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DoorBox Corporation

Secure Delivery solution to Stop Porch Piracy. Automatic Locking, Live Videos, Patented Technologies

Last Funded March 2023


raised from 66 investors
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🤳World's No.1 to have automated locking, Live Videos. No Human Intervention required
12 Granted Utility patents, 3 in USA and 9 internationally.
💰Opportunity to reduce revenue loss for suppliers, retailers and delivery companies
🔝Potential for exponential growth, can be deployed at Stores, Pharmacies & Food delivery companies.
🤳Live Delivery Videos with Theft-Alarm. Can be controlled by Mobile-App from anywhere in the world
🚚☀️Has AI Software & Future Models will support Solar Charging, Drone and Autonomous Deliveries
🦄Backed by Angels and Expert Dojo, early Stage Accelerator, Venture Capital

Our Team

Founding DoorBox was a result of my personal experience. My Mission is to end the emotional pain associated with losing a package of high emotional value. I lost my father, my Mentor. I lost a part of my life since we shared a strong and special bond. No body should lose their prized memories. Smart DoorBox will secure it anywhere, anytime.

Solving Porch Piracy

Porch Piracy is a massive problem. Everyday 200+ Million people order online from Amazon, Major Retailers, Pharmacies, Food delivery companies and receive parcels from various suppliers too. It is easy for Porch Pirates to steal your valuables without a secured delivery solution. 1.7 Million packages are lost or stolen everyday in USA alone. 

Introducing Smart DoorBox - Integrated technologies such as AI, ML and IoT. It's a device that is designed to make package delivery more secure, convenient, and efficient for both consumers and delivery companies.

  1. Increased Security: One of the main advantages of Smart DoorBox is the increased security it provides for package delivery. With traditional delivery methods, packages are often left unattended on doorsteps, making them vulnerable to theft and damage. Smart DoorBox is equipped with various security features such as a locking mechanism and motion sensors that can detect any unauthorized access (Automated Locking and Notifications).
  2. Convenience: Another benefit of Smart DoorBox is the convenience it provides. Consumers no longer have to worry about missing a delivery or having to schedule a delivery time that works for them. With Smart DoorBox, packages can be securely delivered at any time of the day, and consumers can access their packages at their convenience (Live Videos, Notifications etc)
  3. Cost Savings: Smart DoorBox can also help save money in the long run. Consumers no longer have to pay for re-deliveries or incur extra fees for packages that require a signature. Additionally, Smart DoorBox can help reduce the number of failed deliveries, which can be costly for delivery companies.

Current Solutions

Introducing - Smart DoorBox - Last Mile Delivery Solution with Integrated technologies such as AI, ML and IoT

What is so Unique about Smart DoorBox?

🔐Security - Automated Locking System - Smart DoorBox locks automatically once a package is delivered. No manual intervention is required.

📈 Versatility (Patented) -  Can be connected to any stationary object like posts, guardrails, doorknobs, gates, walls etc (Delivery DoorBox cannot be stolen away)

🤳Mobile-App Control - Operate using Mobile-App from anywhere in the world. Live Videos, Images, Notifications, Anti-Theft Alarm and many more features.

Mobile-App features

Addressable Market 

Market Opportunity

  • Get your Online Deliveries safely delivered and secured
  • Watch Live Deliveries

Competitive Advantage

Models for Retailers, Pharmacies, Food Delivery companies

Order-Scan-Pick Up

Why Smart DoorBox could be a Game charger

  • ⚙️Smart DoorBox has integrated Tech such as IoT, AI, and ML 
  • 🔐Major retailers and delivery companies can Order Smart DoorBox for their customers for a secured delivery solution (B2B2C)
  • 🤳B2B  companies can deploy our B2B models for people to Pick-Up as per their convenience (With Dashboard)
  • Everything from ordering till delivery pick up is visible in Mobile-App, providing peace of mind for customers
  • 📈Delivery companies can increase Sales, bring new customers and reduce billions of dollars of Loss!
  • Coming shortly with features such as Temperature Controlled (Hot and Cold), Solar Charging, Drone Autonomous Deliveries  
  • 💸The Best part is - People can rent it out and make money too

Invest in Smart DoorBox and be a part of the next Big thing!