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Enterprise level cyber security protection for the modern consumer

Last Funded September 2022


raised from 62 investors


Early results with over $105,000 ARR and partnership with a large financial institution.
Partnership opportunities of $500k in the next 6 months.
Proven team with previous successful start-up experience.
Total addressable market of over $20B in the US alone.

Our Team

I am passionate about Cybersecurity and have spent my entire career in and around cyber. I believe consumers have not been given the platform to protect themselves from cyber threats.

Dteckt Deck

Dteckt, Inc. is reimagining the consumer market and their needs for a robust set of tools to give the visibility and protection needed to defend against modern day cyber threats. Our are 100% focused on providing individuals with the information and technology needed to digitally protect themselves and their loved ones. We aim to give consumers the ability to stay protected from modern day digital theft and cyber-attacks by giving visibility into third-party risk, connecting consumers with third-parties that align with risk tolerance, giving visibility into identity, criminal, and financial activities, helping to understand third-party privacy practices, preparing individuals for loss and resilience, providing tools to practice safe browsing and password practices, protecting against threats posed to endpoints and home networks, and giving centralized visibility and parental and administrative control capabilities.

Legacy consumer cyber security solutions have been limited and dated as the innovation is being pumped into corporate solutions. All of the innovation that has been occurring in the large enterprise market has not crossed over into the consumer realm, largely due to cost and complexity to operate. Consumers are ready to take matters into their own hands. More and more we start to understand that an overwhelming amount of identity theft cases aren’t the cause of consumer fault, but the poor practices of the organizations they do business with.

More and more data breaches are occurring. It’s important to note that these Statista numbers come from only the organizations that report data breaches. Proprietary research suggests that over 50% of organizations have zero staff focused on information security. Far less have staff focused on privacy protection measures. Despite the growing concern; ransomware attacks, executive orders, new legislation, information sharing, and agile development are upon us and with that, comes the rise of data breaches.

Dteckt offers the first product built for the consumer that offers enterprise level cyber security protection, risk quantification, and prioritized insights.

For the first time, consumers will be able to see in real time how the websites and organizations they use are performing in cyber security and understand if their data is at higher risk due to flaws or poor practices. Consumers can make the decisions for themselves who they engage with, share their personal information with, or trust with their finance, identity, and health information.

Dteckt also offers its users visibility into identity risk. That identity risk gives prioritized actions a consumer can see and work through to lower their risk score while boosting their ability to safeguard their personal information. Identity Risk is a patent pending technology where Dteckt will evaluate topics such as personal behavior, digital risk, corporate behavior, and finance & identity to help the consumer’s boost their ability to proactively protect their identity.

Dteckt monitors state, federal, dark web, and open internet sources to track breaches associated with all companies monitored. Data is tracked to understand the scope of the breach, records impacted, sources and descriptions of events, and much more. Breach activity is pushed to customers real time so they can correct and identity issues that may be present based on an organization losing their information.

Privacy is a core pillar of consumer security. So much of consumer secure protections are at the liberty of an organizations privacy and security practices. Dteckt inventories and automatically scans privacy policies to give consumer valuable insights on data collected, freeze, free, dispute, delete request procedures, and more. A proprietary ethics score is automatically assigned giving consumers visibility into how their data is used and how to control it. US and EU law requires certain privacy provisions from companies. Quickly and easily understand how companies are complying, what rights users have, and how to execute those rights.

Identities, payment mechanisms, bank accounts, the items in your wallet, login information, dark web alerts; much of our lives are managed in a digital ecosystem. Digital Inheritance Planning allows anyone to specify a next of kin and quickly and easily invite them into their digital persona. Digital Inheritors can view and co-manage digital assets for the Plan Owner while reading through a description of how the Plan Owner laid out best next steps.

Historical approaches have long left gaps for the consumer. Consumers can now realize the benefits of a comprehensive solution in an easy to use single interface.

The competitive landscape offers some very useful feature functionality, but those features are silo’d and incomplete, leaving the consumer blind to many areas that matter for protecting themselves and their families. There are many who haven’t choosen technology or security as their profession and don’t have readily available means to understand safe online behavior. Consumer offerings started with Anti-Virus and then moved to identity and credit. There were a couple with the idea to combine the two within the last couple of years. Then entered the password managers. All of which are still struggling to gain the market share they warrant because of the consumer confusion caused by product sprawl and cost. Consumers need one central, to the point, alert focused, and affordable platform offering complete protection.

Proprietary research and market studies suggest that between 33%-64% of those surveyed would consume all or some of the Dteckt portfolio –most of which were interested in the Family or Protect plans. Assuming an addressable market being households in the United States with income over $100k/year; the market size is (on the low end) of 33% of 111M people. This translates 36M consumers. Targeting the low end total addressable market, we project a low-end addressable market of $11B/year which holds steady with existing consumer cyber security addressable markets.

