OpenTable for the $27 billion U.S. nightlife market

Last Funded October 2016


raised from 202 investors
$1.2M by Wavemaker Partners
Last updated December 2018


1000+ nightlife venues in over 50 cities. Our partners include the largest clubs, concert venues, and music festivals in the country.
Over $7M in gross revenue with ~$875K in gross profit in 2019
~60% YoY revenue growth in Q4'19
4.9/5 stars on iPhone and Android app stores. Over 410K registered users.

Our Team

We built Discotech to solve a problem that we were facing ourselves when we were trying to go out.  In our mid twenties, we were frustrated with dealing with club promoters to get access to nightlife venues.  We believed that we could leverage technology to create a more seamless way for people to go out, and Discotech was the result!  

The Nightlife Market is a Mess

The 65,000+ nightlife venues in the U.S. depend on club promoters: middlemen who take their cut of the pie and operate primarily through word-of-mouth. These 100,000+ individual promoters are highly fragmented, difficult to manage, unreliable, and difficult to scale.  

Promoters Don't Work

They are independent, take large commissions, and can only promote up to a handful of clubs at a time. Pricing is opaque and inconsistent. Most importantly, it is difficult for customers with no pre-existing contacts to get access to these promoters.  

So, We Built the OpenTable for Nightlife

Discotech is highly scalable, with already 1,000+ nightlife venues (clubs, lounges, bars, concert venues, music festivals, pool parties) available in one platform. Pricing is transparent and predictable.  Our venue partners can track customer count and prepare appropriately.  

How it Works

Discover Events
  • All available club events in one list
  • See where your favorite DJs are spinning
  • Check out where your friends are going
  • Filter by music type, bottle price, free guest list, etc.

Book Immediately
  • Sign up for free/discounted guest lists
  • Buy tickets directly on your phone; no printing required.  Get access to discounted promos
  • Reserve VIP tables instantly

Our Customers Love Us

Discotech has a 4.9/5 star review on both iOS and Android app stores, with over 6,000 combined reviews. 

The Largest Network of Nightlife Venues 

We have successfully partnered with the best clubs and nightlife venues in the U.S.  We have over 1,000 venues running their inventory on our platform, and are present in over 50 cities.  We have the largest collection of nightlife specific merchants in our industry.  

Proven Revenue Model

Discotech has been generating revenue since our iOS launched in 2014.  We currently monetize the three different channels of admission on our platform - VIP Table Sales, Ticket Sales, and Guest List Commission.  Our revenue has grown steadily year over year with little advertising spend.  We finished 2019 with ~$7M in gross revenue, and ~$875K in net revenue.  (Our gross profit is roughly $850K)  

While our business does have seasonality, our summers are busier and our winters are slower, our company has demonstrated consistent growth each year.  

User Adoption is Accelerating

We are adding more new users each year.  It took our company roughly 5 years to get to 300,000 users.  It then took less than 9 months to go from 300,000 to 400,000.  The vast majority of our growth is organic.  Because our customers love our product and service, the more users we have the faster that we grow via word of mouth.  

Party Like a Pro

The nightlife space has long been plagued by inefficiency and non-transparency. As avid nightlife customers, the team here at Discotech has firsthand experience challenges of working with promoters and going out to hit the town.  These negative experiences made us realize that there was an opportunity for technology to streamline the going out process.  

Over the last 6 years, we have demonstrated that our business model works.  We are now looking to take our company to the next level.  This round of funding will go towards scaling our user-base and revenue, as well as developing innovative product features.  

Going out with your friends is fun, but planning a night out is anything but. At Discotech, we believe that the nightlife industry is overdue for disruption and that we are part of the solution. We invite you to join us now as an investor and help up make nightlife better for everyone.  

Much love,

Ian, Mark, and Ian