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We develop Wine & Spirit labels and the Germs Are Stupid Brand

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Founders have created several major brands and taken two companies public.
Founders have been business partners for 25 years & sold approx. 1 million wine bottles last year.
Close relationships with top wineries, distilleries, distributors and retailers.
We plan to own several wine and spirit brands, and pay annual dividends to our shareholders.
Creating mulitple brands limits your "One Brand Risk" and greatly increases upside potential.
Exit strategy includes a potential sale of individual brands and/or taking the company public.
Amazing FREE ART by Todd Goldman for investors and consumers!
Direct To Consumer sales have sky-rocketed this year, and we have partnered with

Our Team

I started collecting wines when I was 16 years old and lived in Portugal. My friend and business partner Mike and I know this business extremly well. We know that the initial sale is mostly determined by the label and price. We are connected with top wineries, distilleries, distributors and retailers. Last year be brokered approximately one million bottles of wine for other wineries. Now it is time to create our own brands.

Germs, Inc. - Keeping our Children Germ Free because Germs Are Stupid!

And here's a Major Added Benefit to our investors!

Being in the alcohol business we have also teemed up as a partner in the amazing GERMS ARE STUPID line of hand sanitizers. This is another product designed by Todd Goldman. Hand Sanitizers are a "new major product category" that we believe is here to stay.  The demand in the US alone should be over 1 billion bottles a year. Todd has created a series of fun lables that appeal to children and young adults and that we will start marketing in Q1, 2021. 

We have secured National Ditribution through our deal with DIVERSE MARKETING, showcasing these hand sanitizers in showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Seattle. Brand Extensions are planned for wipes, breath mints and other products

Kids and young adults LOVE our hand sanitizers!


This of course is all-important to our investors! 

As we grow these labels it is our goal to eventually sell them off to a larger company, just as two of our friends and investors have done in the past. We would distribute the income from the sale of individual brands to our shareholders. Once we have an initial track record, we may also take the company public to give our investors an easy exit strategy and to realize the value of our brands more easily. 

As a shareholder, you will of course not only have access to these great wines and spirits at  discounted prices but also to fun art and merchandise, all at wholesale prices.

We hope you will join us in this incredible venture with a team that sold over 1,000,000 bottles of wine last year. With DRINK FACTORY you will be able to toast with us in 2021; which hopefully will bring all of us not just good health but also much success. Let's do this. Cheers!

Last not least we wanted to give you a preview of some of the Germs are Stupid products that we are currently working on. Our long term plan is to have this as an entire brand line of fun cleaning products.