Dteckt believes affiliate and partner channels will play a large part in revenue generation. From small businesses looking to protect their organization or offer employee benefits, marketplace providers looking to boost lead generation, or identity providers looking to enhance their data set, we are built to scale with APIs and a partner ready ecosystem. We are already seeing results with one organization we are partnered with around delivering company grades and building an identity risk score. The deal marks the first $100,000 in ARR switching to a pay per subscriber model as their subscriber model grows with projections into the 7 figures.

Over the next 18 months (about 1 and a half years) we will look to complete two additional subscription offerings – the Protect and Family plans, automate our scoring engine, finalize market ready subscriptions, build a strong database of company grades, gain 8,000 subscribers, and hit $2M in ARR.

Our team is dynamic and built to address the core skills needed to build this into a successful platform. We’re structured to address product, operations, cyber security and privacy, data architecture, application delivery and pipeline management, and front-end development. I’m currently employed as the Chief Information Security Officer at a top 15 residential mortgage lender. I’ve run Operations for a successful startup where responsibilities included delivery, quality control, product management, human resources, and product support. I’ve also worked at a top 30 bank in the Information Technology and Information Security fields. I have an MBA from Westminster College local to Salt Lake City, UT and a bachelors degree and look forward to using that background to built out an affordable consumer solution.

Dteckt is excited to have two board members like Joh Itokazu and Joe Robinson. John is a senior executive with over 15 years of successful experience in the areas of technology, operations, project management, business integration, risk management, information & cyber security, business process improvement, and people development in a highly regulated and evolving financial services industry. Joe is the CEO & Founder of High Peaks Solutions which offers IT and cybersecurity advisory services. In addition to being a CEO & Founder, Joe has held many SVP and EVP roles across Fortune 500 companies including GE and Fifth Third Bank where he was responsible for running IT, Operations, Project Management, and more.

We are raising a $2.5M seed round to expand our product and engineering efforts, develop proprietary data assets, and to acquire customers.

Thank you for listening to the Dteckt Pitch. If you’re interested in being part of our mailing list or having further discussion, my name, email, and phone are listed on this slide. I’d love to connect. You’ll also find the marketing website listed on the slide. Feel free to browse around. Happy to answer any questions.


View Plan

Identity Risk Score

The Dteckt Grade is a representation of your security posture based on all of your monitored inputs.

Company Grade

The Company Grade gives you instant visibility into how any organization of your choosing performs in cyber security. See how your organizations perform today!

Online Marketplace

Quickly and easily make decisions or change who you do business with based on their ability to protect your data. Connect with banks, lenders, insurers, retailers, technology providers, and others through Dteckt’s Online Marketplace.

Monitor Plan

Score Detail

Increase your visibility and get the information behind the Grades. See details for performance in Technology, Complexity, Data Breach, System Hosting Locations, and more.


Stay proactive with Alerting. Alerts will be delivered to you when one of your monitored organizations has a data breach, a grade change, a significant new technology finding, a high risk country identified, hackers start chatting about your monitored organizations, and many more.

Insights Plan

Financial Account Monitoring

Unusual financial activity can mean there has been a compromise of your identity, account information, or credit/debit cards. Dteckt’s tool allows for integration into all of your bank and credit card accounts so you can know immediately if your spend is your spend.

Criminal Activity Monitoring

Be aware instantly if your information matches criminal activity around the nation. Dteckt monitor’s national and local criminal databases. Knowing immediately if you’ve been “involved” in an unrelated crime helps prevent damage from identity theft.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark and Deep Web can be scary places. Dteckt partners with organizations around the world that specialize in Dark and Deep web scanning. Dteckt searches for and alerts you on any mention of your personal information if it shows up on the Dark or Deep Web.

Erase Me - Privacy Service

Organizations frequently misuse and pass consumer information wherever they choose. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) leads the way with Regulation and allows residents to request a company delete consumer data when requested. Dteckt will act on your behalf to have your data removed from all organizations covered by Privacy regulation.

Digital Inheritance Plan

A digital inheritance plan allows you to quickly and easily manage how your next of kin adopt your digital persona by giving them the information and tools they need to do so.

Lost Wallet Protection

Input details of items in your wallet to ensure that you can cancel, recover, and account for everything that would be lost or stolen if your wallet went missing.

Credit Freeze

A very effective way to prevent unauthorized loans or credit pulls on your name is to turn on credit freezes for all of the three Credit Bureaus. Dteckt will manage the Credit Freeze process alongside you.

