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📈 Founded by the creator of DataDash, one of the top crypto YouTube channels with 500,000 subs
✔️ Our app is fully built and live on both iOS and Android with 30,000+ downloads
💱 Q2 is our goal for Digifox to allow anyone in the US to receive a portion of their pay in crypto
💰 We generated over $350K in revenue during our first year & managed $7.5M AUM over the past year

Our Team

At current inflation rates, $1000 today will be worth $496 in 10 years. Inflation is a global crisis. And for the past few years, the headlines have been flooded with stories of celebrities opting in to get their salaries paid in crypto - as an inflation hedge. However, there wasn't a way for everyday people to do the same. We aim to change that

Inflation Just Hit 7.5% In The US - It's Time To Hedge Your Wealth With Crypto

At current inflation rates, $1000 today will be worth $496 in ten years.

Inflation is a clear and present crisis. And for the past few years, the headlines have been flooded with stories of celebrities opting in to get their salaries paid in crypto - as an inflation hedge. However, there wasn't a way for everyday people to do the same. We aim to change that.

Many people, including celebrities, musicians, and athletes have turned to cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, as a means to hedge inflation by receiving their pay in crypto. For example, if you were to get paid $200 of your salary in the form of bitcoin every two weeks, for two years (starting in December 2019), your original income of $10,600 would have grown to $40,000, a near 4x of the original amount invested.

However, this ability to get paid in crypto has been mainly exclusive to high-level individuals. And on top of that, the vast majority of employers have yet to integrate a payroll solution that allows their employees to get paid in crypto. That is, until now...

Get Paid In Crypto

Digifox will soon give everyone in the United States the ability to receive their income (or a portion) in the form of cryptocurrencies, irrespective of their employer. With Digifox, you can receive a portion of your pay in bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, all while passively earning up to 5% interest on your assets. That's right; Digifox will be the first app that allows you to both get paid in crypto and immediately deposit it into a yield generating account, compounding your crypto holdings over time with ease.

How Do We Do It?

First, we start with the fun stuff. You'll initially be asked what dollar amount of your payroll you wish to receive in the form of crypto, what coin(s) you'd like to be paid in, and the percentage allocation of each coin, if you end up selecting more than one.

Second, you will then be requested to provide some essential details, in order for our partners to conduct proper identity verification (KYC or know-your-customer), which is required by law.

And finally, once you're approved, it's time for the final step. By this point, we've generated a unique bank account, just for you, that you need to share with your employer in order to receive funds to your account. Whether by means of using your online payroll service provider or emailing your HR department, you share the essential banking details and dollar amount, and if they receive it properly, you should be all good to go. To put it simple, any dollars that arrive into your GPIC bank account will be converted into crypto.


How Do We Stand Out? 

Digifox is focused on excelling in areas where others fall short. We provide world class customer support to our users, interest-earning capabilities allowing those who get paid in crypto to earn up to 5% interest on their crypto assets, and the ability to get paid in more than one crypto, allowing them to diversify their exposure to crypto.

Go-To Market Strategy

With immediate exposure to an audience of over 500,000 subscribers, Digifox will have a great launch pad to bring in users to Get Paid In Crypto. And we'll accelerate early adoption even more by tapping into our network of influencers, launching a passive referral income program post-launch, and eventually scale to hundreds of thousands of users through our employer program, where we'll work to streamline offering crypto payroll for employers eager to provide this service to their employees.


The Future Ahead

At Digifox, we're always thinking about the rode ahead and how we can improve upon our existing features.

IRA Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) could serve as rocket fuel to take Get Paid In Crypto to the mainstream. IRAs give US citizens the ability to contribute $6,000-7,000 of their income each year into a tax-deferred account, freeing them of the short-term worries of income taxes, as well as capital gain taxes on any sales or trades they make.

We've already begun conversations with IRA partners, and are targeting to offer this capability to our users in 2022 to make Get Paid In Crypto as simple as possible.

Smart GPIC

*Official launch date to be determined

Get Paid In Crypto (GPIC) offers everyone the ability to get paid in crypto. And while this is great, we want to make sure our users have the ability to go beyond that, maximizing their potential returns, while also mitigating risk.

Smart GPIC will utilize a set of input parameters which determine when it’s an optimal time to get paid more or less in crypto. These parameters include market sentiment and models based on on-chain analysis.

More details will follow in the coming months.