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The LinkedIn for entertainers

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111% average week-over-week growth on new accounts
Team including advisors from Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Forbes Tech Council
Recognized by Ludacris, Charlie Sheen, and Wilf Scolding from Game of Thrones
Global gigs and e-gigs market expected to reach a value of nearly $314.29 billion by 2022
USA yearly industry growth: 2.4% (That's almost $1B a year)

Our Team

The idea for Doodeo came about because entertainers deserve a better way to connect, collaborate, and find opportunities. We’re on a mission to build the biggest online community for performers.

Entertainers are some of the best storytellers, yet they don’t always get the chance to showcase their talent to those who are seeking it most.

The average entertainer has to use multiple platforms to find work - LinkedIn is for networking, Classified is for finding gigs and Instagram is for sharing content, but they don’t seamlessly work together to connect entertainers with opportunities.

On the other hand, gig managers are always searching for entertainers, but online directories lack transparency and clarity, leaving them to depend on less-preferred recommendations.

👉Introducing to You, Doodeo, the LinkedIn for Entertainers

Statistically, performing artists have the highest rate of self-employment compared to other professionals, meaning they’re booking their own jobs, leaving them with not enough time to do what they love most: work on their talent and improve their skills.

Furthermore, netting a loss on a gig is common for early-stage performers. Often, their pay is outweighed by the time spent networking, promoting, and traveling. Now with Doodeo, entertainers can create an online profile, offering one place to promote themselves, showcase their work, and connect with paying opportunities.

🎯Doodeo is the Entertainer's Professional Profile

Just as entertainers share their normal social handles to promote themselves, they also share their Doodeo profile link to allow others to see their full body of work.

💰The gigs market is worth $40.7B in the US alone, and the global gigs market is expected to reach nearly $314.29 billion by 2022.

Despite the size of the gigs market, entertainers and gig managers have been left to book gigs the old-fashioned way. Entertainers are looking for new ways to book gigs and reach new audiences, while gig managers are looking for an easy way to access fresh talent.

💵How Doodeo Makes Money

We have four primary revenue streams:

  • Premium subscription model
  • Gig booking fees
  • Live streaming services
  • Ads on the platform

The figure below provides an example of how our revenue streams will work.

Disclaimer: These are forward-looking figures that cannot be guaranteed.

Paid monthly: $16.99/month. ➡️ Paid yearly: $12.99/month
18.7% of customers choose to pay yearly, hence we estimate our average monthly subscriptions to be $16.24

💡We Don't Rely on Chance, We Use AI

Not only do we allow clients looking for entertainers to post gigs on Doodeo, but our AI also regularly scrapes the web to find gigs globally, and automatically makes them accessible on Doodeo. We are currently dealing with major classified websites; however, we are looking to scale our AI to target more websites once further funding is received.

📈111% average week-over-week new account growth.

The above chart accounts for Doodeo’s free model. Doodeo Pro, our premium tier, has been in extensive analysis and testing, with our free tier providing valuable insight. 

Our Wefunder campaign will allow us to launch Doodeo Pro and allocate more resources to kick off it's growth.

⭐More Visibility, More Gig Notifications, and More Functionalities with Doodeo Pro

Our premium tier option provides engagement tools for users to find opportunities and lucrative gigs. Pro members will be able to feature themselves in up to 15 chosen categories. They’ll also have unlimited gig submissions per month and increased visibility on our Discover Page.

Other premium advantages include:

  • Pinned videos
  • Early access on newly posted gigs
  • Personalized gig recommendations
  • Unique, personally chosen URL on the Doodeo profile
  • Doodeo Pro Badge, like the Instagram verification badge
  • Call to Action Button leading viewers to our users’ personal websites
  • And much more!

🚨It's for All Types of Entertainers

Tailoring Doodeo to entertainers allows us to provide valuable tools regardless of the type of entertainer you are. This also ensures that gig managers can book a magician or a musician, all through the same platform.

🏆Already Recognized by Celebrities!

🎉Thank you Ludacris, Charlie Sheen, and Wilf Scolding!

Ludacris: See post here
Charlie Sheen: See post here
Wilf Scolding: See video here

🌎The Pandemic

Since COVID has emerged, people look for other ways to stay connected. One of the most popular methods is livestreaming, which grew by 34%. With entertainers losing their ability to book gigs, we started building a livestream functionality to allow users to stay connected with their fans and continue to make an income.

We will give our users 2 options: 1) host a public live stream session with a donation option, or 2) host a password-protected private room where users can charge an hourly fee. From performing at family zoom parties to virtual corporate events, entertainers will be able to continue making an income doing what they love. We’re extremely excited about this capability, and will keep you updated as we progress.

🔮A Glimpse of Doodeo's future

Doodeo not only provides entertainers a way to manage their gigs and share their content, but soon, will allow entertainers to generate multiple income streams by either teaching their craft virtually, garnering patrons that pay a monthly subscription, or even connecting with their fans through VR.

How Doodeo will Use the Money Raised on Wefunder

The funds will be used to finalize our livestreaming capabilities, as it will require additional development resources to properly deploy. Additionally, we’ll be rolling out an advanced booking system to provide the optimal booking experience for entertainers & gig managers alike. Lastly, resources will be invested into our growth team, allowing us to scale faster than ever before.

🚀So if You're Looking to Invest...

We're the team to back!

✔️Experienced team/advisors with previous exits

✔️Advisors that are ex-Google, Amazon, Netflix, Forbes Tech Council, and Sony Music.

✔️Revenue via multiple streams, including a premium subscription offering and livestreaming capabilities

✔️Multi-billion dollar market opportunity globally

Get in on the action today and invest in the future of entertainers with Doodeo. We look forward to sharing our success with you.

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