Bank Account Takeover Monitoring

Unusual financial activity can mean there has been a compromise of your identity, account information, or credit/debit cards. Dteckt's tool allows for integration into all of your bank and credit card accounts so you can know immediately if your spend is your spend. Daily credit report monitoring enables notifications regarding changes in your credit file. Examples include; Personal Information, Hard Inquiries, New Accounts, Public Records, & Address Changes.

Court & Criminal Activity Monitoring

Instantly know if your information matches criminal activity around the nation. Dteckt monitors national and local criminal databases. Prevent damage from identity theft. Court & Criminal Record Monitoring monitors hundreds of millions of criminal court records mapping to federal, state, city, and county-level jurisdictions and notifies you if their information is found.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Understanding where sex offenders live can help you make informed decisions for you and your family. If a sex offender fraudulently uses a consumer's personal information, it can cause reputational issues that negatively affect your life.

Non-Credit Loan Monitoring

The Non-Credit Loan Monitoring feature processes over a million non-credit loan inquiries a month and dteckts loan inquiries associated with 23 of the top 25 payday loan lenders, in addition to buy here-pay here auto loans and rent-to-own inquiries.

SSN Trace

SSN Trace sends alerts when a new name/alias or address is associated with your Social Security Number on a credit report so you can dteckt if bad actors are using your SSN.

Real Time Authorization Monitoring

Dteckt if a consumer’s personal information is being used to verify authenticity by using data from an advanced identity verification network. Monitor over millions of monthly authentications for bank credit cards, auto loans, telecom applications, pre-paid credit cards, student loans, and payday loans.

Real Time Inquiry Alerts

Monitor your credit file for hard inquiries and receive alerts in real-time when different credit-related actions affect your credit file.

Change of Address Monitoring

Your mail can contain important and confidential documents that help thieves commit identity theft. Receive alerts if bad actors attempt to steal your identity by redirecting your mail to a new address.

One Bureau Credit Monitoring

Receive daily alerts regarding changes to your credit file, including: Personal Information, Hard Inquiries, Potentially Derogatory Information, New Accounts, Public Records, and Address changes.

Protect Plan

Experian Credit Report

Receive bi-annual updates and access to your Experian Credit Report. View your consumer statements, credit inquiries, open accounts, collection account, and much more.

Social Media Insights

Social Media protection and your privacy is core to Dteckt's mission. With Social Media Insights, get visibility into cyberbullying, content that is publicly available, illegal activity and employer insights, privacy policy review, and more.

Safe Browsing Extension

Take your Dteckt Score one step further with the Safe Browsing Extension. You’ll know real time if the websites that you are visiting have cyber security issues.

Password Manager

A Password Manager is one of the best examples of a security and convenience value add. Dteckt’s password manager works across your mobile devices and computers. You’ll never have to remember another password again.


Enjoy peace of mind with AntiVirus protection across PC and Mac computers to keep out unwanted Malware, Trojans, worms, bots, and unwanted apps.

Ransomware Protection

Block ransomware attacks and prevent your personal data, photos, and videos from being locked and held for ransom.


Know that your Internet connection is secure with Dteckt’s VPN. VPN establishes a secure and encrypted Internet connection regardless of the WiFi you’re on. Avoid your Internet traffic being seen with Dteckt’s VPN.

Vulnerability Management

One of the leading causes of data breach is caused when hackers can get into an unpatched system that is vulnerable to an attack. Vulnerability management watches your Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows, and third party applications to alert and ensure you that you are patched.

Family Plan

Screen Time

We know that monitoring your family usage is a challenge. Although screen time may not keep an attacker out, we recognize you may want your family members to spend less time on devices. If you choose to, you have the ability to set screen time limitations in Dteckt’s application.

Password Enforcement

Password enforcement allows you to both require a password be set as well as require it to be a strong password across all of your devices. Know password’s are enabled and strong with Dteckt’s password enforcement visibility.

Parental Web Filtering

Take control and ensure safe browsing with parental control over the web content your children can access while on a Mac, PC, or Mobile Device. It’s easy to select available or blocked categories for their safe online website and social sites.

Application Control

Select from a list of hundreds of applications and choose whether you’d like certain devices or certain users to be able to use that application or not.

Hard Drive Encryption

Ensure encryption is enabled across your family mobile and computing devices. Encryption enables complete protection of your data if a device is lost or stolen.

*Model available upon request.

~380 ARPU at year 5 with a projected average subscriber tenure of 5 years. ~$114 CAC at year 5 and ~15x return on CAC.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

*Model available upon request.

A detailed breakdown of the steps we will take to build a profitable business - 2022.

A detailed breakdown of the steps we will take to build a profitable business - 2023.