. 

Fast-forward to today: eCarra just launched a game-changing app, generates revenue, and employs 7 people. With no marketing, we gained 1700 members and B2B traction from fortune 100 companies including Amazon, the largest company in the world. 

eCarra app paired with all electric vehicles allows consumers to fully customize every aspect of their ride, down to the desired mood, music and stops along the way. Consumers can also track individual emissions savings – and we’ll even plant a tree for every rider, resulting in great experiences and cleaner air!

Our first group of driver hires. 

We interview our driver partners up to 4 times before hiring. We make sure they are aligned with our culture, have good driving history and are customer centric. 

The eCarra platform is built for the future of electric car passenger services. Here are a few features that will bring extreme value to electric micro fleets!

  • Custom branded iOS and Android apps, web app
  • Customized feedback and NPS scoring
  • In app messaging
  • Emissions data your riders will share with peers
  • Live driver tracking
  • Driver scheduling and availability
  • Weekly performance emissions and gas savings
  • We plant a tree for every ride you completed on your behalf
  • Daily active users
  • Push notifications to your entire user base
  • Prepaid credits and custom pricing
  • B2B custom portal for easy booking for corporate accounts
  • Exclusive zones, shuttle services, dedicated services
  • And much more!


Currently our strategy is to offer safe, scheduled, sustainable transportation to corporations and businesses travelers. We have a 90% close rate, since there are little to no options that can be consistent. We deliver emissions data to teams to promote carbon reduction. We also 

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Emissions Savings

Every time someone rides with us we not only plant a tree, we collect carbon savings, gas savings, charging data (super important for charging infrastructure) and much more that we plan to monetize.

We gained 1000 members in six months. We spent very little on marketing, we utilized incentive based peer to peer sharing.  

We gain traction on all events, our deal with Amazon came from one event 10 months prior.

Not only did our members enjoy eCarra, they also became Tesla owners buying direct from our partner at IDrive1 Motorcars. Club

We launched the eCarra club giving Tesla owners the chance to offer up their vehicle to our platform for a fee. This made buying a Tesla a "no brainer" for some. currently we are building a fleet of vehicles we can rent by the day to add to our platform, which is available to any electric fleet. 

More than one way to make revenue! 

We have  five monetization models we plan to execute. First, service for a fee; we charged by the mile for our ride-share service. Currently, we priced just below the uber select model and able to keep margins around 40%. 

Our platform is currently capable of advertising, subscriptions, data sales, and transactions enabler.  (detail upon request)