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Last Funded April 2021


raised from 65 investors
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Five pilot enterprise customers with $5k average contract value, current proposals are $50k+
Focusing on digital health & wellness - $371B market with 28.5% CAGR
CEO has 20 years of startup and corporate experience, CLO is Juilliard trained performer and coach.
2021 Q1 highlights - Operating profit, $10k AWS ignition grant, $25k RGE Innovation Grant

Our Team

Organizations struggle to coordinate all the resources they need to fundraise, launch events and mobilize their members. Our tech links cross-channel campaigns with one click, so that every task – from team building to tracking impact – is taken care of. Invest in DIEMlife. Invest in intuitive integration.


The Opportunity

The growing awareness of and increasing commitment to wellness at both an organizational and community level.

We have entered into an era where people are finally taking wellness seriously on all fronts. Even businesses have recognized the benefits of maintaining their employees’ health and wellbeing.

It not only improves lives, it improves the bottom line.

BUT it’s easier said than done.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, $4.5 trillion dollars per year is spent on wellness, yet a 10-15% loss of economic output is still associated with unwell people.

Why is this?

Effectively managing the wellness of any group of people is complex

The reality is that businesses of every size and kind across the country, around the world, now have budgets dedicated to workplace wellness… budgets for projects that they cannot effectively deploy because they don’t have the right toolset.

This is because, when it comes to coordinating wellness initiatives, there’s no single holistic hub where all the resources needed to fundraise, launch events, and mobilize people exist.

Until now.

DIEMlife is the people’s platform for change

It’s tech that solves the challenge of change at an organizational, community, and even individual level.

The platform effectively enables entities to customize and consolidate wellness projects in one integrated space. Every task is only a click away: from planning to team building to setting goals to tracking impact.

We call each of these campaigns a Quest®.

We make it happen!

Each Quest® streamlines workflows across events, fundraisers, and wellness initiatives — plugging promotional gaps and linking content across channels.

Activity tracking, leaderboards, and one-click content integration help both individuals and teams increase social reach, boost engagement, and scale their impact.

A Quest® is simply better for change.

AND we’re still growing

From developing a new brand look and feel, to new strategies and functionality both on the front-end and the back-end of the platform, to prepping new Quest® and globally aligned Mega-Quest® challenges there's barely been a moment off in the past couple of months!

Seize the day. Every day. That’s DIEMlife.

change the way you change your community

Use Cases

Organizations need us

We started making money working with fantastic organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Today, we have large organizations paying us for annual subscriptions, and a growing number of use cases from nonprofits, companies, and individuals. With thousands of employees and big budgets, they still find our platform a better solution.

“We are so excited to be part of the DIEMlife family. Their values are in direct alignment with those of the Consortium and I’m confident that this platform will elevate our ability to enhance faculty and staff well-being at our member schools”

Rebecca Schubert
GMHEC’s Employee Well-being Program Coordinator

“DIEMlife gave us a new and exciting way to interact with our donors. Instead of processing gifts as transactions, we were able to offer our supporters a unique donor experience inclusive of an online community of other like-minded people.

DIEMlife created a community platform for our donors to give and receive inspiration.”

Samantha Nottingham
Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Director of Development

Communities used our platform to raise $100k for COVID-19 relief

We helped communities raise $100k for Covid-19 relief and coordinate delivery and payment of 5,000 meals from 12 restaurants to over 25 hospitals — demonstrating the incredible power of our platform to organize people and resources so communities can achieve more.

"The actions you took to launch and operate the COVID Cuse fund are remarkable and we are so grateful for your vision, passion, and support of Upstate during what has been a tremendously difficult time."

Mantosh Dewan, MD
President, Upstate Medical University

change the way you change a life

Inspired by a true story

Our story began shortly after co-founder Tim Midgley's dad passed away and his mom was beginning to seriously struggle with her mobility, her mental health, and just her wellness in general.

What she needed most was the active support of a group who was invested in her well-being.

It was then we took that as a challenge of our own, our very first Quest, to create an online community that helps people meet obstacles head-on and achieve their most important ambitions.

Tim's mom became a charter member in 2016 and soon completed her first 5k walk.

And with that, DIEM.life was born.

change the way you change the future

Next steps

Our WeFunder campaign is nearly done, so it’s your very last chance to invest!

Our plans for 2021 are to expand our full-time team, launch two national campaigns, and prepare our platform for even bigger growth.

but change something

Join us!

DIEM.life is literally in the business of enabling life-changing goals, for individuals, for communities, for organizations, even the world – bringing people together to help one another help one another.

Helping people help people help themselves. It’s simply the most important Quest we’ve ever been on.

Because we believe, we continue to forge ahead — pouring every available moment of every day, our energy, and every spare penny into making this vision into a reality.

And along the way we’ve already changed so much for the better and created meaningful impact for so many.

YOU could be on this journey too!