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Secure Delivery Solution with Object Detection Technology!



raised from 54 investors
 $12M  $9M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $300K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $9M valuation cap
$500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $25K
Package thefts are rampant especially during the holiday season. Consumers get alerts about porch pirates via Nextdoor feeds. Security cameras record these package thefts but do not go one step further to stop them. About 2 years back, I had bought my DoorBox via the company's Kickstarter campaign. Since commissioning DoorBox at my front door, I have received 100+ packages. It gives me a great peace of mind and have never lost any package since I started using DoorBox. I am looking forward to their next version of Smart DoorBox. Truly excited about the following features in their next version: 1. Motion sensor triggered cameras - one outside and another inside the DoorBox. 2. Anti-theft alarm and alerts sent to my mobile phone. 3. Tethering DoorBox securely to wall-mount 4. Unlock/lock DoorBox remotely as needed. E-commerce is growing exponentially across the globe. Securing packages during home deliveries is a huge issue in several countries. DoorBox produces quality products with their innovative designs. They are able to integrate several useful features at a relatively low cost. This will definitely lead to huge profit and ROI. DoorBox is well positioned to take on this huge market opportunity. I am very confident that this venture will be very successful.
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šŸ”šŸ¤³Automatic Locking System and can be controlled from anywhere in the world using Mobile-App.
šŸ’°Revenue & Subscription Forecast of $2B and $100M respectively for B2C and B2B in next 5 years.
šŸ‘¼Backed by Angel Investors and Export Dojo, very active early stage accelerator, VC.
šŸ‘„ Team includes 4 successful exits & 12 Granted Utility patents (3 in USA and 9 Internationally).
šŸ”‹Future Models will include Solar Charging to save household electricity charges for millions.

Our Team

Founding DoorBox was a result of my personal experience. My Mission is to end the emotional pain associated with losing a package of high emotional value. I lost my father, my Mentor. I lost a part of my life since we shared a strong and special bond. No body should lose their prized memories. Smart DoorBox will secure it anywhere, anytime.

Problem or an Opportunity?

Problem No. 1 -Ā Porch Piracy or Unsecured Deliveries!

Problem No. 2 - Inefficient Last Mile Delivery!

  • Package theft costs over $9 billion loss to amazon.
  • Parcel carriers lose close toĀ $89 billion dollars.
  • 128 Million households do not have protection for deliveries.
  • Millions of people are standing in lines for Food, Grocery, Medicines or daily essentials.

We have an Unique solution, which can revolutionize the way deliveries are secured. A Massive Opportunity!

    Does Security Camera Stop Porch Piracy or Secure Deliveries? No, Right?Ā 

    šŸ¤”Imagine - Receiving an expensive and irreplaceable delivery at your front porch.Ā Once you come back from work, its gone. A Pirate has stolen it.Ā 

    šŸ˜žFor him its just a package, but we understand how it feels to lose an irreplaceable package. It's your hard earned money, your memories which the Pirate stole away.Ā 

    šŸ“¦Same way, there are millions who are losing their deliveries be it expensive medicines, packages or essentials.Ā 

    SmartĀ DoorBox could be the Next Big Thing. A Revolutionary secure delivery solution which can end Unsecured deliveries, end long lines, bring peace of mind to millions.

    Current Solutions

      āŒCurrent solutions are manually operated or Locked.

      šŸ”Cannot be connected physically to stationary objects like DoorKnobs.

      What is so Unique about Smart DoorBox?

      It's the TechnologyĀ 
      (He-SaaS - Hardware-enabled Software as a Service)

        • WithĀ Object Detection technology.
        • Internet of Things (IoT) based "Automatic Locking".
        • Can beĀ controlled using Mobile-App.
        • 12 granted Utility patents, 3 in USA and 9 internationally (Patented).

        How our Tech Works

        • No Need to Lock Smart DoorBox.
        • LocksĀ automaticallyĀ based on your deliveres, be it first or multiple deliveries.
        • Remains Unlocked when there is no package inside. Cool, Isn't!

        šŸƒā€ā™‚ļøšŸ“¦Porch Pirates cannot just runaway with our Smart DoorBox!

        • Can be connected physically to all types of doorknobs, guardrails and posts (Patented).
        • Can withstand over 800-LBS of force.
        • Anti-Theft Alarm (Manual as well as in Mobile-App).

        CEO's Message

        What are we aiming for?Ā 

        To disrupt B2C as well as B2B Markets!

        1. B2C coversĀ 263 million Americans shopping online

        2. B2B covers Major retailers, Pharmacies, Food Delivery companies. Example -Ā Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Instacart, DoorDash, Costco, Grub hub, Starbucks,Ā Mcdonald's, KFC etc.

        šŸ¤” How can Smart DoorBox disrupt the B2C and B2B sectors

          1. Smart DoorBox can be a front Porch Robot.

          2.Ā Can be controlled using Mobile-App (Even if you are on vacation or travellingšŸ˜Š).

          3. Features such asĀ Live Video Updates, Locking and Unlocking,Ā On Demand Images, Notifications,Ā AlarmĀ etc.

          šŸ”PhysicallyĀ connected with an Anti-Theft Cable. PeopleĀ can have peace of mind.

            Increase Efficiency,Ā Save time & billions of dollars for B2B companies

            B2B and B2B2C

            • Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Instacart, DoorDash, Costco, Grub hub, Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC etc
            • Can deploy Smart DoorBox at their locations and remove long lines.Ā 
            • Customers canĀ PickĀ orders based on their convenience.
            • Increase service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

              šŸ’°šŸ’°Projected Recurring Revenue

              • As a part of the growing demands for Smart DoorBox, we areĀ anticipatingĀ sales of more thanĀ 200,000 units for B2C customers and revenues ofĀ overĀ $36 million.
              • B2B rentals, sales and subscriptionsĀ can generate revenues of overĀ $26Ā million.Ā 

              Potential Customers - Pharma Company

              Our Mission:

              1. Bring peace of mind to millions of people ordering Online.

              2. Increase Efficiency and save time.

              Let's pledge to end this inefficiency of standing in lines, anxiety of losing deliveries.Ā 

              Be a part of a Revolutionary team.

              Create a Social Impact -Ā Invest inĀ Smart DoorBox Now!