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amount funded
Fully Automated, Performance-Driven Ad Platform
46% week over week customer growth since January launch.. 1,800 customers since launch.
360° treadmill for moving in virtual reality
$2,200,000: Gross pre-order revenue to date.. 4,000+ units pre-sold since Kickstarter launch.
Online Marketplace for Local Foods.
25% cheaper than Whole Foods. Farmers make 20-80% more.. $6M gross sales in our first year. $652K in April.
Clean water in Africa, one bottle at a time.
42,000 water bottles sold, $400,000 in revenue. Growing 123% month-over-month since Jan.
Custom packaging made simple
Number of customers has grown 150% week / week since launch.. Clients include Samsung, Reddit, Soylent.
3D-printed rockets that launch nano-satellites
Estimated cost of $250,000 to launch each rocket. Each rocket will carry up to 10 satellites per launch
Platform drugs for orphan diseases like Cancer and Ebola
Platform drug for the treatment of very serious diseases.. Dramatic efficacy in clinically relevant cancer models.
Online wine marketplace and cloud based wine cellar.
$1,300,000 revenue since launch. . Growing 70% month-over-month.
Control your world with a wave of a hand or turn of a dial
Built working prototype in less than 3 months . Pre-sold over 2000 units. $271,353 revenue.


funding successful
A new way of communicating for the deaf and hard of hearing
$10B market. 38 million hearing impaired in US market
funding successful
An activity and summer camp marketplace for kids
265% monthly growth. $1.8 Billion market ($15B Camps industry)
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