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COVID safe outdoor Sports and Education facility helps bridge social inequities

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Investor Panel

Jason interviewed DIVERTsessions Pop-Up on March 18, 2021. Play Video
Jason Levine
Founder @ Spirited. Stanford, NYU, Peerspace. Working move our economy and ways of living in a clear, ethical, sustainable direction.
says, "Credible founders with a compelling mission to bring more people into action sports that may have a high barrier to entry but very high interest and media attention. Strong concept to repurpose existing commercial real estate in need of a new business model."
says, "Consider the pilot an opportunity to address operational and real estate questions for the second phase of growth. It will need to be a well-managed operation and a compelling opportunity for real estate partners to expand quickly into new geographies and capitalize fully on the media attention expected from the Olympics."

What Investors Say

Co-owner and Manager DT Legacy Development LLC
Invested $75,000 this round
As a real estate investor, I think there will be a continued decline in the need for retail real estate. I believe that location based entertainment concepts like DIVERT are a great solution to transition that deteriorating retail real estate into productive and valuable assets. Given our current climate surrounding COVID and crowd restrictions, people are eager to get outside and try something new or build on the action sports skills they have acquired in the past. Additionally, the introduction of more action sports in the Olympics will bring more eyes on and interest in the world of action sports possibly encouraging people to try new sports or pick up where they left off. 
Most importantly, I prefer to invest in entities that I feel good about, companies that are not just looking at the bottom line but also looking for ways to improve the wellbeing of people. I love that DIVERT has an awareness of social inequalities and strives to make the action sports experience available to everyone no matter what their financial situation may be. 

In the News

DIVERTcity launches action sports social entrepreneurship program & contest
February 27, 2020
DIVERTcity, a young action sports and social impact startup in Silicon Beach, is announcing the release of their free, online Entrepreneurship Program. Through a fast-paced, 11-episode course they will give anyone the opportunity to discover their unique talents and passions, uncover a valuable idea at the intersection of the two and develop it into a business that betters the world.
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February 27, 2020
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GIVING BACK IN COSTA RICA -- Red Bull Builds a Skatepark
February 27, 2020
We all know the impact that skateboarding can have on people's lives. Red Bull, Ryan Sheckler, and 16 students from across the United States took action to help improve the quality of life of young people in Costa Rica by traveling there to revitalize a skatepark.
Ryan Sheckler es Pura Vida
February 27, 2020
Por Karina McDonald Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. La súper estrella del skate mundial Ryan Sheckler visitará Costa Rica para la construcción de un skate park. De este modo, Sheckler aportará su granito de arena a este deporte.
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February 27, 2020
The greatest success in our lives is often found through our greatest obstacles. When Roger started coaching over 30 years ago he had a client who had made incredible progress in her life.
Costa Rica Skate Park Honors Fallen Youth Advocate And Builds Community
May 31, 2018
Luis Diego "Luzo" Zumbado was loved in San Rafael, Costa Rica. As a member of the skateboarding group San Rafael Extremo, he encouraged local children to skate and tried to establish safe places for them to do so.
These Skateboarders Are Redefining Gang Culture In Costa Rica
September 14, 2017
By Nicole Buscemi The Red Bulletin After fatally losing a leading member to a drug dealer, the Extremo skate crew was determined to build a local skate park to reclaim their space and remove at-risk youths from the streets.
Sheckler Joins the LuZo Skatepark Build in Costa Rica To Honor Luis "Luzo" Zambado
January 23, 2017
Ryan Sheckler has announced a partnership with, DIVERTcity, a group developing an action sports complex in LA, which will empower youth through action sports, and Journey, a social-impact travel collective, to build a skatepark in San Rafael, Costa Rica for at-risk, and underprivileged youth.
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