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Invest in The Drivers Cooperative

A ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaire founders and venture capital

What Investors Say

Invested $50,000 this round
Putting drivers in charge of a ride share service just makes sense, they care about the business more than anyone. This is a great group dedicated to customer service and reaping the rewards of their work. Funders are needed at this early stage to launch a robust service; asset and overhead light operation assures that all funds will be used to successfully develop a sustainable business. Revenue share model aligns interests of drivers and funders.

In the news

A Worker-Owned Cooperative Tries to Compete With Uber and Lyft
July 13, 2021
For years, Uber and other ride-hailing companies offered the promise of entrepreneurship to drivers. Drivers who were eager to set their own schedules signed up in droves, propelling the gig economy into a multibillion-dollar industry. But some drivers never received the control and independence they had expected. They struggled with the costs of vehicle maintenance, loans and insurance, and they questioned whether Uber and Lyft paid a fair wage. Legislative efforts to grant them employment benefits were thwarted. Now, dissatisfied drivers and labor advocates are forming worker-owned cooperatives in an attempt to take back some of the money — and power — in the gig economy.
What People Say