Display curated digital artwork in a beautiful high definition frame

Last Funded January 2016


raised from 17 investors
First ever 4k museum quality digital canvas.
Team includes execs from Twitter, Flickr, Burberry.

Our Team

Pre-launch Numbers

We founded Depict to bring incredible digital art into our homes, and to bring creativity into our physical spaces. We want everyone to have access to unique, beautiful, and valuable cultural objects—especially digital art. For us to be successful, we need to be strong on all fronts, with a particular edge in brand-building and content acquisition.

Amanda Schneider is our curatorial director and she’s worked as a director at some of the top galleries in New York. She has real expertise recruiting artists, selling art, and working her way around the art community to get us the partnerships we need to build the brand and get content on the platform.

Jessica Knopp-Gwynne, our Chief Marketing Officer, was a senior marketing executive at Procter & Gamble. She also played a leading role in the Burberry rebrand, and has started and sold two companies. one of which was in the art space.

Mike Deerkowski is our VP of Engineering. Before Depict he ran engineering at Flickr, Ticketmaster, and Boingo.

Chris Messina is our Head of Product and UI/UX Designer. He invented the hashtag at Twitter and is a brilliant designer and strong community builder which is critical given that we’re building the online art marketplace.

John Backer is our VP of Operations. John has twenty five years of experience leading ops teams and operations.