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Dr Strains LLC.

Invest in one of America's top 5 CBD flower companies. $245k profit since 2019!


$245k in net profit AND all reinvested!
$700k in revenue since starting Sept. 2019
Number 1 for the search term "Hemp Buds" on Google
Top 5 CBD hemp flower bands in America
Vertically integrated
Over 10,000 customers

Our Team

I chose CBD because of it's natural healing traits as well as the market being relativity new. The CBD market is new and in the early stages of growth, we are fortunate to have started at the beginning. Our track records show that within 10 months we were able to not only grasp the market but generate $20K+ in positive cashflow monthly.

Dr. Strains CBD

"Your number 1 source for organically grown affordable hemp flower."

Our story begins with the founder and CEO Kyle Scott. Kyle stumbled upon hemp flower by accident! After living in Europe for almost 8 years he decided to return home to the US and help his family with their restaurant located in downtown Orlando. While working there he went shopping for hookahs for an event at the restaurant. Upon entering a hookah retailer he stumbled upon the cbd section of the store. He inquired with the store owner to see if those products were legal and in fact they were. Kyle then placed a $500 order with the store owner and decided to see if there was a market for the products. He tested this by placing the products on Facebook marketplace. Within 24 hours he had sold all the products and had earned 100% return on investment! (100% invested funds and 100% profit). And like that Dr. Strains CBD was created. 

Over the next few months Kyle used his marketing techniques and built rapport with other merchants to source higher quality products and decided to take his business online. It's been 10 month since the start of Dr. Strains CBD but in such a short time it has grown to being one of the top 5 CBD flower brands in America! With over $700,000 in revenue since starting 10 months ago!