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Personal Assistant for Your Airbnb
Managing hospitality should be easy. SuperHost takes on the pain of managing rental properties through Airbnb and other platforms.
  • 533 Paying properties
  • $1500 avg. lifetime customer value
  • Growth: 40% week-over-week
We use our access to guest-host data and natural language processing expertise to automate the entire hosting experience.


amount funded
$406,700 invested
Software that increases the capacity and life of lithium ion batteries
Increases battery life 4x; retains 96% capacity after 5 year. Stores 10-40% more power
$889,100 invested
Translation as a service at 1/5 the cost of traditional translators
40 pre-launch paying customers. 700K words translated
$1,521,800 invested
Mobile checkout made easy
130+ supported retailers. More than 300 million products available
$2,003,900 invested
The most advanced caller identification platform in the world.
Reduces cost of customer identification by 90%. 25% monthly revenue growth
$1,534,400 invested
Priceline for movie tickets
March Revenue: $145,610 - 66% growth mon/mon. Theaters: 332 - 75% growth mon/mon
$118,800 invested
Today's airfares, guaranteed for 7 days. No Commitment.
by Flyr
We predict airfare pricing & when flights might sell out. We're a team of experienced travel execs and great engineers


funding successful
eBay for manufacturing equipment
by Asseta
Earned $131,000 in August. 250% month-over-month growth
funding successful
Affordable benefits for your company in minutes.
15 clients enrolled. 700 applied to waiting list.. Built entire product in 3 months
funding successful
Legendary food from across the country, shipped to your door
$100k of revenue in 4 months. 100% monthly growth since launch
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Coming Up

not fundraising or not publicly fundraising
Simple, shareable navigation
by Mapkin
Founders have built apps used by 10s of millions. Team has worked together for a combined 15 years
not fundraising or not publicly fundraising
Ask the Man Who Owns One.
Inspired by and designed in Charleston. Made in America. Top quality English Repp silk, in exclusive colorways.
not fundraising or not publicly fundraising
The Ultimate Hitting Machine
Patented "best in market" technology in a growing market. Customer base growing by word of mouth in 3 countries
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