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We set new standard in oxygen therapy; 7 patents, FDA, superior therapy, & more

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Shu interviewed Dynaris on September 30, 2021. Play Video
Shu Li
CEO and co-founder of Petri-Bio
says, "The company has developed the device and technology with a very solid patent family. The CEO Dr.Aylsworth has been in this industry for several decades with extensive experience."
says, "I think the pitch video is a bit longer than average and easy to lose the audience. Making it shorter and focus on the competitive advantage and market potential would further improve the campaign"

What Investors Say

Angel Investor
Invested $24,000 this round + #<Enumerator:0x00007fb09a8136a0> previously
Oxygen therapy has been a huge part of medical treatment, but little has been done to improve it over the last few decades. The founder, Lon Aylsworth has made it his mission to modernize the understanding and delivery of oxygen. The design improvements are revolutionary and brilliant, but you also wonder why no one ever took this approach before. We are all looking forward to the breakthroughs that will come as a result of this new approach to oxygen therapy.
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