Get Truck & Help On-Demand. Movers at the cost of rental truck.

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🥳 Proven Operation in Chicago and NYC
📈 30% User Growth MoM, 20% Revenue Growth MoM. Working with large brands like Sam`s Club & ArtVan
💲 $18Bn TAM, Supply & Demand Match time 5 minutes.
🤝 Partnership with House of Gigs, Nal Group.
📦 60 Monthly orders with average $250 cost.
🚚 678 Active Service Providers and 1200 services providers are in wait list
🗺️ Receive Orders globally from India, Germany, Philippines, UK, Australia

Our Team

I moved 9 times within 1 year and had the worst moving experience. 2 times moving company ripped me off, initial quote was for $500 but i end up paying $800 and $1000, because of hidden, extra fees. U-haul rental has also hidden fees. Every year 2k people in each state getting ripped off by movers and overall they pay $2Bn extra.

App which changes how people move belongings

We started Easymove to make moving and delivery hassle fee. We believe that moving should to be easy,  delightful and safe. 
Moving is super challenging, need to dedicate time to find movers, make sure that they are legit, compare all received quotes.  In average it take 2.5 weeks to  find reputable, affordable movers and always have extra and hidden charges.

Founder Match: Why i founded Easymove!

I came up with this idea when moved 9 nine times in one year.  Two times i got ripped off by movers. First time i received quote for $350, movers loaded my stuff and  did not want to unload stuff  until i pay them $700 because  had extra stairs and they parked  truck on the street. And second time moving company quote me $500 and in end up paying $1100 and found our that 2 movers were random guys from craigslist, and they are not company employees.
As a consumer you can not do much. Only option is to call , let attorney file complain  pay $1000 to start process and wait.
Even renting U-haul trucks are not comfortable and expensive, because rental trucks  have extra hidden charges like mileage, insurance, toll ways, gas and need to have a friend who can help you to load, unload belongings. And most people do not have experience driving moving trucks and do feel comfortable to drive it, but they had to. 

I shared my story with my friends and found out that almost everyone experience moving nightmare every single time when hire movers and expect to make extra and amount on quote. My friends told that -" Even if U-haul trucks are not the best and comfortable option but it the cheapest way to move stuff from point A to point B. It would be cool to have a moving service at cost of rental truck."

Roughly 35.5 million Americans move each year using everything from professional movers to old station wagons. 
Officially every year 1 million people file complain against moving companies and overall pay $50 million extra, non-officially this number is 10 times more.

Moving Industry is $18 billion market.
IBIS Research : https://www.ibisworld.com/united-states/market-research-reports/moving-services-industry/

That is how i came up with idea to create Easymove, on-demand moving service, where customer get dream movers at a flat cost. No more extra, hidden charges. Customers know final price and movers upfront. All movers are background, criminal checked. 

Moving Sucks! But Easymove makes it Fun!!!

With Easymove you get dream moving service at affordable budget within 10 minutes!

All Helpers are vetted, drug, background, criminal checked, trained and covered by commercial and cargo insurance policy. Supplied with Dolly and Moving Blankets.

Easymove started in Chicago and started to grow via word of mouth. Our customers often tell us that we need to spent more money on marketing because more people should know about Easymove and how it helps to make moving fun.

How To Monetize 

We developed cutting edge technology which will simplify bulky item moving & delivery.  Our business partners are using Easymove as distributed delivery workforce platform.